VPN or encryptionsoftware, what’s the difference?


VPN: Keeps you safe

Encryption software is essential if you want to be sure that your company data or other sensitive information can’t be seen by third parties. From the countless possibilities that there are to encrypt, the VPN encryption seems the best option.

Company data shouldn’t be out there in the open. Never. To offer this kind of security, an encryption software is available that offers absolute and wished safety. The encrypting of data – encryption- is the most often used method to protect the safety. This happens by encrypting the communication between servers with the company data. The data that is transferred is coded and therefore not readable for outsiders. Encryption is also used by WhatsApp. What also applies to that service: the messages are interceptable but unreadable for third parties.

SSL connection

Encrypting a connection between user and server can also be made by using a so called SSL connection. The application and the database receive the industry standard. That means that if a third party gets its hands on the data, the data can’t be opened by this person. Because what is missing is the essential key. What may be even more interesting is the option to encrypt a USB stick. By doing this it is easy to transfer sensitive company information. The USB stick can be encrypted on any computer, if the user has the rights of the administrator. An extra safe option is to combine multiple encryption techniques. What then arises is an extreme advanced encryption. So extra safe.

VeraCrypt versus TrueCrypt

VeraCrypt is often seen as a good open source instrument for the encryption of data and it is the follow up from TrueCrypt. TrueCrypy turned out to be untrustworthy after a rise in popularity and users choose for it’s almost identical twin brother VeraCrypt. VeraCrypt however was able to sustain in this kind of growth. With this software large data containers can be made. Everything that is placed within these containers is automatically encrypted. Full disks can also be encrypted. The software uses a AES encryption, however there is the possibility to choose another kind of encryption technique. In that case, will they only be seen in the software and after inserting the password. VeraCrypt is seen as really reliable and diverse and offers besides secured hard discs also secured USB sticks. However, users agree that the user friendliness of this service sometimes misses something.

Advantages of encryption

A VPN is often seen as even a better way to protect your company data. It offers safe and anonymous access to a network and it also makes internet on public networks a lot more safe. This service protects your data online, without anything changing in your computer use. You don’t notice a thing. Your internet traffic is encrypted and therefore unreadable for third parties, VPN’s make a combination of connections and encryption protocols in a way that make a virtual connection that is secured. VPN’s offer a lot more advantages.

For example, your IP address keeps changing and even your location changes. With one of the connection it will look like you stay in America while in reality you are thousands of kilometres away. In comparison to for example VeraCrypt this method is user-friendly. You make connection with public internet, then you start a VPN connection on a VPN server and you are good to go. The software on the server makes a secured connection, offers access on a distance to your own network and you are good to go. The connection is encrypted and you are fully anonymous. For usage, different security protocols are developed, from which IPSec, L2TP, SSL and TLS, PPTP and SSH are the most known and best reviewed protocols.

Simplicity of encryption

Conclusion: there are countless possibilities to encrypt your data in a good way. The best option still seems to be making a VPN connection. It is not strange that it is the most used method. That and the relative simple way in which a safe connection can be made, it is the ideal tool for encryption. Despite the fact that your USB stick can’t be encrypted.
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