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In a world in which hackers from all over the world are trying to break into your computer, a little bit extra safety and privacy is always welcome. There are different ways to optimises your internet security. One of them is by using SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer. When combined with a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, you are well protected.

Internet security

A SSL-connection is a method to safely send data between a user and a server (For example a website). With Secure Sockets Layer there is a use of an encryption tool. A SSL-connection makes sure that no one can read what is being sent.

Besides from the masking, it also prevents data from being manipulated by a third party. As a user you recognise this at the HTPPS instead of the HTTP for the URL. The ‘S’ stands for ‘secure’. You can also see a lock in the address bar. It is an internet security.

Incidentally, the terms SSL and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are often used as one or another. This is not fully correct, but it is direct family from one and another. With TLS you decide the algorithm, while with Secure Sockets Layer the standard Diffie Hellman is being used.


In the past it was developed by Netscape as a protocol for internet security for the IT professionals. Nowadays it is not imaginable to leave it out of the internet landscape. It is often seen as a reliable standard.


In practise a SSL-connection is used when a verification is central. They check if the connection is good with the desired server. The control is made using SSL-certificates. This security measure is needed when you for example do internet bankbussines, if you want to pay with your credit card on a website or when you are dealing with an online service of the government. It is also used for newsgroups. At this way they try to provide full certainty and that both parties present the correct data.

Not invisible

When you use a SSL-connection, the security of the data packages that are being sent are secured. This doesn’t mean that you are invisible. Only the content of the data is invisible. Your IP address and with that your location, is traceable. For that reason, u could consider a VPN service to provide full security. A VPN services gives the opportunity to send information through a tunnel. This way you can receive data anonymously. It can’t be seen what you do inside the Virtual Private Network.


When you are often on the road, or when you work from home, the combination between SSL and VPN is practical. There is no software needed that the VPN service has made available, because you can log in on your browser from a distance. SSL-VPP is ‘web based ‘so you don’t have to install anything. Almost all available browsers support it. Even you are talking about Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Only the VPN server needs authentication, so nothing must be configurated. A solution for when your technical skills are not far developed.

Inside the company

Except for personal use, SSL VPN also provides enterprise-class for user-friendliness and for internet security. With it you can control who has access to certain Web applications or information. That can be set on departmental and user level. As a result, employees will not be tied to a business computer and a specific network.

Focus point

An important focus point in the network quality and bandwidth. When these are insufficient, the concept is unusable. Think carefully about what interconnection you are using.

Maybe you were thinking about buying a VPN subscription and maybe you are curious after reading this article. Read a few more reviews on the website and decide after that. Building extra security can do no harm!

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