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American Netflix VPN

Coming home after a long day at work and watching Netflix on the cough with just the two of you. The peak of relaxing and exactly what you need to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, after a while you will have watched all of the Netflix supply from the Netherlands Netflix in Nederland . On the other hand, the supply of the American Netflix is way bigger. Now you will run into a problem, because from within the Netherlands you can’t watch to these movies and series. Thanks to a VPN this problem can be solved.

What is a VPN?

The abbreviation VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is the way to avoid annoying regional restrictions from Netflix. Moreover, a VPN provider does a lot more than avoiding geo restrictions. It is also the best way to surf the internet fully anonymously and to keep you privacy protected.

A VPN provider will make sure that everything that you do online will be encrypted. That means that the messages that you send can’t be read without the encryption key. Using a VPN provider is in essence making a private connection between your computer and the receiver of your messages. To protect your safety and anonymity, the VPN provider will make sure that the traffic is led through one of the many VPN servers that they have in control. The location of your computer will be unknown as a result of this and that allows you to avoid the geo restrictions placed by Netflix. So if you want to watch a series on the American Netflix you will have to use the connection with an American VPN server to get access to the American version.

To conclude: a VPN connection encrypts the internet traffic, leads this traffic through an extern server and hides your location.

How does it work?.

Tired of Netflix in the Netherlands and want to watch the American supply? Then all you have to do is choose for a VPN provider. Thereafter you have to make a VPN connection with an American server and Netflix will then think you are really watching from within America. The result? The full offer of the an American Netflix is at once made available. Pay attention: of course this access is only valid as long as you are using the VPN connection with the servers in the US.

Amerikaanse Netflix door VPN

Choose the right provider

Sounds too good to be true? It is not. However, do your research into the different VPN providers, so that you can take a subscription at the side that best fits your needs. At first it is important that they have VPN server in the US. For Netflix, the use of a VPN connection is a thorn in the eye, therefore they have counter means against these connections. If you use one of the blocked servers then you will receive an error message that has the result of Netflix no longer working. Choose for a provider that has good reviews for the use of Netflix.

It is also important to notice that the free services in the gigantic supply of VPN providers are better be left alone. If they ask no money, you as a customer is the product. Also it is possible that they secretly use the IP address from your own computer. Outsiders then surf anonymously on the internet with your IP address. This is a situation you rather avoid.


GOOSE VPN is a Dutch provider that offers lots of advantages. For example, GOOSE VPN has a advantageous monthly fee from 2.99 euros and you can be helped in Dutch. Where lots of providers have stopped the battle against Netflix, GOOSE VPN is known from independent tests as one of the best functioning VPN applications for Netflix. So really ideal for your first steps into the world of the VPN connections and now you can finally watch your favourite series from within the Netherlands. Try GOOSE VPN now!

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