GOOSE VPN experiences – April 2017

With the Virtual Private Network (VPN), GOOSE VPN offers protection against abuse of your data when you use public WiFi. Seeing as it concerns a Dutch product, it is worth it to take a look at what this program has to offer. We have reviewed GOOSE VPN multiple times. Read our GOOSE VPN experience of April 2017 here.

Security of GOOSE VPN

Internet works via an IP address. That is your personal address from where you will send or receive your mails, text messages, responses, photos, documents or anything. So you will be using this address when you transfer money from your bank account. If you do that when you are away from home or using a wireless connection, strangers can fairly easily track down your IP address and abuse it. GOOSE VPN helps prevent this because this program regularly changes the IP address. This way, it becomes harder for those with malicious intent to find out your IP address, even when you are using a public WiFi spot. Thanks to the Virtual Private Network, your usage of Internet and Apps becomes much more secure.

Also with unlimited data usage

As the first Dutch provider, GOOSE VPN offers a simple VPN program. It has been decided to not create a complicated and expensive product, but rather to bring an affordable alternative to the market that can be understood by any Internet user. You can choose from various packages. For normal usage, the Basic Package of 50 GB per month is sufficient. For companies and private users who make a lot of use of the net, the Unlimited Package with, as the name suggests, unlimited data. With this, you can do unlimited streaming, surfing, downloading or uploading, seeing as you have unlimited bandwidth. Furthermore, P2P support also comes with this package.

This is interesting for those that do not want others to know what they are downloading. Via the P2P function you can really download anonymously without problems. The difference between the two packages lies in the bandwidth and the P2P function. The Basic Package gives you up to 50 GB. Is this not enough? Then Unlimited is a perfect solution. The price won’t be your reason not to do it. Basic costs € 2.99 per month and Unlimited costs € 6.99. If you are quick, you can get an additional discount for the 1st year, so you will be paying just € 5.89. Moreover, GOOSE VPN also offers an intermediate solution, because you can purchase bandwidth. For € 0.49 per month extra you will get 5 GB additional bandwidth. So if you’re just out of data, then an investment of less than half a euro per month is a fine solution. Click here to view the various prices and packages of GOOSE VPN.

GOOSE VPN experiences in numbers

In April 2017, we extensively tested GOOSE VPN again. Our GOOSE VPN experiences are displayed in numbers for you below.

  • Speed – 7/10
  • User-friendliness – 9/10
  • Price – 9/10
  • Reliability – 8/10
  • Customer service – 10/10
  • Final grade – 9.1

We are also very curious about your experience with the Dutch VPN service. Will you leave a review for us in the comments?

Why take a risk?

Starting today, you can start surfing the Internet in a very secured and anonymous manner. Those who make use of the Goose Virtual Private Network, have access to the OpenVPN protocol and the IKEv2 protocol. Thanks to the open protocol you will be making use of a multitude of encryption techniques. The IKEv2 is easier to use and due to its higher speed, it is interesting for those who want to work quickly. This by the way does not mean that the other protocol is slow. On the contrary; tests have shown that both protocols are quick and function properly. This also applies to programs such as Netflix, which also functions fine with the IKE2v protocol. Of course the Goose program is as quick as your provider network and server. If you have a somewhat slower server, then this new program may work less efficiently. Via the software you will get access to the  GOOSE VPN program. What client you need, depends on the operating system of your device. This goes far, because you can even use this program with a Linux OS. Furthermore, the interface is really simple in design, making it very accessible for people who are not (yet) familiar with it.

Try GOOSE VPN 30 days for free(!)

GOOSE VPN is new, young, excited and evolving (also read: First Dutch VPN, GOOSE VPN, offers online privacy and protects against Internet crime). This is good to know, because this means that they continue to adapt their products to any changes. So you will always be up to date. When it comes to privacy, a sensitive subject that makes you want to choose GOOSE VPN, it is good to know that GOOSE VPN itself does not store any data.  So you can be 100% sure that you won’t leave a digital trace through them. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. GOOSE is very customer friendly and available at any time of the day. For more extensive information and for signing up, you can can go to their website GOOSE VPN offers its newest clients the first 30 days for free, so that you can try it out. Only a small fee of € 0.45 is required to verify the account. Ideal when you want to give a VPN a try!

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