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The internet has caused a digital revolution. Not only did we stop visiting the travel agency to book our trip, but we also started to shop more online because of all the new Webshops. From your comfy chair you can now compare all the products and prices from all over the world. But with the use of a VPN you can save even more money!

Shop for cheap

Instead of walking into a few shops in your neighbourhood you now can visit any store you want online. In this way you will profit from the worldwide sales and guaranteed that you will make some nice purchases. The use of a VPN not only helps you to make purchases anywhere you want in a safe way by using an encrypted internet connection, it also has lots of other advantages
A product can be more expensive in one country in comparison to another. This has to do with the avenges wages in a certain country. It’s that you must pay more in the Netherlands for that one t-shirt than that you would in countries like for example Romania or Moldavia

Luckily for you, with the use of a Virtual Private Network you don’t have to be physically present in one of these countries. With a Virtual Private Network, you avoid geo restrictions and you can surf from any country you want by making a connection with the server from that country. Make a connection with a server in Romania and suddenly you will have to pay a lot less.

Cheap flights

Travel cheaper by plane

Nowadays we don’t take a step into a travel agency to plan our next vacation. Instead, we search for the best flight tickets by our self. With the use of different comparison sites for flight tickets we can book the cheapest flight tickets as possible. Now you have chosen your destination. The price of the flight tickets happens to be good, you suddenly start to doubt if you haven’t mistaken something.

Trust me, you haven’t. With the next visit on the same websites it can occur that the price of the flight tickets has risen. This is because their websites track you by looking at your ip-adress or cookies. Because of supply and demand of the flight tickets, the prices can be a lot more expensive. This is because the interest from your side is already registered. Luckily there is a solution for this. With the use of a Virtual Private Network you can book flight tickets for a cheaper price. This type of internet connection allows you to take the ip address of a server and therefore you will surf anonymously. In other words, the website doesn’t recognise your identity and sees you as a new potential customer. Booking a flight for the lowest price is suddenly a lot easier.

Book your hotels for cheap

The same principle applies to booking your next hotel stay from websites like and Expedia. But next to the anonymously surfing there is another way that allows you to save more on your next holiday. A Virtual Private Network allows you to avoid geo restrictions with which you can now surf from anywhere in the world, while you are in fact at home on the couch.

By making connection with a network in a country of choice, you can surf like you are in that country. And you see us coming if we tell you that the price of a hotel is a lot higher in countries like the Netherland than in countries with low wages like Indonesia. Don’t forget to delete your cookies and browser history beforehand. Besides that it can also help to use international websites instead of a .nl

In our overview of VPN providers you will find which providers are best suited to save money. If you order lots of product online or if you want to save a few hundred euro’s on your next vacation, then definitely take a subscription on these providers.

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