VeePN review (2021)

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7.2 / 10
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Posted: 25-01-2021

Price from €1,67 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 6/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 7/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Money Back Guarantee: 30 days

VeePN review (2021)

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VeePN naturally has a very cleverly chosen name for a VPN service. This puts it directly ahead of the competition. In the online world this is always an important matter. However, whether the service is so attractive for all kinds of platforms, routers, browsers and operating systems is of course a completely different story. That is separate from the name and has everything to do with the features that are offered. You want a VPN that creates a good, encrypted tunnel between you and the available server. All your internet traffic can then take place there. That way, nobody can get to you and you can make sure that everything runs smoothly. You will learn more about VeePN in this review.

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Main features of VeePN

VeePN should be especially suitable when it comes to security. The encryption it uses is of a high level. This also applies to the protocols it works with. It is therefore especially suitable for people who prefer not to be visible at all. In addition, you cannot be found when you work with this provider. That’s because Panama has no data collection laws. That is so nice to take with you as a user.

Key Benefits of Vee PN

  • Very easy installation
  • Everything is immediately clear
  • Very high level encryption
  • Limited log collection
  • To be used with torrents
  • Not too expensive

Some of the drawbacks of Vee PN

  • Not good Dutch support
  • A lot of information is cluttered
  • Speed ​​is not always good

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Presence of VeePN servers

In theory, VeePN has set up a good network of VPN servers that you can use when you have taken out a subscription. It is especially important to have access to servers that can be found nice and close. This allows you to deliver better performance. That also means that it’s nice to know that Vee PN can be found in more and more countries. Today there are more than 40 of them. It can be found on all continents. The necessary servers can even be found in Africa so that you can also use the services there. This is increasingly important, so the development is a good thing.

Availability of VeePN servers

Because they work in 40 countries, VeePN can literally be found all over the world. This can also be seen in the numbers that are used. This provider has now passed the 2,500 servers at 50 different locations. To cite Africa as a continent, for example, there are already 30 of them. This makes it a frontrunner in this industry. Most of VeePN’s competitors have only a handful or no servers in Africa. This provider is doing good business there.

What makes this VPN different?

VeePN is particularly strong in the field of security. That’s because it offers the highest level of encryption. The protocols by which the work is already of the same high standard. This means that the information that you normally leave behind online is all well protected by the encryption and that nobody can actually access it. This is a very strong point of this company.

VeePN review (2021)

Our score:

7.2 / 10
Posted: 25-01-2021

Price from €1,67 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 6/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 7/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

Tor and multishop connections from VeePN

Tor is no problem at all with VeePN. Although the connection is very slow. A problem that this company has to deal with in many areas. When it comes to the Double VPN connections, the users unfortunately have to deal with a disappointment. This provider does not do anything with that yet. It is not the case that you can work via two connections, which makes you extra safe when one of the two does not work well. There is, however, a kill switch. That is of course also a feature that is very important in this industry today and should be included in the package by every self-respecting provider.

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What about the IP addresses exactly?

One problem that has been talked about for a long time when it comes to VeePN is that it doesn’t seem to have the IP addresses of the servers in order. This means that the addresses that are given do not correspond to the actual places where the servers are located. This is of course not useful when you use the servers for specific things in certain regions. If this doesn’t match well, keep looking. With 2,500 servers, that is no small quest. This can quickly cause irritation. It would be better if this was resolved properly.

VeePN and your privacy

Privacy is good when you work with VeePN. For most people it is also the case that this is why a VPN is used. After all, you want to take power away from your internet provider. They should not just gain insight into what you do online. However, it is often also the case that the VPN service simply does this, or is legally required to do so. This is not an issue for VeePN. They have their headquarters in Panama. There is no legislation in the field of recording data. So you can easily keep your privacy.

VeePN has no retention obligation

The choice to be in Panama is of course also a strategic one. As a result, VeePN can rest assured that it is not required to keep and possibly transfer user data when requested by the authorities. It is a service to the users that this is therefore not the case. This is also stated in the privacy policy. It is of no use to be able to recognize you as a person and to pass on your activities. That is why it feels bolstered in Panama by the legislation on their side.

VeePN stores certain data for its own use

In principle, VeePN does not keep any logs, but there is some data that is stored for some time. This involves keeping track of the amount of data in order to see whether the limits are approaching. Those quantities are anonymised. This also applies to the group data it stores. This allows it to learn in a general sense about how to use the VPN and how it can improve this service. It is therefore not the case that anything of the data that is stored can be traced back to you as a user. In addition, at any time it is also decided to delete the information.

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The owner of VeePN

VeePN is in your own hands. So it is not the case that there is still a management company underneath. It is true that it has a number of alternative websites with different VPN names that then lead to VeePN in order to attract more customers. It is not very clear who exactly is the owner. So there is not too much information to be found and given about this.

Appearance and ease of use

VeePN’s problem really lies in its ease of use. This is simply not that big. This is mainly due to the fact that many things are messy. As a result, the software is not as useful as it should or could be. Also, there is not immediately the help you would like to get. That makes Vee PN so not immediately attractive. It is remarkable that this also applies to all different apps and operating systems with which you can use VeePN. It is simply impossible to operate this service in a simple way because it is simply not well put together. So that is a shame, because it immediately nullifies the good things.

Split Tunneling

Because the software and apps are so difficult to use, it is also not entirely clear what is and what is not possible with them. It seems as if the option of split tunneling, where you can decide for yourself what goes via VPN and what does not, is not offered by VeePN. Because, however, everything is not very well put together. It could just as well be that it is offered, but it is simply unclear where it is and how it works. This immediately reflects the problem of this provider.

DNS leak test tool results

There is good news when it comes to leakage of DNS information. The fact is that VeePN easily passes the DNS leak test tool. That is not surprising. Where many options and possibilities are unclear, the use of DNS leak protection is again very simple and clear. The fact that this is all so easy gives you peace of mind. Your information is very safe under all circumstances.

Speed ​​and performance of VeePN

VeePN’s speed and performance are actually not worth discussing. That’s because this can differ so much per server and per moment. So there is no good description of it. Are you at the right server at the right time? Then you can work with a VPN that is actually just as fast as your own internet connection. If you come at the wrong time, you can hardly go online with it.

VeePN support

iOS, Windows, Mac, Android , Linux, Routers, Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all no problem with VeePN. Configuring the routers is not very easy to do, because this is the problem with everything when it comes to VeePN. It is not very clear what exactly is the intention. It is clear that there are the necessary options to do this. That in itself is interesting.

Conclusion VeePN Review

Vee PN could be a very good player in the market. It has the network, it has the good company name, and it has the knowledge. And yet it does not work to provide good service. The big problem is mainly in the structure. Many things are messy and unclear and therefore not usable. The whole VPN service sometimes even seems unusable. This is of course the exact opposite of what is intended. This is very unfortunate for this provider and its great possibilities.

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Update VeePN review January 2021

Going through a review of VeePN helps you to find out what this VPN service can offer you. If you want to use a VPN, you want to be sure that it can be done in the way you want and with the effect you hope for. By first gathering the right information, it can be determined whether VeePN can do this for you.

What can you expect from VeePN?

VeePN is a VPN service that has an important word in the market, especially in the field of user anonymity. The way in which the encryption is handled and the protocols it uses are clear signs of this. This also means that there is still some work to be done in other areas. That way you can also look at it. It has things to offer, but it also leaves something here and there. However, you can also use it to address streaming services from outside the country. For many users, this is a prime goal to start using a VPN like VeePN.

The specifications of VeePN

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Rates from € 1.67 per month
  • More than 2,500 servers
  • Servers in 40 different countries
  • Limited logs
  • Netflix and Torrents
  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, IPsec and PPTP
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

VeePN review – User-friendliness

The user-friendliness of VeePN is not very high. This is, for example, because there is a problem with making connections. This often does not work in the way you would like it to be. This makes it more difficult to ensure that you can stream properly and do other things that require you to bypass blockages. It is also the case that not always everything is self-explanatory in the different software packages. That often makes it important to contact customer service. It then works properly again. That can be called user-friendly.

VeePN review – Reliability and security

The security of VeePN is for the most part in order. For example, it uses the correct protocols to guarantee security. In addition, the level of encryption is also high. The anonymity you want online can therefore be achieved with this VPN provider. There are also not many logs. Although they do keep some statistics, such as the data limit. That’s a shame. Even though this data is anonymous and not directly harmful, you would rather have nothing at all about you as a user.

VeePN review (2021)

Our score:

7.2 / 10
Posted: 25-01-2021

Price from €1,67 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 6/10
  • Price - 8/10
  • Reliability - 7/10
  • Customer service - 8/10

VeePN review – Speed ​​

It is of course a downside that the speed of most VeePN servers is not good. If a connection can already be made, this is often not the fastest connection imaginable. That is a disadvantage, because it prevents you from using everything the internet has to offer in the most appropriate way. This is a matter that needs to be improved.

Conclusion VeePN review

Because the speed of VeePN is so disappointing. Where making a connection is not always easy, it is no different than to say that this is not directly the best provider on the market. Instead, it is better to take a good look at what else can be found among the competitors of VeePN.

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Is VeePN the best choice? ✔️

VeePN cannot be described as the best choice. This service has the necessary problems, which makes it not very attractive to purchase your VPN services here. The problems are not so much in the field of security and privacy, which is a good thing in itself. However, problems can be distinguished in almost all other areas. As a result, using the VPN is not immediately recommended. It is important to know why this is all. It is therefore smart to go through all the points in this area carefully. This helps you to form a complete picture. This way you know exactly what you can and cannot do with VeePN. In many cases, the advantages will not outweigh the disadvantages. Although this is mainly a choice that you have to make yourself when you are looking for a service.

How do I download VeePN? 🧾

1. Create an account with VeePN and log in to it.
2. Go to the “What is VPN” option and then to the “Apps” option.
3. Find the app or software for the operating system you are using. You can click download to start the download.
4. Locate the downloaded file in your folder and install the software to start working with it.

What are the benefits of VeePN? ➕

While VeePN may not be the best VPN service on the market, that doesn’t mean everything is bad. There are also good points to report when it comes to using this software. So it is very easy to understand. The website is very clear and the installation of the software has been kept very simple. A completely different advantage is that the best forms of encryption and good protocols are used. This way you can be sure that you can always do what you want to do online undisturbed. In terms of security, VeePN therefore fully meets the wishes and requirements of our time. It is also true that your privacy is largely guaranteed. So there are several good reasons why you might make a good choice with this provider. This strongly depends on the form of use you have in mind.

What are the disadvantages of VeePN? 🙃

The network of servers is not well organized. This is a major drawback of VeePN. The IP addresses that can be found do not match the locations of the servers. This makes it very difficult to bypass geo-restrictions, for example. After all, you have no idea where you are exactly at that moment. Also, the software itself is not that good at all. There are all kinds of functions in the package that do not appear to work at all in practice. Add this to the slow servers that are used and it soon becomes the case that many things are not that attractive at all. It is precisely the points in which a VPN should distinguish itself are not well organized here. Finally, add that it is not possible to work in Dutch and there are actually few reasons to want to work with VeePN.

Is VeePN fast? ⏩

VeePN is not fast. It is striking that this applies across the entire width. This can therefore also be attributed to the servers that this provider uses. Normally you should notice a small difference between your speed without VPN and your speed with VPN with a Dutch server. At VeePN, your speed will be less than half. This is a very big difference. If you look at what happens to your speeds when you connect to foreign servers, you see that the decline is even greater. It is important to emphasize that in most cases your speed will drop somewhat when using a VPN service. Yet in this case it is quite a lot. So much so that it can also disrupt normal everyday internet use. Thus it does more harm than good to you. This is not how it should be for consumers.

Is VeePN safe? 👮

While VeePN scores unsatisfactory in many areas, it is one of the better in the industry in terms of security. Thus, it has provided the highest level of encryption. It is also true that the newest protocols are used. If you do use a VPN connection via VeePN, then you know that you can do this without worry and anonymously. In any case, your privacy is guaranteed. There is only one thing to criticize about the logging policy. It does keep connection logs. Nothing else is kept. You would like that logs about your connection are no longer saved in the future. If that is the case, then you can be sure that there is nothing more to say about you when it comes to internet use. Yet it is relatively well organized here in the field of logs. Many competitors track much more.

Is VeePN expensive? 💸

Whether VeePN is expensive depends on which plan you choose. If you opt for a one-month subscription, the price is average. It is not expensive, it is not cheap, it is exactly what you can expect from a month with a VPN service. If you opt for a one-year subscription, you will be slightly more expensive than many competitors. You are then at € 6, -. With many providers it is a few tens of cents cheaper per month. Do you opt for the long subscription of 5 years? Then you are very cheap again. Even when you compare this with the limited number of other providers that have a 5-year subscription in the line-up. In that respect you can actually save a lot. Whether VeePN is expensive depends mainly on the choice you make as a consumer. First figure this out for yourself.

Does VeePN have a free option? 🆓

VeePN does not have a free option. In fact, there are no options at all to get started with this company’s VPN capabilities for free. You can’t choose a trail either. It is therefore either choose to take out a subscription or choose another provider that is active on the market. This is a shame, because you only know what you will get afterwards. Since not everything is equally good with this provider, users can therefore also feel cheated. Fortunately, it is possible to make use of the warranty. This applies for 30 days, regardless of the type of subscription you choose. You can cancel your subscription after 30 days and get your money back. Indirectly, you have had a free service from VeePN in that way. Although this is of course not really free and it is really just a trick that you apply. Moreover, you also no longer have a VPN.

Does VeePN work with Netflix? 📺

A disadvantage of VeePN is that the speed is not up to par. As a result, streaming is not easy because you need a lot of loading time. However, this does not matter to Netflix anyway. The fact is that VeePN does not work well with Netflix. The streaming service recognizes and blocks this VPN. So you cannot access the content of Netflix USA, for example. Sometimes it seems as if Netflix from other countries is working, but when you try to turn everything on, you still get an error. Or you will be thrown out of the system very quickly. That way it will ultimately be of no use to you. Although VeePN does work with a number of other streaming services, it is a shortcoming that you do not have the chance to view the content of Netflix from other countries in a normal way.

Does VeePN work with HBO? 📱

Those who work with VeePN will see something special. Most streaming services can recognize this VPN service and therefore block it. This is partly different for HBO. For example, it is possible to watch HBO Go. This way you can still see a large part of the content of this American provider. HBO Now and the younger HBO Max are getting tougher. This cannot be properly unblocked when working with VeePN. That does not alter the fact that you can therefore see it necessary from the offer of HBO. This can be a reason to want to work with this service. It is certainly also interesting to have a look at what there is to see. Just beware, the speed of the servers can sometimes be a problem and therefore force you to long buffer times. This makes watching a bit less attractive for viewers.

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