Why not use a free VPN service?

What reason do you have to want to surf anonymously? There are countless reasons why people make use of a VPN. In this article we explain to you why you should not use a free VPN service. The ultimate goal is to redirect your Internet traffic through an external server, hiding everything you do online. Among others, this means that:

  • Your IP address is hidden, increasing your level of privacy
  • You can safely use public networks
  • You can use and watch certain services, such as the American Netflix
  • You can download torrents safely

These are just a few reasons why you would want to hide your Internet traffic. If you then decided that you need anonymous surfing, and start googling for this, you will run into countless providers, among which providers that offer a free VPN service. This sounds very enticing, but the question is: is it smart to make use of a free service?

If it sounds too good to be true

These providers promote their service as “free”, but the services that they offer are far from free. Companies have to make money somehow of course: renting servers is not a cheap thing to do. A big provider, such as GOOSE VPN, makes use of countless servers. Renting these servers costs loads of money, and when these costs are not covered by paid clients who use their services, it has to come from somewhere else. There are various options, and they are explained below.

Your privacy is at risk with a free VPN service

Just like with other “free” services such as Facebook, these companies sell your data to third parties to make a living. Everything you do online, where you shop, what you look at, will end up in the hands of people who are more than eager to use this data for targeted advertising. This is a breach of your privacy.

You are the product

Another tactic is to use your computer as one of their servers. In other words, the activities of other users that surf using your IP address suddenly become your responsibility should any illegal activities come into play. In addition to this potentially severe consequence, your own Internet becomes much slower due to external users. It has even been shown that some companies sell your Internet data like this.


A popular way to get an income: overrun your computer with annoying ads. Combined with selling your surfing behavior to third parties, this is a gold mine for free providers. Ads specifically designed for you can infiltrate your computer and getting rid of it all can only be done if you wipe your computer.

These are a number of ways with which these companies can still make profit. Additionally, there are more reasons why it isn’t the best idea to make use of free services.

Not really secure

You probably started using such a service because you wanted to surf in peace in a secure, encrypted environment. Then it is still a problem when the service that you use does not appear to be a good, secured environment. Real good companies have their own private servers and make use of their own security designs, while the free services often do not have their own servers and aren’t good at security. Because of this, there is a chance you are not really surfing anonymously


When you go online banking, or carry out other privacy sensitive acts, you can guess that this is a paradise for scammers. All of your information about what you do online goes through a server, and can be looked in to. So you should be careful when choosing what company’s services to use.

Bad connection

Another common problem is a bad connection: quite annoying when you are enjoying Netflix and suddenly your service fails. For paid services, a stable connection is guaranteed.

Slow speed

Apart from failure of free services, they also often suffer from very slow connections, while it is so important to have a guaranteed good speed when you use the Internet.

Luckily there are ways to surf safely, anonymously and quickly! We can imagine that this is very overwhelming because there are so many different providers. Therefore, you can use GoodVPNservice.com to find and compare VPNs, making choosing the right one for you easier. There are multiple providers, so you can be sure that there is one that is right for you. Go to the website and check out the offer, the time of unsecured surfing is over!

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