Surfshark logo review
SurfShark review (2021)

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7.0 / 10
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Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from €1.85 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 7/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 7/10
  • Customer service - 7/10

SurfShark review (2021)

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New providers are also constantly appearing on the VPN market. This is the case, for example, for Surf shark. This provider has not been active for very long when you compare this with some of the competitors. Nevertheless, it quickly gained a foothold. It is available for all major operating systems and therefore easy to deploy. Because VPN can be used in several ways, it is also important to illuminate Surfshark from all sides. This has the most complete picture of the quality of this provider.

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Main functions of Surfshark

When it comes to working safely online, Surfshark is actually indispensable. It is a good method to keep your information out of the hands of the wrong people. This is because you do not leak data and there is no possibility to fool you. Moreover, your information is not stored. This way you can be sure that your internet provider cannot do anything with your information.

Main advantages of Surfshark

  • Ease of use is high
  • Endless many simultaneous connections
  • Split tunneling available
  • Using a kill switch
  • No logs
  • Camouflage mode provided

Some disadvantages of Surfshark

  • Not to be used with a router
  • Limited number of servers

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Presence of Surfshark servers

If you take out a subscription with Surfshark, you will have access to all the servers it uses. When you are nice and close to a VPN server, you will notice that this also has a positive effect on your performance. That is why it is always important to know how good the network of servers of a VPN service is. In the case of Surf shark, servers can be found in 63 different countries. However, there are many more servers because higher numbers are placed per country. It is good to see that the provider puts time in trying to reach as many places in the world as possible. A location has even been found in South Africa. This means that all continents are also well covered. In any case, this is a plus.

Availability of Surfshark servers

That Surfshark can be found all over the world is in itself a good thing. Although this says of course not much feed the numbers. There are providers that can be found in many countries, but only offer a limited number of servers. However, there are also providers in limited numbers of countries with many servers. Surfshark is a bit in between here. It can be found in more than 60 countries, which is a good thing. However, there are around 1,700 servers available. This is a bit small compared to many of the major competitors.

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What distinguishes Surfshark?

Privacy is very important at Surfshark. You can see that in a number of special services it offers that you will not see with other VPN services. They are all aimed at offering the ultimate privacy so that no one can really interfere with your internet use. Moreover, this also leads to much more safety for its user.

Surfshark logo review
Surfshark review (2021)

Our score:

8.4 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from €1,85 per month

  • Speed - 8/10
  • Usability - 9/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

MultiHop connections from Surfshark

Surfshark offers MultiHop connections. This is important because it ensures extra good security. This advanced method is also known as Double VPN. This is an option to ensure that the connection you make is protected in the best possible way. What’s also nice is that it has the Whitelister option. This is a way to make the websites and apps that are well-rated by you easier to access. You then connect in your own way. Surfshark wants to help keep the speed high. All these things contribute to optimal use of the internet in your own way.

Surfshark and your privacy

It is important to realize that VPN use in itself does not provide more security. A VPN service also has the option to follow you when they want to. This means that it could start collecting and using information about you. In that respect, it is therefore crucial to choose a VPN service that you are sure does not offer. It’s good to know that Surfshark has put a little more effort into this than many other providers. The company’s policy is clear in this.

Surfshark has no retention obligation

The retention obligation for internet data is becoming increasingly effective. This means that companies involved in this must keep all kinds of logs about what you do online. These must then be stored for a certain period of time. Surfshark has ensured that this obligation does not have to be met. It does this by opening its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. There, this retention obligation does not legally apply. This also means that Surf shark is not obliged to store things about your internet use. It gives you the assurance that you will not be faced with unexpected problems in this specific area.

Surfshark does not store certain data at all

The privacy policy is clear at Surfshark. The company does not keep any data. This concerns IP addresses and session data, but keeping logs is also prohibited. It is therefore the case that there is not much more to say with this provider than that a VPN service is used, but how, for how long, where and all further information cannot be given. Surfshark works with subscriptions and has therefore not made a revenue model of your personal data online.

The owner of Surfshark

It is not easy to determine who the real owner of Surfshark is. No other company names can be found, other than the name of the service itself. It is therefore also possible that it concerns an individual party that focuses entirely on this service. It is also not so much a company, but rather a service that is offered to the users.

Surfshark logo review
Surfshark review (2021)

Our score:

8.4 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from €1,85 per month

  • Speed - 8/10
  • Usability - 9/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Surfshark’s appearance and ease of use

Surfshark’s software is designed for ease of use. The nice thing is that you are dealing with a new generation provider here. This also means that a number of things are viewed in a new way. For example, it is the case that you are offered all kinds of new possibilities with the software. For example, it is good to point the camouflage mode. This helps you to use things in a different way. It is also nice to see that the website is nice and clear and clear. You can easily do the settings that are attractive to you. Consider, for example, the ease of choosing and using a server. This depends on what you want to do very important of course. Surfshark makes this just a little easier than others.

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Split tunneling

The use of split tunneling makes it possible to run certain apps via the VPN tunnel and others not. Not every provider offers these services. Still, they are handy to have. For example, when extra security is not necessary for certain apps. In that respect, it is important to know that Surfshark has split tunneling capabilities in the package.

DNS leak test tool results

Perhaps the only flaw Surfshark has is that it cannot yet offer the highest level in terms of DNS. It is the case that, in particular when using Linux, the necessary leaks can still arise. This is unfortunate, because this should not really be necessary. It can therefore not be said that this provider has passed the leak test tool across the entire width. So pay attention when you start working with this.

Surfshark speed and performance

Using VPN has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages. It is also the case that your connection speed decreases. That is why Surfshark has also been tested for speed. It can be concluded from these tests that Surfshark can compete well with the other providers. In any case, the speed does drop slightly, but this difference is very small.

Surfshark support

Surfshark can be used with Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux and Android. It is a pity that the software to use it with your router is not available. That is unfortunate, because it means you miss out on a few possibilities with regard to the smart devices you use. Pay attention, because it is important to do all settings equally well.

Surfshark conclusion

Surf shark does what it promises and that is to offer a high level of security and to provide sufficient privacy. It does that with a large amount of servers spread all over the world. Because a lot of ease of use is provided, it is a suitable VPN for everyone to choose. Some minor points still deserve some improvement.

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Update Surfshark VPN January 2021

This Surf shark VPN review tells you everything you want to know about the performance of this VPN service. The provider is still relatively young and new in the world of VPN providers, but this certainly does not mean that Surfshark VPN is in quality for the established players. We took a closer look at the VPN service, so that we can provide you with a complete Surfshark VPN review with all the information that is important for choosing a VPN service that suits you.

What can you expect from Surfshark VPN?

Surfshark VPN has been in existence since 2018, making it really still a young offspring in the company of VPN providers. The provider operates from England, but has opted for a headquarters in the British Virgin Islands. The main reason for this is that in the British Virgin Islands, where ExpressVPN is located, for example, they have nothing to do with laws that require them to store data. This is a plus compared to the privacy guaranteed by Surfshark. Surfshark VPN may be a relatively new player, but this Surfshark VPN review will show you that it is definitely worth getting acquainted with this provider of VPN services.

Surfshark VPN specifications

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Rates from $ 1.85 per month
  • 1.700 servers
  • Servers in approximately 65 different countries
  • No logs
  • Netflix and Torrents
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
  • Protocols: Shadowsocks, IKEv2, OpenVPN
  • Operating systems: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux

Surfshark review – User friendliness

When we compare the user-friendliness of Surfshark VPN with that of other providers, Surfshark comes out very well. The intuitively operating software is very user-friendly and easy to understand for everyone. Installation is quick and easy, although it should be noted that the provider scores less well for people who use the Linux operating system. Creating an account is quick and managing your account is simple. Do you have a problem? Then you can contact Surfshark VPN customer service directly.

Surfshark review – Reliability and safety

Because Surfshark VPN is officially located in the British Virgin Islands, all laws regarding the collection and storage of personal data are circumvented. This definitely benefits privacy. Strong encryption protocols are used and no logs are guaranteed. To create an account you only have to provide an email address and a corresponding password. If desired, you can even pay with bitcoin to also keep your payment anonymous. Anonymous data is used to determine possible connection issues and to determine the server load.

Surfshark logo review
Surfshark review (2021)

Our score:

8.4 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from €1,85 per month

  • Speed - 8/10
  • Usability - 9/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Surfshark review – Speed

Surfshark VPN is definitely one of the cheapest VPN services and you often see why this is the case in a certain area. You give in on quality in exchange for a low price. The relevant piece of quality is lost in terms of speed. The drop in both download and upload speeds is moderate to strong and you may well notice this. Still, generally speaking, Surfshark VPN shows a good speed that is more than sufficient for everyday use.

Conclusion Surfshark VPN review

Surfshark VPN is not yet at the top of the VPN providers, but this is mainly due to the short time of existence and not so much because of the quality that is offered. The provider is one of the cheapest VPN providers and therefore offers a favorable price-quality ratio. If you don’t mind a little slower speed, Surf shark VPN is definitely a good and especially cheap option.

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Is Surfshark the best choice? ✔️

Surfshark is the new hit in the world of VPN. It is a company that has not been active as long as all other competitors, but it has already left most providers behind. The services it offers are of a high standard. Moreover, everything that a good VPN service must meet is actually met. Think of speed, safety, a good price and many other things. You can go online anonymously and safely and do whatever you want there. This is the only reason for most consumers to use a VPN. This is well taken care of here. It is especially good to see that this service does a good job when it comes to the relationship between price and quality. If you keep that in mind, Surfshark may indeed be the best choice. There are enough reasons to choose this as a user.

How do I download Surfshark? 🧾

1. Create an account with Surfshark to log in.
2. After logging in you will enter My Account. There you will immediately find eight different options for apps and software for every known operating system and device.
3. Choose the operating system or device you want to provide with Surfshark.
4. Press download and start the download.
5. Go through the installation process to make optimal use of the services.

What are the benefits of Surfshark? ➕

The main advantage of Surfshark is that it offers optimal safety on all fronts. Online behavior security is very high due to the high level of encryption and the use of the best possible protocols. Security for your privacy is guaranteed by Surfshark’s no logs policy. Another big advantage is the very low price. Precisely because the quality is very high, this provider therefore offers the very best option on the market. Another big advantage is that as a young company it offers all kinds of innovative services. So you can only get more out of working with a VPN service. You will also find many of these options with other providers in the future. A final advantage is that you can easily work with these services. From registration to working, everything is almost self-evident. This makes it very accessible to everyone.

What are the disadvantages of Surfshark? 🙃

Surfshark has the major disadvantage that you have limited access to the servers. You can access the entire network of this provider, but you will be guided by the company. This means that you cannot manually choose a server. This is a major drawback. Another drawback is that everything is in English. The website, the software and the help are all not available in Dutch. This is of course a pity. A final drawback is that the network is not equally strong everywhere. It is true that some servers are very fast and other servers fail in terms of speed. Because you cannot choose them yourself, this can lead to very annoying situations that you would rather avoid. This does not benefit the pleasure of use.

Is Surfshark fast? ⏩

The speed of Surfshark depends on a number of things. The way the servers work in particular plays an important role in this. If you choose a server in the Netherlands or in the surrounding countries, you will notice that these are indeed nice and fast. You will not notice a lot of difference between a connection without a VPN and a connection with VPN. Especially when it comes to upload speed, there is a real difference. However, if you look further away, you will see something different. The servers in the United States in particular appear to be considerably slower than those in Europe. When you connect to this, the speeds drop considerably. This differs per server. It is therefore also a pity that you do not have the option to choose manually at Surfshark. You always depend on what you are served by the company when you connect to America.

Is Surfshark safe? 👮

Safety is the most important starting point of Surfshark. This can be seen on all fronts. In the first place you look at the technique. In any case, working with protocols such as OpenVPN is an important condition. This way you can be sure that you have one secure environment around you so that you can do whatever you want. The encryption is of a high level. As a result, all data is encrypted and you do not have to worry about finding out what you can and cannot do when you are online. If you look outside your internet activities, you will also see a high level of safety at Surfshark. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands. The advantage is that the legislation here is very favorable. This means that you will not be bothered with the mandatory maintenance of logs and data. This is not what this VPN service provider does.

Is Surfshark expensive? 💸

The prices for the Surfshark subscriptions are something to get excited about. It is true that all subscriptions are priced more favorably than with the competition. You have three options. First, there is a one-month subscription. It will cost you € 9.89 per month. This is quickly 1 to 3 euros cheaper than with the competition. Then there is also a subscription for a year. You can get that for a price of € 4.99 per month. This is also 1 to 2 euros cheaper per month than the competition offers. The subscription for 2 years is quite interesting. That will cost you € 1.89 per month. This is the price for which you have to take out a 5-year subscription with other providers. This also gives you an idea of how cheap this is. So if you ask whether Surfshark is expensive, the answer is also: no.

Does Surfshark have a free option? 🆓

Surfshark does not have a free option. This is perhaps one of the few negative things that can be reported about this provider. It is not possible to get started with a stripped-down subscription without having to pay. Also, there is no good trial available so you can at least try for a few days how it works. You will therefore always have to go for the paid subscriptions. However, there is a guarantee that you can claim. You can cancel all three subscription types within the first days. You will then receive a refund for 30 days. That way you could indirectly use Surfshark for free for a month. Even if you do not have a VPN after that month. Whether this is the convenient way to tackle this, therefore, remains to be seen.

Does Surfshark work with Netflix? 📺

Watching Netflix with Surfshark is no problem at all. It is easily possible to watch the US Netflix by connecting to the US servers. A nice science is that the streaming service works with all servers that the VPN service has there. So that you cannot choose manually, this should not be a problem. You can just watch what you want to watch. What is also important to mention is that you do not have to be bothered by the reduced speed with VPN. The speed is still fast enough to watch the episodes of series or the films without buffering problems. This is always important. It is especially good to know that this also applies to Netflix from other countries, such as the content that can be viewed in Canada. This is all just as easy.

Does Surfshark work with HBO? 📱

Surfshark offers all different forms of streaming with HBO. It is possible to get the usual HBO Go service. This allows you to view a large part of the content of this American channel. A small extra part can be found at HBO Now. This can also be viewed by contacting the American servers with Surfshark. You can then simply watch from your bank in the Netherlands. In addition, you can also see the newer HBO Max with the help of this VPN service. This makes it all extra attractive, because here again you can see other content. What also applies to watching the films and series is that the speed of Surfshark servers is high enough to see smooth images. So you just get everything in good quality. That is exactly what you want of course.

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