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VPN encryption

Probably, you have once came in contact with the word VPN. People who regularly surf the internet, work or travel are a lot of the time connected to a public network. Now, it is important to be protected against the many threats that online surfing carries with it. This protection of your data is called encryption. In this blog we will give some more insight in explaining how to improve and protect your online experiences. Finally you want to access the web with a good feeling, right?

How and what?

The Virtual Private Network is a kind of private connection in a public network, like the internet. The data that is transferred is encrypted thanks to the VPN network and sent back through the VPN server to the internet. At this wat you will get to keep your internet traffic, for example identity and location, a secret. It is not only used to “hide” on the web. For example it can also help to keep hackers and governments at distance. Like we said, it is important to surf the internet, for example a public network safely. Lots of people with bad intentions try to mislead people on these networks to access their log in data. The Virtual Private Network will make sure that they can’t get to your data by encrypting this data.

VPN encryptie wifi

Besides that it can also be used for anonymous down and uploading of all sort of content, like it always happens on torrent sites. Also for avoiding geographical restriction like for example with Netflix. The offer in the Benelux on Netflix is only a fraction of what people in the United States get to see. With a VPN connection you will avoid the fact that you are in the Benelux and you get to enjoy the supply in any country you want.

VPN is also useful in the business world. Employees who work a lot at home and who want a safe connection with the company network from within their home office, have lots of profit by safely sent and receive their work related information.

What kind of VPN services are there?

Of course there are lots of free VPN services, however there is of course a compromise on the speed, the amount of connections that are possible and the amount of data that the system can encrypt. Also, it is not always a service with good intentions. Quite a few stories are circling about the extensions that were really unsafe. For example, in 2015 the Hola extension existed that was downloaded a lot on Chrome and Firefox. It turned out that the owners from this plug in sold user data and unused bandwidth to other internet users. Other people could see what you were doing on your own bandwidth. A highly dangerous situation.

Paid but secured

It pays out to see what VPN services there are that can guarantee a certain level of safety that the free models can’t. A good VPN services doesn’t have to be expensive, and then you have the guarantee that you are safe. If we look for a VPN service in the Netherlands we will soon come across GOOSE VPN. The only VPN that is 100% Dutch, namely from Rotterdam. GOOSE VPN is known for it’s simplicity and easy-controllable system from which the quality can’t be missed. It is the ideal entry moment for people who are new in this world and who haven’t used the web that much.

With a few clicks you are fully connected. Also, the price is extraordinary soft for your wallet.
For less than 3 euro’s a month you get to use their services. People who are still in doubt can use the free try out month without further obligations. In short, Goose is super for the casual internet user who are attached to their privacy.

For lots of other quality VPN services it is profitable to take a look at their offer and to compare these between themselves. So you can find a VPN service that fits your safety. Start today with online surfing and certainly take a look at our site!

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