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TigerVPN is a VPN service that originates from 2011, but has seen a relaunch in 2016. With a new engine, website and apps, TigerVPN received a full upgrade in 2016, and now it is better than ever. Because TigerVPN does not have the longest history of user experience and reviews, it may be hard to figure out whether this actually is an effective VPN. Continue reading this review if you’d like to find out.

TigerVPN review 2017

TigerVPN’s rates and subscriptions

TigerVPN is reasonably on the market and matched to competitors when it comes down to its rates and corresponding subscriptions. Customers are able to decide on a contract of 1, 6 or 12 months. The longer the contract, the higher the discount they receive. For example, a subscription of 1 month costs €11.99, while a contract with a duration of 12 months translates to €6.67 per month. Even though TigerVPN charges fairly average prices, €6.67 is still considered to be low in comparison to competitors. This contract also gives you the possibility of connecting up to 5 different devices. There are a few apps that come into action here, but we’ll discuss these later.

And similar to competitors, you are also able to sign up for a trial period to try out TigerVPN for free. However, you only a get a sheer amount of 500 MB of data, and the amount of server locations is limited. For those that want to try out TigerVPN without paying, this might be a great opportunity.

TigerVPN prijzen pakketten

Of course, users can pay with a credit card or PayPal account, like almost anywhere nowadays. There’s also the option to pay with Bitcoin if you own any.

Properties and features

TigerVPN operates from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Slovakia is a great country to host a VPN service. This is because recent legislation has made it illegal to track and monitor the activities of Slovakian citizens.

TigerVPN also has an extensive server park, spread across a large number of different countries. To be precise, 300 servers in over 42 countries. TigerVPN is present on all continents. Central locations are prominent, such as Germany, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain and the US.

Depending on your subscription, you can activate multiple connections with TigerVPN. For example, a subscription of one month allows you to have 2 connections at the same time. Would you like to have an additional active connection? Then you can opt for a 6 month contract. And finally, you are able to use no less than 5 connections at the same time when purchasing a one-year subscription. TigerVPN also distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering you a free, one-year premium subscription to StickyPassword and Shimo VPN Manager. We’ll discuss these two add-ons later on.

TigerVPN software screenshots

Security and privacy

TigerVPN uses OpenVPN as its protocol of choice. This is great, because it provides the most safety to users. You also have the option of switching to L2TP? As previously discussed, TigerVPN is based in Slovakia and is therefore not adversely affected by any form of legislation. Although TigerVPN makes it clear that no user activity is logged, some things like session durations and bandwidth usage may be temporarily logged within the TigerVPN application itself. However, this is not a problem for the average user since Slovakia does not have any laws that apply to these statistics.

TigerVPN website

TigerVPN has a website that has been (as earlier discussed) seen a relaunch in 2016. This new website is user-friendly and has a nice appearance. Of course, the website is a service that comes along with the VPN, and only adds more value and trust to TigerVPN as a company. On this site, TigerVPN also keeps you informed about the latest news, tips, updates and guides thanks to its frequently updated blog.

Customer service

Customer support is of course an important part of the evaluation when you are reviewing how good a specific VPN service might be. This is especially important when knowing that TigerVPN markets itself as a “beginner-friendly” VPN provider. Unfortunately, TigerVPN only offers a ticket based customer helpdesk. This isn’t such a big deal, but some competitors certainly offer better and more diverse options. Fortunately, TigerVPN is active on all big social media platforms: their Facebook, Google+ and Twitter profiles are all regularly updated.

The process

Registration is, of course, the first step, and this is quite simple at TigerVPN. In order to sign up, customers only need to provide an e-mail address and a name. When you are registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a download link for the TigerVPN client, so you can get going right away! The Windows client is rather simple to use and looks sleek. In this client, you watch a map on which all active servers are located, and you are also able to check the statistics of your own usage. TigerVPN also offers you the possibility of changing the encryption and tunnelling protocol, and to set a default VPN server for your own device.

Performance and speeds

By looking at some performance tests of various TigerVPN users, it should be noted that German servers are hit the hardest when it comes to speed. The US also doesn’t seem to being performing that well. Although these two regions don’t showcase impressive speeds, streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube are still usable at an acceptable rate.

Other platforms

As discussed earlier: TigerVPN has many apps that can be used on different platforms (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android). Even when you are using a niche OS such as Linux or Chromebook, TigerVPN will set you up with an installation guide to help you out. These apps have all been tested and were smooth, without encountering any problems.

TigerVPN voor iPhone

We would also like to mention once again that TigerVPN offers two other subscriptions for free when you purchase on of theirs. These are for StickyPassword and Shimo VPN Manager. StickyPassword is a great application that can be used to manage your passwords, and Shimo is a VPN client for MacOS. Even though it’s nice to have these features, they don’t really add that much value at all.


TigerVPN is a great VPN service, with very few to no disadvantages. They only thing that has some room for improvement is their customer service (which already is quite good) and the speed in certain regions such as Germany and the United States. If you aren’t entirely sure whether you should purchase one of their subscriptions, you can try TigerVPN for free by signing up for a trial period.

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