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TorGuard VPN
If you’re still looking for a VPN subscription, it’s good to think about what you want to do. TorGuard VPN offers ample possibilities, making it well suited. We will try to show you in this review whether it’s something for you, by reviewing the most important points.


What is TorGuard VPN?

A Virtual Private Network provides a tunnel, a type of connection, between the computer and a VPN server. In tunneling, data packets in a private network are processed into new packages to send over a public network. It prevents someone who is on the Wi-Fi network from seeing what exactly you are doing. In addition it also guarantees your privacy when your provider is monitoring you.

Because it can safeguard an unsafe network, it’s also an essential tool for you when you want to log in to a public Wi-Fi network. For example, in a cafe near you, or in a university library. You can also use it to hide where you are. This is useful when you want to look at region-related content, for example. Think of series from BBC, which can only be seen in the United Kingdom. Or if you want to watch your favorite Dutch program on holiday in France. Netflix does not always work, which is often a matter of browsing through some internet forums about how to set up your VPN to work properly.

Professional usage

Finally, it is used by journalists and activists who want to view or use blocked websites so that they can still perform their work. For example, think of North-Korea or Iran, where internet filters have been put up by the government.

Purchasing TorGuard VPN

A TorGuard-subscription is something that might be out of view for many users. They offer you many possibilities, in which you might get lost as an inexperienced VPN user. It’s something that could deter potential subscribers. In addition, TorGuard is a little more expensive than average, though this depends on the subscription form. However, when you want to spend a little more on a more extensive Virtual Private Network service, TorGuard offers so much more.

Money plays a significant part in what you can expect from a VPN service, even though that should not be an obstacle. If you want to spend a little, then it might be an option to first get a free variant to try it out.

Money-back guarantee

At TorGuard you have the option to try their service for free during the first seven days. If you don’t like it, you can still get your money back without difficulty. Their requirement is that you have consumed less than 10GB through their VPN service. After that week, TorGuard stops monitoring and measuring your network usage, and this will no longer be saved. In addition to the “money-back guarantee”, they do not impose a data limit.

If your anonymity and privacy are important, TorGuard has a number of important options. In addition to the basic subscription, you can purchase an Anonymous Torrent Proxy ($ 5.95 per month) and an anonymous email ($ 6.95 per month) for a small amount. Also, there are Privacy Bundles available; this includes Proxy and VPN support. This costs $ 11.95 per month. If you prefer an anonymous proxy subscription instead of a VPN service because it’s cheaper, you have to realize that a proxy is designed for BitTorrent traffic only. A VPN subscription will secure you on every level online. If you are seeding (sharing) a torrent, or leeching (receiving), a proxy will make sure your IP is invisible. All of your other online activities are not included. It is sporadic online anonymity versus full anonymity on the web.

Routers of TorGuard

If you do not want to install software, then TorGuard even offers routers with their pre-installed software. There are different models being sold, including the award-winning Nighthawk AC1900. You will still have to subscribe to support your VPN router. The major advantage of such a router is that any device connected to it is protected by TorGuard. This is a unique approach that could become a trend.

If you want to watch streams that are regionally bound, the company also offers streaming devices with pre-installed TorGuard equipment. That’s definitely not rubbish with low quality hardware. Their list includes, for example, the Roku 3, the previous generation of Apple TV and older versions of Google Chromecast. The cost of these devices is not much higher than what you would normally pay. However, you will need a TorGuard subscription.

Routers - TorGuard

Prices of TorGuard

It’s not so hard to find a payment method to subscribe with. There are more than eighty options to pay, including Visa and MasterCard, PayPal and even Bitcoin. TorGuard is based in the United States, so the payments will be done in dollars. Of course, that will be converted first.

Despite what the name TorGuard suggests, it has nothing to do with the so-called Tor Project which you hear a lot about in the media. This is regarding the internet browser Tor Browser. No, this product refers to BitTorrent with the name ‘Tor’. The service targets a privacy niche when using a Torrent client. Therefore, it’s no surprise that TorGuard simply allows P2P and torrents. So you’re completely safe when you want to share or download via peer-to-peer or a torrent.

Payment - TorGuard


Like most companies offering VPN services, at TorGuard you can choose from different subscriptions. You can pay $9.99 per month, drop down $19.99 every three months or $29.99 every six months. You can also close one-year or two-year subscription for $ 59.99 or $ 119.98, respectively. Five different devices can log in at any time when you have a subscription with TorGuard. If that is not enough then you can add devices for $1 extra per piece. They offer the ability to use Linux, MacOS and Windows. You can also use it on Android or the iPhone app, enabling you to enjoy your VPN advantages on your phone.
A static IP address adds $7.99 a month, and a Romanian (!) DDoS protected IP address for $11.99 per month. If you really want to be very fast, then you could still get the TorGuard 10Gbit network for $19.99. There are few providers where you can choose such options, though it may be too much for the normal end user.

Prices - TorGuard


TorGuard is easy to install, although it is not particularly easy to use. It looks dated in comparison to the competition. Another plus is that it has 1600 servers in 51 different countries. That number is significant, which makes it the best for VPN services.

The TorGuard app divides the servers by country name. Once you’ve determined a location, enter the data. After that you get connected and you will not see anything else. In the previous editions, you also saw some details about the server you were connected to, which is not the case at this time. This may become possible again at some point.

The support you receive from TorGuard is unprecedented. They have a live chat that is available 24 hours a day. So when you don’t understand it, there is no reason to panic, help is available almost immediately.

Software - TorGuard

Convenient options

A very convenient side of the app is the fact that it has a smart adblocker. TorGuard also has a Kill Switch, which closes an application as soon as the connection is no longer via VPN. This will ensure that you remain invisible, and do not accidentally expose yourself through your actual IP address. Unfortunately, you can only add programs to this list that are already active. With other VPN programs, you can usually add an application that is not yet activate.


When you look at VPN services, you usually look at the different features, price and, of course, how fast your network will be. Your speed on the web will always decrease, but one service is faster than the other.

TorGuard does it fairly well in terms of speeds. We put the three most important ones in front of you. The European server in Amsterdam has a 40m ping, with a download speed of 54 Mbps, while the upload speed is just under 50 Mbps. The US server in New York has a 120m ping, download 31.7 Mbps and upload 31.2 Mbps. Finally, the server in Hong Kong (Asia) has a download speed of 9.59 Mbps, upload speed of 12.62 Mbps and a 296ms ping.

Speed - TorGuard


Considering everything, TorGuard has useful options for end users who just want a little extra. It is a product that serves a niche, especially serving BitTorrent users. If you also consider the dated interface, it’s not advisable to take a TorGuard subscription as a starter. You can do better with any of the other providers found on the site unless you use a lot of Torrents.

The benefits of a Virtual Private Network that were pointed out ensure that a whole world can be opened for you. Watching the latest episodes from the US while you were supposed to have waited for another six months, playing games before they are released in the Netherlands and the security of privacy are all within your reach.

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