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Popcorn Time, as the free brother of Netflix, has become popular among people who want to stream series or movies free of charge. The ever growing streaming service, that launched a web version in 2016, is controversial seeing as many streamed movies and series are copyrighted. Organizations that want to protect intellectual properties, like BREIN foundation in the Netherlands and Motion Association of America (MPAA) in the United States, are however not able to make Popcorn Time go offline. For these reasons, the focused is turned to the users. What’s with that exactly? And how can you use a VPN service for Popcorn Time without needing to fear a penalty?

Is using Popcorn Time legal?

Among other because Popcorn Time makes use of a world wide BitTorrent network with many thousands of sites, organizations such as the BREIN foundation are not able to put the streaming service offline. This allows Popcorn Time to continue growing and it is now available in over forty languages. In order to win the battle against Popcorn Time, the defenders of intellectual property are now targeting the users of the free streaming service. In the Netherlands this was difficult until recently, seeing as downloading for private use was legal. In April 2014 however, the download ban has been implemented in the Netherlands in response to a ruling by the European Court of Justice. Since then, copyright protected material can no longer be downloaded just like that, even if this is done for private use. It quickly became clear that this ban also applies to streaming. Although when streaming, there is no copy of a movie or series being stored on the hard disk of the user, but this is irrelevant for the ban. Because when streaming, copyright is infringed too. As such, using Popcorn Time to watch copyrighted movies or series has been illegal in the Netherlands since 2014.

VPN service for Popcown Time so that you can continue streaming

To not run the risk of receiving a fine or other penalty, you can make use of a VPN service. A VPN service is a secured network that you can connect with using your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. From this network, you will then be connected with the worldwide web. So in fact, a VPN server is placed in between your computer or other device and the websites that you visit. This comes with several advantages. One of these is that you are fully anonymous online with a VPN service. Without a VPN service, you are not (also read: Anonymous downloading with a VPN service). Every time when you download something, your data is transmitted to your IP address. An IP address is the unique number of an Internet connection. The identity of the users of Popcorn Time in countries such as Germany who have received fines of more than one thousand euros, has been traced back using their IP address. However, if you make use of a VPN service, every download goes through the VPN server. Due to this, only the IP address of the VPN server can be traced back, but your own IP address remains hidden. This way, you can continue to use Popcorn Time anonymously. Also read: Why a VPN service when you download torrents.

Which VPN is suitable for Popcorn Time?

Not every VPN service for Popcorn Time is appropriate. First off, it is important that the VPN provider allows you to make use of peer-to-peer networks (P2P) such as the BitTorrent network. Furthermore, VPN providers with many fast VPN servers that are located in different countries are ideal for a smooth running stream. For the sake of your own privacy however it is important that the VPN provider does not keep and store any data (so-called ‘logs’) on your Internet usage. Your privacy is only really guaranteed with VPN providers that are entirely free of logs. Finally, you of course make use of Popcorn Time to save money. Therefore, the price of a VPN service for Popcorn Time also matters. Luckily there are VPN services that come with all aforementioned features that do not cost more than a couple of euros per month.

Continue to enjoy free streaming with a VPN service

Do you want to be able to continue watching streams for free without risking a fine? Make use of a VPN service. Choose a VPN provider that allows P2P, does not keep any logs, offers fast servers in various countries and has sharp rates. Customer service that can help you in Dutch would of course also be very convenient. The Dutch VPN service GOOSE VPN is the only one with a Dutch-speaking customer service.

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