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NordVPN is a VPN provider established in 2012 which has accumulated hundreds of thousands of customers in a short period of time. These are some customers who have switched from other VPN providers, as well as many new VPN users. The number of VPN users has increased dramatically in recent years as more and more people are concerned about online security and privacy. NordVPN has impressed with the promise that its VPN customers are online in an easy and affordable way. Does NordVPN also truly make these commitments? We have tested it.

NordVPN review

Servers and functionalities

NordVPN can be used on any device and supports all major operating systems.

NordVPN also manages more than eight hundred servers, spread over more than fifty countries. Tests with these servers indicate that download and download speeds decrease when the VPN (also known as Virtual Private Network) is enabled, especially when selecting a remote country server. However, the decrease is not greater than most other VPN-providers. NordVPN itself is located in Panama. This Central American country does not have legislation requiring VPN providers to keep customer data. NordVPN is therefore credible in its promise to in no way keep track of the internet usage of customers in logs. Anonymity therefore seems to be secured at NordVPN.

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Website and customer service

The NordVPN website is available in several languages, including Dutch. On the Dutch version you will find some English language usage, such as the FAQ, but this is not a big mistake. The English customer service is available through live chat or by filling out a contact form. As a test we asked a short question about installing the VPN app and it was answered within 15 minutes. The customer service thus appears to be sufficiently staffed.

Ease of use of the NordVPN app

The NordVPN app (or Windows client) is also in English. The app immediately indicates that a VPN server can be selected in several ways. For example, a click on Quick Connect automatically connects to the fastest available VPN server. This is an attractive option for computer illiterates who want to use this VPN service. More experienced VPN users can also choose from a list of all available VPN servers. In addition, there is a world map and a search feature that helps find a VPN server. The ease of use of NordVPN is therefore good for both VPN and VPN experts.

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Prices and free trial period

As with most VPN providers, NordVPN’s monthly costs are lower when you choose a long-term subscription. If you have a one month contract duration, you will pay $11.95 (€11.15). A half-year subscription costs $42, which amounts to $7 per month. If you choose an annual subscription, then the price is $69, or just $5.75 (€5.37) per month. The cheapest is a two-year deal. For this subscription, you pay $79, which is $3.29 a month. These monthly fees amount to only a quarter of the monthly subscription price. The only difference between these subscriptions is the contract duration. So, you always have access to all servers and can use all features, regardless of whether you opt for a one month or two year subscription. In addition, each subscription has a 30-day money back guarantee. To try out NordVPN, there is a free and non-binding test period of three days. This is a good way to test whether this VPN service actually fits you.

NordVPN Prices

Conclusion: A safe choice for online security

NordVPN knows all the functionality you can expect from a VPN provider. The promise of online anonymity can satisfy the NordVPN established in Panama with its own server network. Down and upload times, however, are reduced when this VPN provider is used (but no more than other VPN providers) and at $ 11.95, NordVPN is on the price side. However, this is the price for a monthly subscription. Typically, the typical VPN user wants to use a VPN service for a longer period of time or even permanently, so a long-term contract is more obvious. For a two-year contract, the monthly cost of $ 3.29 is just very beneficial. Before you make this investment, you can also try NordVPN for three days for free. NordVPN provides not only online security, but is also a safe choice financially.

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