VyprVPN logo review
VyprVPN review (2021)

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8.2 / 10
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Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.00 per month

  • Speed - 9/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

VyprVPN review (2021)

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VyprVPN is increasingly becoming one of the major players in the VPN industry. This is partly because of course smart people are behind it. It is an office that focuses slightly differently on most matters than its competitors do. Of course it is true that security and privacy are the main goals of the service. They do this, among other things, by setting up their own server network. They don’t focus on one specific target group, so there is a lot possible.

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Key features of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is of course mainly focused on security. It is important that it can provide users with a protected internet experience. So it is certainly true that the services of this agency are primarily aimed at this. This is especially true for everyday use of the internet, but also for the more advanced things. In addition, Vypr ensures that the speed does not have to suffer. At least, in most cases not.

Key benefits of VyprVPN

  • Lots of servers
  • Own network
  • Favorable price for services
  • Extra possibilities for masking data
  • No logs

Some disadvantages of VyprVPN

  • Not always quick
  • Payment cannot be made anonymously

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Presence of VyprVPN servers

VyprVPN offers something that most other services cannot offer. It has its own network of servers. Where competitors often work with rented servers, Vypr owns them all. As a result, they also have slightly more options for users. All in all, it concerns about 700 servers in 70 different places around the world. As a result, they also have coverage all over the world, including coverage in Africa.

Availability of VyprVPN servers

700 servers all over the world are a nice average number. A group of very large VPN providers all have thousands of servers, but there are also competitors who do not reach the 700. The chances of dealing with congested servers are therefore not very high. It is a pity that not every server is the same speed. That means that the speed promise is not always met by Vypr VPN.

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What makes Vypr VPN different?

It has been mentioned before, but having your own network of servers is a very strong point of VyprVPN. Because it is located in Switzerland itself, it has to do with inexpensive privacy legislation. In combination with their own network, it is therefore possible for users to go online safely and anonymously. No logs are kept and hardly any information about you is known to the provider.

VyprVPN logo review
VyprVPN review (2021)

Our score:

8.2 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.00 per month

  • Speed - 9/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Kill switch from VyprVPN

Data security is the most important point of using VPN for many users. This also means that the service provider must always be able to guarantee this. This is not only possible with the most secure internet protocols. More is needed for this. That is also known at VyprVPN. That is why this service also offers a kill switch. This is an important weapon when a malfunction occurs. Or if, for example, you lose contact with the server you were connected to. In that case you can prevent data from leaking by directly using the kill switch. So this can often be of great value to its users.

Vypr VPN and your privacy

Privacy must always come first with VPN providers. It is of course not the intention that the service does the same as your internet provider, namely to keep track of what you do. In many ways, VyprVPN does what it should do. When it comes to your internet usage, you will be optimally protected. It is a small disadvantage that you cannot pay anonymously for your subscription. So there is some information about you known to this company, although that information will not just be on the street, which is at least as important, of course.

VyprVPN has no retention obligation

Since the VyprVPN office is located in Switzerland, it also has to comply with that legislation. This means that no information is kept and stored. There is no retention obligation. Everything you do is immediately forgotten. Whether it is your IP address, the length of your session or DNS requests. Everything disappears immediately. The company also does not keep logs. It used to do that and was honest about it. However, this has been abolished after some time and therefore no longer happens. They do ask you for personal information in order to offer you better support, but you are free not to comment on this as a user.

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VyprVPN does not store data at all

Because there is a clear policy in the area of ​​privacy, you as a user of the services of Vypr VPN have nothing to fear. You can just see what the company does and doesn’t do. At least you can be sure of one thing, the data you share and omit will never be saved. This applies to any data you can think of. This is now a permanent part of the working method. It is also included in Vypr’s privacy policy in this way. This makes it very attractive.

The owner of Vypr VPN

VyprVPN is owned by Golden Frog. This is a Swiss company engaged in the development of various technologies. VPN is one of them. What is especially attractive is that it also keeps all these technologies in-house. So you are really sure that you are dealing with Vypr and Golden Frog when you take out a subscription. No third parties are involved at all. This is an important advantage.

Appearance and ease of use of Vypr VPN

The ease of use of the software is just as important as the level of security that a VPN offers. This is done in several steps. For example, it is nice to see that the VyprVPN website is nice and clear. This makes it easy to get a subscription that suits you, without too much hassle. When you have done this, it is also nice to know that the installation process of the software runs smoothly. Here too, the provider has chosen to keep it as simple as possible. You download the app and can actually start using it immediately. When it is so easy, it is only more attractive to use it. That the app is nice and clear and clear once you use it, of course, makes everything complete. That way you don’t have to worry about anything.

Split tunneling

VyprVPN does not disclose split tunneling. It is the case for some providers that they offer this feature. This allows you to choose whether to run apps via VPN or not. This is not the case with this provider. This means that everything runs through the secure tunnel and you also notice this in the speed at which you can work. So keep that in mind when using it. This can be a point of attention.

DNS leak test tool results

If Vypr scores well on something, then it is on the DNS leak tool. That makes sense, because of course it has a lot to do with the own network of servers that it has. There are no third parties involved, so it is actually impossible for a DNS leak to occur anywhere. That information is therefore very safe with this provider. In addition, there are options in the app to indicate your DNS preferences. This has a positive effect.

Speed ​​and performance of VyprVPN

Of course it is always the case that there is a difference in the speed of your connection with VPN or without VPN. A small problem with Vypr VPN, however, is that the difference in speed can vary per server. Some of their own servers cannot deliver on the speed promises the provider makes. As a user, you will soon find out so that you know which ones to avoid.

VyprVPN support

The advantage of Vypr VPN is that it does not make any kind of distinction. This means that all systems are treated in the same way and that you as a user can always work with this VPN. It is nice to see that a provider of the service wants to think along with the user of it. It makes everything a lot easier to take care of.

Conclusion VyprVPN

The biggest advantage of Vypr VPN is that it is completely independent. As a result, privacy can be offered at the highest level when you go online. It is true that there are some minor disadvantages. For example, not every server is equally fast and the service does need some personal information from you, for example to be able to invoice. However, this makes no difference to use. It is therefore a good option for VPN.

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Update VyprVPN review January 2021

When you read the review of Vypr VPN, you immediately know how everything is arranged with this VPN provider. When you want to start using VPN, you want to be sure to choose one that suits your use. Based on what is discussed in the review, you can determine exactly what VyprVPN can do for you.

What can you expect from Vypr VPN?

VyprVPN is one of the larger players on the market. This can be seen, for example, in the range of servers. That is not the biggest, but it is at the top of the industry, with more than 700 servers. That means that there is a good chance that you can make a strong connection. That is so easy when you want to watch Netflix foreign content. Other matters can also be taken care of internationally. The use is also relatively safe. Although you have to provide some information to create an account. However, this in itself should not be a major problem. That way, VyprVPN can offer everything you need to get online in a good way.

The specifications of VyprVPN

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Rates from € 2.50 per month
  • More than 700 servers
  • Servers in 75 different countries
  • No logs
  • Netflix and Torrents
  • 3 to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, PPTP, Chameleon, WireGuard
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

VyprVPN review – User friendliness

The usability of a VPN depends on many things. When you look at what VyprVPN has to offer, many things are also well taken care of. For example, installation is very easy on any device. This is partly due to the clear and well-organized website. This quickly gives you the necessary insights. It is true that the connections are sometimes a bit slow. The actual use of the service could therefore in some cases still be somewhat friendly. On the other hand, you can get any help you need. That’s what customer service is for.

VyprVPN review – Reliability and security

Of course, there is one thing that comes first when it comes to using a VPN. That, of course, is the safety of the user. If you view these matters at VyprVPN, you can say that this is in order. For example, there is a policy where no logs are kept. Not even to be able to analyze own services. With their own protocols and good encryption, they ensure that malicious parties cannot hit you. In addition, it is nice that there is a good kill switch to use. Only entering your name and e-mail can be a flaw when registering.

VyprVPN logo review
VyprVPN review (2021)

Our score:

8.2 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.00 per month

  • Speed - 9/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 8/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

VyprVPN review – Speed

It is always the case that your internet connection slows down when you use a VPN connection. However, that doesn’t mean VyprVPN makes you very slow. There is always care for sufficient speed, wherever you make your connection. This even applies to servers located in distant locations. Sometimes it can be a bit disappointing. This is therefore important to keep an eye on.

Conclusion VyprVPN review

VyprVPN is a hit on the VPN market. This is partly because it arranges things in its own way and does it well. The speed can sometimes be a bit disappointing, but things like safety and ease of use are of the highest level. That also makes VyprVPN an interesting option.

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Is VyprVPN the best choice? ✔️

When it comes to security and ease of use, VyprVPN is indeed one of the better providers in the field of VPN. That does not mean that it is directly the best choice of all, but it is a choice that you can safely make. The quality you get and the price you pay for it are well proportioned to each other. That it is located in Europe, but in a place where the legislation is favorable, is of course a very important matter. This will give many users that extra push in the right direction. It gives you the opportunity to go online safely and do whatever you want. Without having to be afraid of being watched or dealing with censorship. It is then good to know the advantages and disadvantages of the service. That way you can only get a clearer idea of what you can do with the service.

How do I download VyprVPN? 🧾

1. To use the VyprVPN software, you must first log in with your account on the provider’s website. So first create an account.
2. Then search the website under the downloads for the software for the operating system you are using, for example Windows.
3. Press the big button with “Download” on it and you can download the software.
4. Has the download been received? Then you can now install the option and then choose finish to get it completely installed.
5. You can now get started with VyprVPN.

What are the benefits of VyprVPN? ➕

Vypr offers several important benefits, making it an attractive option to consider. In the first place, it is one of the best choices when it comes to use for foreign forms of Netflix. Other streaming services from abroad are also easily accessible. Just as torrents can also be used very well. Of course, Vypr’s privacy statement is also an important plus. As a user you can be sure that you are safe and that no data is kept of you that can also be linked to you. That it also works with its own protocol is also worth mentioning as an advantage. In addition, it is also the case that the VPN service of this provider is simply very easy to use. You can download the software very simply and it works very intuitively. So you already know what to do when you open the program, even without any technical knowledge. In many ways, therefore, there are advantages to this provider.

What are the disadvantages of VyprVPN? 🙃

The main drawback of VyprVPN is that it does not offer anonymous payment options. For example, you cannot use bitcoin or pay for other crypto coins. Where you are completely safe and protected in your use of the internet, this way you can still find out who you are and what you do with a VPN service. This is a big disadvantage when anonymity is the most important characteristic for you. Another drawback that is important to mention when it comes to VyprVPN is that sometimes there may be some delays. The servers are generally fast, so the delay that occasionally occurs can be experienced as very disturbing. You lose so much speed that it immediately becomes a lot less attractive to go online with the VPN. Actually, this is not the intention, because as a user you have of course not taken out your subscription.

Is VyprVPN fast? ⏩

The speed of Vypr is mentioned among the advantages and disadvantages of this VPN service. When everything happens under normal circumstances, you can indeed say that VyprVPN offers a good speed. Speed tests show that the different servers are well able to offer an internet connection that is hardly inferior to an internet connection that is used without a VPN. In that respect you can say that this is a fast provider. It is important to emphasize that this provider sometimes has some problems. It is sometimes the case that malfunctions occur. This immediately has a major effect on the speed at which you can work. It is therefore also possible that the fast connection is not that good at all. This is a problem that this provider still needs to work on. It is therefore especially important as a user to pay close attention.

Is VyprVPN safe? 👮

Most VPN users do this because they care about the security that is offered. Vypr therefore has a great eye for that. What’s interesting to see is that it uses its own protocol called Chameleon. This technology ensures that the data you generate when you are online is properly protected. That way you also ensure that you can really start working safely. The fact that the company is also located in Switzerland makes it extra attractive. It therefore has nothing to do with all kinds of privacy laws and rules. So you can be sure that the No Logs policy that is followed really means that no logs about your internet use and your behavior are kept online. If security is the first point that matters to you as a user, then VyprVPN is indeed a provider that you can consider using.

Is VyprVPN expensive? 💸

Only if you only use VyprVPN for one month can you say that this provider is a bit on the expensive side. The monthly subscription is more expensive than that of most competitors. However, if you opt for one or two year packages, this is no longer the case. Then the prices immediately become a lot more favorable. The good thing about this is that they will immediately be at a level that is equal to that of the other providers. When you consider what quality you get for these prices, it is very interesting to choose this option. It gives you the assurance that you get exactly what you are looking for. In that respect, you can also say that VyprVPN cannot be seen as an expensive provider of the services. This makes it interesting.

Does VyprVPN have a free option? 🆓

Do you want to use Vypr’s VPN services? Then you will always have to pay for it. It is always necessary to ensure that you have a good subscription. You can take out a subscription for one month, but you can also opt for longer periods. Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a variant that is free. It is always the case that you have to pay for it. There is also no stripped-down version of the subscription that you could get started without paying. However, you can take out a subscription for a month and then choose the 30-day money-back option. In that case, it is the case that you can get rid of your subscription after 30 days and you therefore do not have to pay anything. However, you will also have lost your VPN subscription. You have been able to test it, but it is of no use.

Does VyprVPN work with Netflix? 📺

Vypr’s strong point is that it works very well with all kinds of streaming services from all over the world. Netflix USA is at the top of most users’ list. This variant of Netflix contains a lot of content that you do not have access to in the Netherlands. While you just want to be able to see this. In that respect, it is nice if you have a way to bypass the block and just be able to access it. Not only does VyprVPN have the servers in the right places. It has also arranged the servers so that they work optimally with Netflix. This makes it very easy to properly view all the content it has to offer. That makes it so interesting. You can therefore see a lot more than if you used your Dutch subscription for it. This is a reason to choose this provider if you are looking for a VPN.

Does VyprVPN work with HBO? 📱

As mentioned, VyprVPN is very suitable to use with all kinds of different streaming services. HBO is also part of this. The good news is that this also applies to several HBO services. As you may know, the offer of this streaming service consists of several packages. When you work with Vypr, you can open the well-known HBO Go. You also have the option to use the newer HBO Now. It is important to know that there are some similarities between the two packages, but that there are also some differences. So it’s attractive that you can open both of them and view the content. This way you can watch all kinds of exclusive films and series. It is also good to emphasize that this also applies to all kinds of other services from all kinds of countries around the world. Think also of sports channels and delayed viewing of television channels from various countries in Europe and North America.

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