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How safe are we on the internet? And how safe is internet banking really? Especially if it has to do with bank business, you don’t want to become a victim of a hacker. Or that phishing criminals have their eyes on your bank account. That you suddenly notice that your bank account has been robbed. That all your savings melted like snow before the sun without you knowing. All your dreams and beautiful future plans gone. Safety on the internet is extremely important if it has to do with banking business. The important question is: how can you safely use internet banking and arrange your online money business?


It is still an important subject nowadays. Despite much better checks throughout the years and the newer technology, bank accounts are still being robbed and bookings to different accounts are still being made. How is this possible? What have you done wrong? Your money is gone and it is an “if” if you ever see you money again. In principle lays the responsibility and the risk with the man or women who uses online banking. If it turns out that not enough measures were made you can forget about your money. Another aspect is that banks have indeed improved their website security, but that the criminals also don’t stop evolving. Again and again, they find new ways to plunder bank accounts of random, hardworking people.


The first step to a more risk-free online banking is taking Do it Yourself measures to give the internet criminals a smaller chance in succeeding. At first: don’t use Windows XP for internet banking and make sure that you use different and strong passwords. Besides that it is also good to get an antivirus package, also security software on the computer is quite essential. Take a look at the extra security packages that are offered. After all, prevention is better than curing.

Which browser

Also, updating the operating system is a must to do online banking risk-free with the computers, just like the operating systems Google Chrome and Firefox are the most safe systems to work with. Research showed that these systems are less vulnerable. What you also need to do it checking the connection. If you buy something online you have to be sure that the payment goes through a secured connection. Otherwise your money will be gone without you ever receiving the package.

Controlling a connection can easily be done by checking if the “http” is replaces with “https” and if you can see a small lock in the URL bar. In this context it is good to know that the URL bar is usually green (or partly green) when there is a secured connection. The network has to be reliable if you pay online. Especially open internet connections can cause risks. So don’t work with free or open WIFI spots. Banking with your phone? Use a 4G network to be sure, even if it costs a little bit of money. That is always cheaper than a robbed bank account.

Use internet banking without treats

Who really wants to use internet banking without any danger, will really profit from using a VPN connection. The computer creates a tunnel and all data that is sent through this tunnel can’t be opened and the service saves – like people say- no logs and makes sure that your messages are encrypted and offers full anonymity when you surf the internet. In practise is the interception of your data still possible, however the interceptors won’t be able to open and read the data. They miss the key that is needed to look at the data. Internet banking can be safe with the use of a VPN connection.


The service offers lots of advantages. You don’t make direct connection with a website that you visit. Through the VPN server you will be indirectly connection with that website and your IP address will be hidden. Nobody that can see your IP address, only that from the VPN server is shown. This server is nine out of ten times situated outside the country borders so it will look like you are using the internet from abroad. This in combination with encryption – the locking- makes VPN a beacon of safety. You can even surf on the public wifi networks in a safe way, with this regional blockages can be avoided. This also means that you get to access uncensored websites abroad and from outside you can still watch Netflix or Uitzending Gemist.


The VPN service that is most suited is often customisation. That also depends on your specific wishes. This also depends on how much money you are willing to spend for a VPN server. That also depends on how big the package must be for you. Especially that you need to be able to choose from three different connection techniques in the form of PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN and that it makes a different in which countries your VPN services are running. Be on your guard if that is America. Because of the law in that country, government services are able to watch. Whoever values absolute safety and certainty has to think about the option to take Kill switch. This technique protects your identity if your VPN falls away for some reason or if you forgot to turn on your VPN.

Like we said, there are lots of different VPN packages available. There are free possibilities, however these have limitations regarding the amount of data and the speed can sometimes be lacking.

Whoever really wants to know everything about the possibilities to be safe when using internet banking, these people will profit from using The VPN comparison website that offers information about providers, articles on how a VPN can be used and what the advantages are when you are using it. A Must for everyone who is planning to use this service or who is already using it.

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