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SaferVPN: for safe and anonymous browsing

SaferVPN is an Israel-based VPN provider with a network of over four hundred servers distributed across more than thirty different countries. This VPN provider is ideal for anyone looking for a VPN to be protected from hackers and other cybercriminals. In addition, this VPN provider offers a lot of anonymous internet experience, with convenient features such as the Kill Switch and Automatic WiFi Security, which prevent you from unintentionally giving your identity. These and other functionalities and features of SaferVPN have been tested.


Security and privacy

The two main reasons for choosing a VPN are mainly online privacy and security. The three key factors include the encryption used, the protocols offered and the logging of records. For encryption, SaferVPN uses a 256-bit encryption key. This is the highest standard for VPN providers. SaferVPN also offers different protocols. Users can thus choose which balance between performance and safety they want. For those whom security and anonymity are the absolute priority, OpenVPN is recommended as the protocol to be used. Finally, from SaferVPN’s privacy policy, the VPN provider does not keep track of your Internet traffic, such as which websites you visit. However, other customer data will be stored, including your IP address and the IP address of the server you used during your session. For a full hundred percent log-free provider, this VPN provider is not the one.

Server and network speeds

SaferVPN has servers on all six continents. In addition to many servers in the United States and Europe (including the Netherlands), SaferVPN also has servers in less common countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Brazil. In total, SaferVPN provides access to more than four hundred servers in over thirty countries. All of these servers are fully managed by the VPN provider. In addition, SaferVPN’s servers perform well in speed tests. The upload speeds are hardly even affected when SaferVPN is turned on while most other VPN providers decrease upload rates considerably. While downloading with SaferVPN, download speeds decrease by about a quarter, but with any reasonable Internet connection, download speeds are still more than enough to stream movies or a series on Netflix, for example.

SaferVPN - Server Locations


SaferVPN offers all functionalities for secure internet. Originally, there was (quite rightly) criticism of this VPN provider because of the lack of a Kill Switch, but this feature has now been added and even completely updated and upgraded in February 2017 to better guarantee customer anonymity. A Kill Switch is a technical gadget that automatically disconnects your internet connection when the VPN connection is lost. The latter may even happen with a stable VPN service, after which your actual IP address will be revealed if your Internet connection is not broken in time. To be truly anonymous, a Kill Switch is a must, so SaferVPN has done well to add this functionality to its VPN services. Another way to unintentionally lose your anonymity is to forget to turn on your VPN service before connecting to the Internet. To prevent this, SaferVPN has added a so-called ‘Automatic WiFi Security’ functionality. This feature is important as many phones and laptops are set to automatically connect to any available WiFi network. Automatic WiFi Security ensures that the VPN service automatically turns on before a connection is made to an unsafe public Wi-Fi network. One drawback is that the use of torrents is not allowed with SaferVPN. On the contrary, SaferVPN is one of the few VPN providers that still offers numerous VPN servers that are not blocked by Netflix.

SaferVPN - devices

Subscriptions and prices

SaferVPN has three different subscriptions. Each subscription gives unlimited access to all servers and capabilities of this VPN provider. SaferVPN thus has no bandwidth limitation nor decreases the Internet speed with frequent use of the VPN service. The only difference between the different subscriptions is the contract duration and the price. In addition, relatively low monthly costs are associated with a longer contract duration. For example, a one month subscription costs $ 8.49. On the other hand, if you choose a yearly subscription, you pay € 67.91, which amounts to € 5.66 per month. With a two-year contract period you will have even lower monthly fees. In this case you pay € 79.22, ie € 3.30 per month. Payment for a VPN subscription can be delivered to SaferVPN in a variety of ways, including Paypal, BitCoins or one of the well-known credit cards. Each subscription will also provide a money back guarantee with a period of fourteen days. In addition, SaferVPN can be tried out for free with a free trial of twenty-four hours.

SaferVPN - Prices

Ease of use and customer service

For a SaferVPN subscription, only a functioning email address is required. Other information about yourself is therefore not necessary to share with the VPN provider. Do you want to be completely anonymous, even with SaferVPN? Then pay with BitCoins. To use SaferVPN, you must first install their software. SaferVPN has programs for Windows, but also for other popular operating systems like macOS, iOS and Android. In the program, all servers are categorized by location (country). To help you quickly find the server you are looking for, see which VPN servers are recommended to you. Additionally, you can add servers to your favorites so that these servers come to the top of the server list. Choosing a network protocol is also easy. If you have any questions, SaferVPN offer 24/7 customer service. Contacting the customer service can be by contact form or live chat.

SaferVPN - Customer service

Final rating for SaferVPN

SaferVPN has been criticized for the lack of some functionalities, such as the Killer Switch, and thoroughly updated its VPN services. As a result, this VPN provider now has a complete range of all the necessary features for a completely safe and anonymous internet experience. The VPN provider is less suitable for those who want to explore the limits of Internet freedom by using torrent websites or Pirate Bay, but on the other hand, it is absolutely recommended for anyone looking for excellent protection against potential threats from the internet.

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