Why a VPN on vacation can be quite useful!

That travelling is a privilege can’t be heard from us. Who doesn’t like a few weeks of to some warm destination? And if it is possible, we like to post some updates on social media. But did you know that if you do this without a VPN, this could be dangerous and expensive? Down here we will explain what kind of problems can occur and why a Virtual Private Network will help you prevent this.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is an encrypted internet connection that uses a server from a location of your choice. Not only does this raise your online safety, it also enables you to surf anonymously and independent from your own location on the internet. This can have its advantages

Problem 1: Booking your flight tickets

Traveling is something that we look forward to the whole year. After lots of research online, you have finally decided where to go on your next flight vacation. Given the fact that you don’t want to pay a lot for your holiday, you have searched all over the web for cheap flight tickets. Found it! Or maybe not, since the next time you visit the same website the price seems to be a lot higher. Did you make a mistake or is there something going on? No, you were probably right regarding the prices, but websites where you can buy flight tickets track your IP address. With this they know that you are interested in tickets to a certain destination. Because of the demand and supply they raise the price.

How does a Virtual Private Network cope with this?

The tracking of your location by these kind of websites happens by tracing your IP address or which WIFI network you use. With the use of a Virtual Private Network you connect with a server you choose. This can be a server that is stated in for example Germany, England or even the United States. In this way you can surf the web anonymously and the tracking system won’t recognise your IP address for booking the flight tickets. As a result you will get the original and therefore the lower price.

Problem 2: I want to use the public WIFI carefree.

Who doesn’t use the free WIFI network from his hotel, the restaurant or even the airport. Free public WIFI makes sure that you can even surf on the internet while you are abroad without the need to pay roaming cost. But it is certainly not safe. Such internet connections are often run by and unsecured public network in which hackers can easily steal your personal data.

How does a Virtual Private Network cope with this?

A Virtual Private Network is a secured connection that you can make with a public WIFI network. By using a different provider you raise your internet safety to higher levels. At this way you can use the internet care free with a low monthly fee.

VPN holiday social media

Problem 3: I want to post a few of my holiday photo’s on my Facebook and Instagram, but that isn’t possible.

Are you travelling to China, Russia or even Turkey? Than you don’t have to be afraid if you can get no access to your social media. These websites areas are blocked in certain countries.

How does a Virtual Private Network cope with this?

Whoever makes a connection with a Virtual Private Network chooses a server from a location of his choice. If you choose a server from the United Stated then it looks like you are surfing from out of the US. With a Virtual Private Network you can easily avoid geographical blockages on certain websites and therefore get access to the blocked content. One other advantage is that you can still watch your favourite series while you are on holiday.

To make a choice on which VPN provider to choose, we advise you to take a look at this overview

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