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VPN on travel

In this article we will follow the Family Doorsnee during their holiday. We pay attention to the way they use the internet and how far they will go regarding the safety and privacy of their data. We also look at what it means for the family when they choose for a VPN or not, regarding the safety and anonymity. The whole is closed with useful tips for using a VPN on you vacation.

A little bit of surfing on Schiphol

The family Doorsnee consist of father and mother and two teenagers growing up. For the first time they travel far away to Mexico. Once they have checked in the family is waiting for taking off at the gate. The flight however has a delay of almost two hours. To pass time, the whole family is busy on their mobile phone. At last there is free WIFI on Schiphol. What the family doesn’t know is that the public WIFI is not secured. While the oldest son sends ad selfie to his friends on Facebook and his mother informs on chat how it is with the cat, the father is looking at his email. The youngest son is playing a game.

The family is not aware that there is no such thing as on a public network and that the safety is also not very good. Everybody can look at what data they sent over the internet, so also passwords and other sensitive information. However, even an innocent selfie on the airport, messages about the left cat and the emails that contain the housing address can also do bad damage by collection enough information about these vacationers.

Tip: A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will make sure that the data you sent over the internet is secured by encrypting it and therefore it can’t be read by third parties. When you use the public WIFI on the airport, in a hotel, cafe, or restaurant, choose for the VPN safety. You avoid that sensitive information like passwords or bank data can be intercepted.

VPN op reis

Watching Dutch television from abroad

Father and son pay close attention. Even in the far Mexico they want to see the activity of their favourite soccer team. Watching to Studio Sport is possible with the website of NPO. However this turns out te be wrong. The stream is not available in your region, is what the site says. Only if they had a VPN. With that you are able to easily avoid regional blockages and watch soccer, cycling and other livestreams instantly. A Good VPN provider offers the possibility to make contact with the servers in different countries. To watch Dutch television abroad you will have to log in to a server in the Netherlands. It will look like you are surfing from within the Netherlands and you no longer have to deal with blocked streams.

Tip: Do you want to be sure that you can watch Dutch tv abroad, then contact your VPN provider before you go on the trip.

More tips

The family Doorsnee thus far. Examples above, protecting yourself on a public WIFI network and avoiding regional blockages are the two most important reasons why you should get a VPN provider subscription before you go on a journey. However there are more reasons:

  • If you are planning to visit countries like China, Iran, Cuba, Egypt or Vietnam then it is not possible to visit social media without an encrypted connection. Therefore it is nice if your online privacy is guaranteed. This is possible thanks to a Virtual Private Network. Besides you will be able to watch your favourite sites.
  • When you make a tour and when you make a online reservation for hotels and flights it pays off to compare the prices. . A Hotel room or a national flight is sometimes offered for cheap in one country and expensive in the next. Calculate how many euros you can save by choosing for a year subscription at a VPN provider.

Do you want to be well prepared and digitally protected while travelling? Choose for a safe VPN connection with GOOSE VPN!

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