Evading geo-blockades with a VPN

Evading geo-blockades with a VPN

All of us use the internet: it is a means of invaluable interest for both companies and members of our global, social society. More and more knowledge is available and accessible via the Internet, and this is due to the growing number of websites that each contribute to the general knowledge and opportunities available on the Internet. Nevertheless, even with such a thing as global as that, the Internet still has its limits. And one of the limits that play a major role in limiting the availability of information and websites are the so-called geo-blockades.

Geographical restrictions are actually blockages that are determined by the country. In other words, some information or websites are not available in one country, but are in the other. These so-called geo blockades ensure that sensitive information, or websites that can not be visible in a particular country, remain protected against use from that country. However, if you like to watch series and always want to stay up to date with the latest changes and plot twists, such a geo blockade can be very annoying.

For example, waiting for a new season is not an option for everyone – sometimes the urge to find out what’s happening in your favorite series is just too big. In that case, using a VPN connection is precisely the solution to bypassing geo blockades. This way, even if the season just came out in America, you can enjoy it, just from home.

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Geographic restrictions

Geo blockades are also called geographic blocking and actually mean that certain services, websites, and even products are not yet available in a particular area or country. Often, America is the trendsetter for new products and services, as well as television programs or series, but that could just as well be another country.
For example, it is difficult for the Dutch to view Netflix’s American series because they have a different IP address. This Dutch IP address ensures that no programs or series of other countries can be viewed. Depending on whether or not a geo blockade exists. However, if you have an American IP address, then that is possible. That way, you do not have to wait until a program or series is available. You can check it out or make use of it immediately. A geographical blockage usually occurs in a message that occurs if you want to visit the blocked website, for example: “It is not allowed to visit this website from your current location.”

Geographical restrictions largely restrict the freedom you have as a user of the internet to view programs and visit websites. Fortunately, you can do something about it by using a VPN service. Therefore, getting more information about this is important in order to get the best out of it.

Effectively evading geographic blockades with a VPN

The norm is that a resident of the Netherlands is waiting for an American series to be available in their own country. This is the case because many series are made in America and only a few months later they are shown on Dutch television channels or programs such as Netflix. That’s why the American Netflix version looks different from the one in European countries: the range of movies and programs differs.

However, do you not want to wait months for viewing the new season of your favorite series? Then using a VPN service is the best decision you can make. Such a connection, as it were, changes your IP address, making it look like you’re in another country. For example, series, programs and websites that are not available in the Netherlands will suddenly be visible to you.

This is especially useful with programs like Netflix, which is often updated with new movies and series. If you are using a Virtual Private Network, these programs has no secrets for you. You will always be up to date with the latest episodes and exciting seasons.

What exactly is a VPN?

So it’s clear that you can view content that is otherwise unavailable using a VPN connection. But how exactly does that work? A VPN or Virtual Private Network is actually just a well-secured network. A VPN lets you connect your laptop or desktop to the internet. The additional encryption on the network ensures that you can browse safely and anonymously. This way, governments and other agencies do not know what you’re looking for and viewing. Actions like sending an email, downloading files and surfing the internet are all anonymous.

However, VPN connections are also perfectly suited to bypass geo blockades. Using a foreign IP address is the best way to still access and view shows and websites wherever you are. The Netflix version you see with such a connection is, for example, American, and not Dutch. The result? You have the opportunity to view and visit just about every series, program and website. Even though this content is still not available in your home country.

Efficiently evading geographic blockades, information available everywhere

Bypassing geographic blockades undoubtedly offers benefits to the Internet user. These users are those who likes to enjoy browsing websites, downloading files and viewing programs. Whether you just want to get more out of your Netflix experience or just want to visit websites that are not available at all in your own country in an anonymous and safe way, a VPN connection is undoubtedly the solution.

For a VPN connection, you often pay a fixed amount monthly. This does not counter the freedom you experience on the internet. Geographical blockades largely limit the enjoyment and knowledge we gain through the Internet. Mainly because official agencies want to protect users from certain things from another country. However, using a VPN connection to bypass these blockades is simple, and especially, safe. Take a look at our website to find out which VPN suits you best!

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