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We advice you to download with a VPN. Downloading is more restricted than ever. There is a rising number of court cases to take download sites like Kickass Torrens offline, and to prosecute uploaders from movies and series and to give them sanctions. Bringing in files from a torrent site is obviously forbidden, but a lot people still do this. When one of the download sites has been taken offline, the downloaders will search for an alternative website. Usually this happens with the quite a few problems, given the fact that these alternative websites can be very unreliable. However, if you still decide to download, the best way to do this is by using the VPN anonymously. In this way, you avoid the possible sanctions against you. In this article, we will discuss how you can guarantee your safety.

Watch out for shady websites!

When you collect a file from an alternative website, it is important that you don’t accidently download a virus. After all, security must be number one! When a torrent looks too good to be true, it probably is. For example, when they say the movie has just been in the cinema with crystal-clear display and sound and subtitles in every language, you can count on it for this torrent to be fake. It is certainly possible that there is a virus hidden in this download. Especially with movies and series that have a high demand (like Game of Thrones) you must be aware of phishers and other evil-minded people. It is also important to look at the uploaders. With popular download sites, the uploaders are controlled. When they are verified, they get a check mark. In this scenario, the uploaders or the website himself have judged this user to be reliable. However, this is not a guarantee that the torrents don’t consist of malware or viruses. You can never tell it with 100% certainty.

NordVPN review (2023)

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Use a VPN

To make sure that you can use the download sites anonymously and to collect a new series anonymously on your computer, it is important to use a VPN. This stands for Virtual Private Network. What it does is that it will let you be on the internet from a different server. This results in the fact that for example your provider can’t consider your browser history. Organisations like Brein can’t track you down very easily. It is also advised to enter the download site with a different IP address, because the download site can’t get your own IP address into their hands. Let it be clear, using a Virtual Private Network is never 100% safe. The police could get information about your download history with the help of a deep digging research and arrest warrants. However, this is a lot of work. So, it probably won’t happen to you when you download a movie occasionally.

Choose for a good VPN provider

It can be difficult to find a good provider of a Virtual Private Network. After all, you want to have a reliable service, one that works fast. So that’s why you should never choose for a free provider. A free provider like Hola is very unsafe, because this company is likely to sell our data to 3th parties. Also, this sort of providers can place malware on your computer. Free providers often have restrictions to the download speed and to the total amount of downloadable content. When you choose a provider of a Virtual Private Network with a small fee per month, you will have a lot more benefit from this.

Where can you find a reliable provider of a Virtual Private Network?

There are thousands of websites that offer VPN. How do you know which provider is reliable? is a comparison website of Virtual Private Networks that gives information about different providers. With these comparisons, you roughly have an idea on which download site are reliable and provide a good service. For example, they compare at speed, price and help to customers. They explain everything at an understandable level, also for the people that are not as digitally developed. Do you want to know more about the different providers, and which one best suits you?

Cyberghost VPN
CyberGhost review (2023)

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