Default widget

Would you like to show why people should choose your VPN provider? Our standard review widget shows the logo of GoodVPNService and will also display the star rating (assessment score) of your service. Not entirely sure about the size of your review widget? Then choose the small variant. This widget is just as clear as the others!

Suggested placement

  • Homepage or landing page (header, footer)
  • Fits both small and large websites

Small widget

The small version of the review widget shows the star rating (assessment score) of your service and the GoodVPNService logo. This review widget is the perfect way to show your visitors how well your VPN service scores, without claiming to much space.

Suggested placement

  • Homepage or landing page (header, footer)
  • Fits well in a small column

Horizontal widget

The horizontal variant of the review widget provides a clear and direct summary of your star rating. Because of the dimensions of this widget, it is extremely suitable to take a prominent position on your website.

Suggested placement

  • In the header or footer
  • Checkout page
  • Prices page

Generate review widget

Example :

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