Why a VPN like me has an antivirus program and a firewall

Almost everyone knows that it is advised to have his or her laptop protected against viruses. A good antivirus program and Firewall software protects a device against online threats.. However this is not enough. A VPN service protects the device against online threats that the software can eliminate for you. In this article we will explain the difference between a VPN service and the two security software

Why a Firewall and Antivirus program are essential

Firewalls are useful to disable the access for certain programs to the internet. This also controls the traffic that enters your device and that leaves. The problem with this software is that you can’t decide which type of data gets access. Therefore it could be possible for a virus, or Trojan Horse, to be downloaded on the device without your knowing. So because you can’t choose between harmful and not harmful data, this gives others the opportunity to look in your device and abuse it. Antivirus program protects your device – like the name suggests – against viruses. It detects viruses, puts them in quarantine or neutralizes them whenever possible. However the problem is that every day new viruses arrive. Software is never fully up to date, which results in you being at risk for someone to slip through and crash your device or for a hacker to be able to see your data.

A VPN besides Firewalls and Antivirus program

A VPN protects your device on a different way. It makes sure that the information that you sent is not readable for outsiders. By using encryption the information is hidden in a package, which lets only the package be shown. A VPN service also makes sure that you get another IP address, which results in the fact that nobody can trace where you are. The last time there are more messages in the news about phishing practises – a form of internet fraud. Criminals will sent emails in which they pretend to be a company and they will ask for your log in data. This log in data will be used by them to log in to your account to steal your money. A VPN service will make sure that this is not possible. By encrypting the data these internet criminals will not be able to read the data and abuse it.

VPN security

A combination for online safety

Do you want to be safe while using the internet? Then it is advised to make use of all these three security methods. In this way you will not be bothered by viruses and hackers. A VPN service also gives a few advantages that these two software don’t have. Not only will hackers be unable to see your data, but also the government, advertisements and employees are also not able to see your internet behaviour. It is also a fact that not every website is accessible through the Netherlands. Some internet pages can’t be opened because only certain countries have access. By using a VPN you can use another ip address to pretend that you are in another country. This makes it possible to see the content of that country without actually being there.

Why to choose for a VPN-service from GOOSE?

Always choose for a combination. Online Safety is more important now because the criminal activities have moved a lot more on the web. You won’t have to worry any longer about your online security with this security combination. At GOOSE VPN it is possible to a month long for free use of a GOOSE VPN. After the first month you only pay 2,99 a month. Installing of a GOOSE VPN is done in no time. You don’t need technical knowledge and within a few minutes you will already enjoy it. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. Wait no longer and protect your devices online!

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