Skype is one of the most popular ways to get in touch and stay in touch with the world. Want to make a phone call or video call via the Internet? Skype is the way to go. With a few quick clicks, you’ve created an account and can start calling. Calling with other Skype users for free and for a small amount to a landline or mobile phone. However, not everything is as rosy as it seems. Where Skype was immensely safe, its immense popularity didn’t improve it’s safety. No wonder that more and more people resort to a so-called Virtual Private Network to safely use Skype.

Virtual Private Network: what is it?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way to access a network in a safe and anonymous way. Using the Internet on public networks also becomes a lot safer. Essentially, a Virtual Private Network will protect your data online. Important to know is that a VPN connection will absolutely not change the way you use your computer. The connection works in the background and encrypts your data. It goes without saying that there are many reasons why people choose a Virtual Private Network. Being safe with Skype is just one of the many possible motives.

Bypassing blockades

A second problem that may arise when using Skype, in addition to security concerns, is the fact that in some countries the program simply does not work. Indeed, several countries have a national blockade on Skype and other Voice over Internet Protocol programs like Skype. The phrase Voice over Internet Protocol simply means that the Internet is used to transport spoken text between two devices. A video call or voice call via WhatsApp is therefore in the same category. Do such programs not work in the country where you are? Then a VPN service is a possible solution to this problem!

Why do they block Skype and other VOIPs?

Calling through Skype is free or as good as. Between 2 Skype users, is completely free and calls for mobile and fixed lines are not expensive at all. Obviously, that’s a business model where the big telecom and internet service providers are not happy with. Skype’s growing popularity begins to cut into their earnings. For that reason, some telecom and internet service providers have decided to block Skype. It’s not hard to understand why. Anyone who is not able to use Skype typically uses the phone network instead. A telephone network that is often managed by Internet service providers that block Skype.

The government also joins in

In addition to this type of blockade, there are also several governments who have chosen to block Skype. In countries with a high level of government control, only publicly approved VOIP services are often allowed. More often than not, this is specifically done because the authorities can monitor users through these services. A good example of such practices is China. You can download Skype in China perfectly fine, but only in custom version. The spyware in this modified version actively searches for prohibited or politically loaded content and words in the conversations. It goes without saying that this is more than enough reason to choose a Virtual Private Network.

How does it work?

Do you notice that you can not use Skype on vacation in another country? Then a VPN service is exactly the solution you are looking for. The VPN service provider usually has VPN servers all around the world. Your Internet traffic is then redirected through an external server in the country where the VPN server you are connected to is located. In addition, you also get the IP address assigned to the VPN server. As a simple example: Suppose you are on vacation in Belize and connect to a Dutch VPN server? Then you get a Dutch IP address and your computer thinks that you are using the internet from the Netherlands. Skype therefore works just like other services and websites that are freely accessible in the Netherlands.

More advantages

Using a VPN service is therefore an ideal way to bypass geographic blockades that are sometimes active. It is also an excellent way to ensure the security of your online data. That means that nobody can see what you do on the internet. Complete anonymity with browsing, downloading and streaming can in this case be taken literally. Neither hackers nor governments or even the administrators of your WiFi network can follow your steps. If anonymity and privacy are of great importance to you, a good VPN service is indispensable. Certainly, fervent users of Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and Netflix services cannot do without VPN service. Avoiding geographic blockades is excellent for these services. For example, what about a nice movie via Netflix that is not yet available in the Netherlands?

Compare easy and fast

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