How do I deblock social media worldwide?

VPN deblocks social media

Are you also annoyed by the online restrictions on social media. Just when you are on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube looking for information you suddenly get to deal with a blockage. Not handy, certainly not when you are at school working on a groups assignment.Such a blockage is made by companies and schools if they suspect that the social media cause too much of a distraction or that they are used in the wrong way. The Internet Service Provider modifies the DNS from these blocked websites, as a result you will get an error message. With another method to block social media they make direct use of your IP address, so suddenly you will no longer have access to the blocked websites.

VPN: Safe and without restrictions on the internet

The internet is the biggest help with looking for information and to keep contact with everybody around us. We also stream a lot and we enjoy all the good content on YouTube or Netflix. Unfortunately the internet is not always safe. Hackers, advertisers and other unwanted outsiders lay low. The government is able to follow you anywhere on the internet. The Virtual Private Network from GOOSE VPN avoids this problem. We explain to you how it works and why a Virtual Private Network is essential.

Why would you use a Virtual Private Network if you use Social Media a lot?

With a Virtual Private Network there will be made an encrypted internet connection that hides all your internet activities. A Virtual Private Network hides your IP address, the source of all your internet behaviour. A Virtual Private Network also erases the ban on all devices: your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Not only will a hidden IP give access to social media, it also avoids the online restrictions with a Virtual Private Network. Every country has its own laws regarding the availability of online content. That seems like something really far away but we all have to deal with it sometimes. For example, you probably once came across this on YouTube: the annoying message “Sorry this content is not available in your country”. Or a blockage for social media during one of your vacations in a little less free country, like China or Iran. Shame, because you would love to share your experiences and photo’s with friends and family. Especially from an extraordinary country! With a Virtual Private Network you escape from the annoying worldwide content restrictions. With this your social media will be available everywhere and anytime.

VPN deblokkeert social media

Why a VPN?

The internet is meant to spread information freely and for open communication. Bans go against this freedom. With a VPN we will help you to use the internet for what it was meant to be. Without blockages or content restrictions in a safe way.

Picture this, you are in a country with restrictions on internet. With our service you will borrow the IP address from a different country, so that it looks like you are surfing from within that country. With that specific IP address it is not problem to access your social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp: all yours!

How does it work? You open your VPN on your device, click on the serverlist and make contact with the country of choice. Internet will think that you are present in that region and you will have instantly access to for example twitter.

It is that simple.

It it is temporary or permanent, blockages on social media are against the right on freedom of communication and spreading of information. Don’t let it limit your internet use, get your online freedom back with a VPN!

Download your VPN service now

GOOSE VPN protects your online privacy and deblocks the internet, wherever you are on the world. Using it is easy and beneficial for your desktop, iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet. Do you also want unlimited freedom and safe internet? Download your ideal VPN service now!

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