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Who doesn’t like to binge-watch your favourite series for a night with your partner or friends? With lots of series on Netflix it is easy to fill the whole evening with watching series. But did you know that the supply of the American Netflix is even bigger than that from the Netherlands.

Watch even more Movies and series

The supply of the American Netflix is easily ten times bigger than the supply of the movies and series from the Dutch version. Netflix users in the United States have the choice between over ten thousand movies and series while the Dutch Netflix has to deal with only 2000 series and movies. Sorry to say that you don’t have access to the American supply. Or is it?

VPN offers the solution!

The solution of the problem lies with the using of a VPN or a so called Virtual Private Network. This is an secured internet connection that acts like some kind of virtual tunnel between your pc and a server in a land of choice. Chose for example a server that is stated in the United States and it will look like you are surfing the internet from the US. You can probably guess it. With a Virtual Private Network you can avoid geo restrictions.

Other advantages of a Virtual Private Network

Whoever uses a Virtual Private Network to surf the internet will probably enjoy from a lot of advantages. The most important thing is the fact that you are surfing the internet in a safe way. This prevents hackers from accessing your personal data. That doesn’t happen to me is what you are rethinking right? Did you know that hackers can easily access your data from within a free public WIFI network? Free WIFI on hotel, restaurant or the airport may me free, but it is certainly not secured. Checking your Facebook for a small update can have nasty consequences.

Threats public wifi

Another advantage is that you surf the internet anonymously. In other words, do you want to stream a series of movie from your laptop, then that is easy with a Virtual Private Network since it doesn’t show your IP address.

The last advantage that you have with using such network is that you can avoid geo restrictions. Not only is that useful to see the American Netflix supply while you are in the Netherlands, it is also usable for certain websites or social media that is blocked while you are on holiday. You are also not venerable anymore if you are on a public WIFI network.

How does this work?

Seems good, but how do I get the American supply from Netflix on my laptop? That is a lot easier than you might have thought. At first you will need to sign in from your Netflix Dutch through the official route that you always use. After a short registration you will have access to the Dutch supply from movies and series. But as stated above it is a lot less than the supply you get from within the United States. Given the fact that this supply can only be shown within the country borders, you will have to use a Virtual Private Network to avoid this geo restriction. This can be done by choosing a Virtual Network Provider after you have signed in to Netflix Dutch.

On this website you will see an overview of all the providers that are suited for you, given that Netflix sometimes blocks some providers. With a provider from our list, you can’t go wrong. Don’t use your Facebook login to sign in for a provider since this can cause a lot of trouble. After you have chosen your payment method your account will be activated and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that a Virtual Private Network offers. If you want to binge watch a series that is only available in the US, be careful to pick the server that is placed within the US.

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Kees van Vliet

Kees van Vliet

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