Why a VPN service when you download torrents

Torrents are the ideal way to quickly download files such as movies and series. Websites that offer torrent files can limit themselves to material for which they possess the copyright, but not all torrent websites do this. The torrent websites that infringe copyrights are being dealth with in harsher ways lately. For example, in mid 2016 the owner of Kickass Torrents, back then one of the most popular torrent websites, was arrested for copyright infringement. However, increasingly more the individual user of torrent files is being targeted. The Dutch Brein foundation for example has won cases against people who illegally share movies and series via torrent websites. Do you want to be able to download (and upload) torrent files without risking legal trouble? Then you should make use of a VPN service. Without this service it is very easy to find out who is uploading and downloading torrent files, but when you use a VPN service, your privacy is fully protected.

What exactly are torrent files?

Torrent files are very small files that contain information about how a larger file, for example a movie or series, can be downloaded using a torrent protocol. This works as follows: a torrent user who wants to download a certain movie, downloads the torrent file from a torrent website and using this file, they can find out how and where to download the movie. The movies and series that are shared with torrent files, are not in one central place, bur rather they are on the computers of many torrent users. Someone who downloads a torrent file, does this through a connection with the computer of another torrent user. During and after the download of the file, he or she can choose to share the downloaded file with other torrent users as well. As such, a vast network of torrent users is created that are continuously downloading files from each other.

How does a VPN service protect you?

It is very easy for organizations such as the Brein foundation to find out who is downloading and uploading files via torrent networks. This happens based on the IP address, the ‘home address on the Internet’, of users. In the Netherlands, the Brein foundation collects the IP addresses of people who illegally share torrent files. In 2016 a court case determined that the Brein foundation does not infringe the privacy of torrent users, making it very easy for the foundation to take legal steps against uploaders of torrent files. Furthermore, there are also plans to clamp down on users  who share files via torrent networks. With a VPN service you will prevent your IP address from becoming known with organizations such as the Brein foundation. When you make use of a VPN service, you are creating a connection with the Internet through a VPN server. For people or organizations who try to find out your IP address, only the IP address of the VPN server is visible, but not the address of the users behind the VPN service, like you. By using a VPN service, your privacy is fully protected.

GOOSE VPN is ideal for downloading torrents

When you use a VPN service to download torrent files, you are essentially interested in two things: security and speed. Security means that the VPN provider is reliable, fully protects your privacy and thus does not keep any data (so-called ‘logs’) on your Internet usage. If your VPN provider makes use of slow servers, it could also be that your connection with the Internet is slowed down. GOOSE VPN complies with both requirements: this VPN provider is both reliable and fast. The VPN service of GOOSE VPN is guaranteed 100% free of logs. Additionally, GOOSE VPN works with dozens of fast VPN servers. So that you can convince yourself of the quality of this VPN service, you can use GOOSE VPN one month long completely free of charge. Click here to register for GOOSE VPN.

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