is a website that compares and reviews VPN services with the aim to provide insight into the many VPN providers.

We are an independent website. In 2016 we started comparing the different VPN providers. In addition to providing insight into the many different VPN providers, we have three main objectives:

  • The assessment and comparison of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services in order to allow all (potential) users to find the most suitable VPN service for them for Internet privacy and security.
  • Providing the public with an easy way to learn how to use the Internet safely and how to make use of all the benefits of a VPN service, by sharing knowledge in the form of manuals and articles. For everyone, from beginners to the technical VPN experts.
  • Sharing the latest news about cyber security, online privacy and legal developments in the world of VPN.

Key aspects when comparing and assessing VPN services

Every VPN service discussed on our website has been subjected to our rigorous testing procedure. Our reviews are written by VPN experts with many years of experience. They have selected the best VPN services and discuss the benefits of these VPN providers in understandable language.

We assess all aspects, from the speed of each VPN service to specific features and different encryptions. What is also important is the level of support offered (helpdesk) and how assistance is provided. Sometimes the VPN software does not work immediately, for example because the VPN service is blocked by antivirus or firewall software. We think it is important that the support department of the VPN service offers assistance in a friendly and helpful manner, and within a fairly short time.

Like most VPN comparison and review websites, we receive a small fee when someone registers on our website. We are not paid by providers to especially promote their VPN services. The reviews our visitors can post on the VPN review pages determine the position in our comparison.

We favour an open Internet and we promote Internet privacy favours an open Internet and is an advocate of Internet privacy. We are also aware of the increase in cybercrime and the need for information on this subject to prevent more and more people falling victim to hackers or other cybercriminals.

Part of our work is the posting of blog and information messages, VPN manuals, and manuals on various aspects of privacy and security. We also provide ongoing support to various good causes and organizations that share our goals and ideals.

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