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GOOSE VPN review (2021)

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Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from €2.99 per month

  • Speed - 8/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

GOOSE VPN review (2021)

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GOOSE VPN for secure connection

GOOSE VPN is one of the largest VPN providers in the market, and what is particularly interesting is that it is a 100% Dutch company: the first so far. Of course, that still does not necessarily mean that the service therefore delivers quality, but it invites us to learn more about what makes this special service.

The GOOSE VPN service is a virtual private network, and offers online users access to a unique network that you can surf safely on the Internet. The data is continuously exchanged between the Internet and the computer is locked, as it were.

Read about us - GOOSE VPN

For example, using a normal connection with a WiFi hotspot, third parties may use the information that is passed and intercept it. A VPN service does away with this problem, with a different IP address to use the Internet. So they remain anonymous (as the real IP address is not visible to the sites used).

Thus, the ordinary IP address is replaced using a Virtual Private Network, which can no longer be traced. Privacy and data security is thus ensured by the use of such a network.

GOOSEVPN service subscriptions and prices

GOOSE is like few other services for a service that is accessible and approachable in terms of subscriptions, which remain clear and easy. Thus, it is not packed with a promising offer that ultimately offers no added value. Less is more.

For example, you can choose between two different packages::

  1. Unlimited GOOSE VPN: A package of €12.99 per month
  2. 1-Year Unlimited GOOSE VPN: A package of €4,99 per month (billed annually)
  3. 2-Years Unlimited GOOSE VPN: A package of €2.99 per month (billed biannually)

However, you get some discount if you purchase their annually or biannually package right away, and payments can be made with iDEAL, PayPal, GiroPay or credit card. In addition, you can try the service for 30 days (no obligation), but then you are limited to a maximum of 100 MB if you want to qualify for a refund.

The Unlimited subscription

The Unlimited package offers some interesting benefits. Thus, the data usage is unlimited and you can use P2P support. So, you can enjoy carefree streaming, browsing and downloading, with data limits which are not even addressed. Here, the service can be used by the whole family, and the fair price of just 12.99 euro’s per month (or 4.99 euros per month if you choose for a whole year up front) makes it even better GOOSE VPN now also offers a biannual subscription, this will safe you about 77% from price for the original Unlimited GOOSE VPN package, this will come down to just 2.99 euros per month.

GOOSE VPN can be used simultaneously for an unlimited number of devices with all three subscriptions. This way you have an affordable VPN service for, for example your iPhone, iPad and laptop!

The features of GOOSE VPN: watch Netflix, P2P and torrents

To protect the user data and information, sensitive data locking is a must when browsing the Internet, which is why VPN services are so popular. GOOSE uses 256-bit encryption technology, which is more than enough to protect users against third parties who will misuse the information. In addition, it prevents agencies from finding out exactly what you’re doing as a user on the internet.

GOOSE supports the so-called P2P protocol on a particular part of the servers used. In the app, this is indicated by a server with the memorandum P2P download. Basically this means that without problems – especially anonymously – to download these servers via sites like ThePirateBay or other torrent sites. With servers that do not support P2P protocol it says No P2P (no download) in the notes, so torrent traffic is impossible.

The GOOSE VPN service: OpenVPN,KEv2, L2TP and IPSec

GOOSE uses two different protocols with the aim of creating a virtual private network. So you can choose between an OpenVPN protocol or IKEv2 protocol. The first has the advantage that it is based on OpenSSL: this makes the use of various locking methods of that particular protocol. In addition, this protocol is open source, which basically means that it does continuous updates for better protection. The IKEv2 protocol then offers the advantage that it is very user friendly and above all very fast. GOOSE VPN also offers L2TP and IPsec on MacOS and Windows and on IOS the GOOSE app supports IKEv2 and IPSec which is great!

The speed of GOOSE VPN connections

GOOSE is packed with servers that have respectable speed. Connection to include Dutch servers, but also the American version of Netflix is no problem. The streaming services can be used in high quality without the existence of hitches. To view American Netflix it is best to use OpenVPN because there may be other errors, but it works with GOOSE IKE2v protocol as well – which in many VPN services is not the case. The speed of the GOOSE network depends inter alia on the speed of your ISP and routers used. However, the speed GOOSE delivers itself is nothing to criticize.

Also in terms of connection speed, GOOSE scores surprisingly well. It is possible to connect within a second from inside the Netherlands national servers, and even foreign servers does not exceed 3 seconds. Few VPN services can ensure such a fast connection in such a simple manner as GOOSE, and for that reason alone it is a must.

The installation and setup of GOOSE

In order to make use of the GOOSE VPN service, installation of an application is necessary. It is a kind of program that allows you to communicate with the provider’s servers (in this case GOOSE VPN). Each system needs a specific client, and at GOOSE, clients can be selected for various operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS.

In addition, you must register as a user, after which you download and install the client. This process is surprisingly simple and complete in just a few steps. After that, you’ll get to click on ‘connect’ and you can go online with the new VPN service.

1. Download

Download GOOSE VPN

2. Installation

Installing GOOSE VPN

The interface of the GOOSE VPN

The GOOSE interface focuses primarily on how easily designed it is. For the experienced VPN users it has a complex interface with more options which might be interesting, but the simplicity of the GOOSE interface makes using it in any case much easier, and thus more accessible to many people.

The interface provides a list of all possible servers, as well as supporting P2P or torrents. If you go further into the application you will also find the option to add an alternative view on the server list, hereby you will see all servers in every country available, so you can choose to connect to the same server every time.

The GOOSE VPN servers

The GOOSE VPN service has servers in Asia, America, Africa and Europe, with a total range of 50/60 servers. This might be a lot less than most major VPNs, but this is of course a young provider that is still under development. The number continues to grow, and users can contribute to that growth by stating that they would like to have a server. It is then possible to use in the next update.

The privacy and security of GOOSE VPN

At GOOSE, no so-called log files are stored when using the VPN service. This means that users do not leave digital traces of Internet activities. The only thing that GOOSE keeps is the amount of bandwidth used by an account, but the IP address remains anonymous at all times.

GOOSE VPN uses Linux as a server operating system, with 256-bit encryption technology. It also uses various firewalls and other software to prevent viruses, DDOS attacks and spam. Once the user is connected to a server, this connection is protected according to the measures that GOOSE takes. Data security and user privacy are thus ensured.

Bypassing geographical barriers

Often a VPN service to view content in other countries. Examples are watching programs like Missed Transmissions while you’re on vacation, or watching YouTube movies that are not visible in a particular country. If you connect to a Dutch server of GOOSE you can even see a Dutch abroad program – what you normally only can watch in the Netherlands itself. This is also the case with videos that can be viewed For example, some in America – including the US Netflix.

Support using GOOSE VPN

The GOOSE VPN support service makes it possible at any time of the day to contact them seven days a week if you have questions or have a problem. Since this is a Dutch service, help can also be offered in Dutch – which is obviously an advantage for the local user. GOOSE VPN is the only VPN provider worldwide with Dutch customer service! For problems, you simply fill out a form to send to the web site, e-mail or even contact on Facebook and Twitter. Of course GOOSE VPN is also able to support you in English.

GooseVPN logo review
GOOSE VPN review (2021)

Our score:

8.0 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from €2.99 per month

  • Speed - 8/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Conclusion: The GOOSE VPN service and VPN service user

GOOSE VPN is a friendly and simple VPN service for users, especially thanks to the intuitive interface where only the necessary information is displayed. Thereby ensuring fast servers (and the ability to download torrents on some of them) for a sound quality that is even more obvious by accessing the US version of Netflix.

GOOSE VPN is the ideal option for those looking for a simple VPN service with ease of use and quality. The absence of complex interfaces and menus only adds to that. Besides that the unlimited subscription price is more than worth it. The friendly Dutch customer service is great, they help you quickly and efficiently and ensure that a VPN is available to everyone.

Is GOOSE VPN the best choice? ✔️

GOOSE VPN is a good choice because it is a Dutch provider of VPN services. So this can give you a certain sense of security. It is nice to work with a Dutch company. The other providers of VPN can all be found in faraway places. On the other hand, GOOSE is still a young company and is not nearly as developed in many areas as many of its competitors. That means that you should not expect the highest level if you would take out a subscription here. It is true that you can do with it what you expect to be able to do with a VPN service. However, it is important not to rely solely on the Dutch link that this provider has. There are many services on the market that do things much better and can therefore be a smarter choice.

How do I download GOOSE VPN? 🧾

1. Create an account with GOOSE VPN to log in.
2. After logging in, go to the Downloads page.
3. Choose the app for your operating system and click download.
4. Choose the appropriate manual and click download.
5. Open the file and go through the installation process.

What are the benefits of GOOSE VPN? ➕

The big advantage of GOOSE VPN is of course the Dutch link. This makes it possible to visit the website in Dutch. In addition, it is also the case that the customer service and the software are in Dutch, which makes it extra easy to use. It is also true that the ease of use of the apps and software has been at the forefront of its development. This makes it even easier to get started. The speed of the servers can also be seen as an advantage. That way you can easily start streaming and downloading. Which both work very well with this VPN. You could also see that as an advantage. So there are several advantages to using GOOSE VPN. This makes it a good choice for all kinds of users.

What are the disadvantages of GOOSE VPN? 🙃

GOOSE VPN also has a number of drawbacks in use. For example, the speed of the servers can vary greatly. One server is very fast and you hardly notice any difference compared to working without a VPN. The other drastically reduces your internet speed. Another drawback is that it is advertised. GOOSE shows you offers. It is of course also a big disadvantage that quite a lot of data and logs are kept about you. There are so many that it makes almost no difference whether you go online with a VPN or without. This of course also has to do with the fact that this service has to do with Dutch law and therefore simply has to store some things. As a user, of course, that is of no use to you when you use it that way. So take this into consideration.

Is GOOSE VPN fast? ⏩

Whether GOOSE VPN is fast depends on many things. When you look at what it has to offer in terms of Dutch servers, you can ensure that this provider has good speed to offer. According to the speed tests, the connection without VPN and the connection with VPN are not very different when you start working online. So this is attractive. However, when you consider the speed of the connections that are made with servers abroad, there is a big difference. Some of these servers are very fast and allow you to stream and download optimally online. Other connections are very weak and let your speed drop very far. So they are much less attractive to use. It is therefore difficult to say from GOOSE VPN whether it is fast or not.

Is GOOSE VPN secure? 👮

As far as the protocols are concerned, you can indeed say that GOOSE VPN is safe. For example, it uses four protocols, of which OpenVPN is also one. This gives you the opportunity to set up a very protected environment for yourself. That way you do not have to worry much about the protection that you are offered online and you can do everything you want. When it comes to privacy, the security of GOOSE VPN is just a little less. This is mainly due to the fact that it is located in the Netherlands. This also means that it must adhere to the Dutch rules. Certain logs about your internet behavior are kept. In addition, it is also the case that this data can be shared with other countries when the Netherlands has a treaty with it. In that respect you are unfortunately not that safe with this VPN service.

Is GOOSE VPN expensive? 💸

GOOSE VPN becomes cheaper the longer you opt for the longer subscriptions. The subscription for 1 month is well above the average in this market. With € 12.99 you do not pay too much for that. If you look at the longer subscriptions, those of a year or two years, you see that they are slightly cheaper than the subscriptions of most other VPN providers on the market. So you can say that GOOSE VPN is not expensive. The monthly price can already be as low as € 2.99 per month. Nowadays it is also possible to become a lifelong member. In that case, a one-time payment of € 139 is sufficient to be able to use the services this VPN has to offer forever. This is a shape that cannot be found in other places. If you really use it for life, this could be very cheap.

Does GOOSE VPN have a free option? 🆓

GOOSE VPN does offer a free trial period. Although this is a trial period for a paid subscription. So you can’t get into a deal that never costs you anything. Not even when you ask for a stripped-down version of a subscription. These cannot be found in the offer of this service. You can first choose the trial period and then choose a paid subscription later. You can also turn it around. You can use warranty. In that case, you first take out a subscription, but you cancel this after 30 days. You will then get your money back. So you have used the service for free for a detour for 30 days. However, you cannot call this the free option of GOOSE VPN. Ultimately, you will always end up with paid subscriptions if you work with the Dutch company.

Does GOOSE VPN work with Netflix? 📺

You can access Netflix in other countries with GOOSE VPN. For example, when choosing the American server, you can simply make sure that you can view the Netflix content from that country. This makes it so attractive to work with it. There is one point of attention that should be taken into account here. Although it is quite possible to access the Netflix content of that country, for example with the American servers, it is also the case that not all servers are equally fast. In some cases you have to buffer too much and you cannot see in a nice way. It is therefore always important to look carefully at which server you can get started. If you make the right choices, you can easily view everything you would like to see with this streaming service.

Does GOOSE VPN work with HBO? 📱

It is possible to watch HBO with GOOSE VPN. If you choose the right server in the United States, you will have a connection with, for example, HBO Go or HBO Now. There you can view all kinds of original content that cannot be seen in the Netherlands. There are, however, several points to take into account. What applies to multiple streaming services also applies to HBO in combination with GOOSE VPN. The speed is not always sufficient. So that can pose a problem with buffering. Another problem is that in some cases HBO is able to see that you are watching via VPN and can therefore block you. So you can not see the content you would have liked to see. So this is a drawback. You will always have to choose the right server to simply stream the movies and series.

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Kees van Vliet

Kees van Vliet

Reviews (3) • Very Good

  1. Best VPN on the market

    Best VPN service on the market. Speed is good, sometimes even higher with GOOSE VPN enabled. Keep up the good work

  2. they leave the competition behind

    in my opinion, this is the best vpn service there is the customer services will help quickly if things are not going well. and nice and clear manual for the installation and setting up for the application its a piece of cake! after the free month trail i immediately bought an annual subscription and I have nothing to complain about 🙂

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