StrongVPN logo review
StrongVPN review (2021)

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6.6 / 10
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Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.83 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 6/10
  • Reliability - 6/10
  • Customer service - 6/10

StrongVPN review (2021)

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As a VPN service, Strong VPN has been running for many years. It is good to use by private internet users. It is suitable for different devices and platforms, but also routers and different applications can easily be provided with StrongVPN. When you do this, you can create a secure tunnel between your device and the server. This is an encrypted tunnel through which you can keep out viewers such as governments and internet criminals. This way you can use the internet safely and privately. Even when you share the servers with other StrongVPN users. It’s smart to take a look at how this service performs on the key points in this industry.

Strong VPN review safety

Main functions

Security and speed are the keywords that apply to the use of StongVPN. It is then good to see how exactly this works. So it is good to take a closer look at the speed claim made by the company. Is it really that good, or does this prove slightly different in practice? It’s also good to see that a lot is being done to protect all your online traffic. This way you are not vulnerable to the sale of your data.

Main benefits of StrongVPN

  • Clear and organized
  • No logs kept
  • Offers special routers
  • Can bypass censorship in China
  • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
  • Good Windows app

Some disadvantages of StrongVPN

  • Subscriptions are quite expensive
  • Not as fast as promised
  • Static IP addresses

Strong VPN review servers

Presence of StrongVPN servers

If you decide to subscribe to Strong VPN, you will enter a network of VPN servers. It is important to find good servers to keep your performance running smoothly. This means that you are looking for servers in your own environment. To be sure, it is nice when the service also has many servers available. Currently, StrongVPN can be found in just over 20 countries. In these countries you can find multiple servers, but in one country more than in another. In addition, the continents of Africa and South America are not yet covered. This is something you can find with many other good VPN service providers nowadays.

Availability of servers

The StrongVPN servers can therefore be found in different places around the world. However, this does not immediately mean that there are many. There are providers that offer up to ten times as many servers, like CyberGhost does. They are already moving towards 6,500. StongVPN currently has just over 650 servers. This is still considerably less than the large providers and that makes the pressure on the existing servers a bit larger at times. It is important to keep a close eye on that.

What distinguishes StrongVPN?

StrongVPN’s distinctive feature is that it managed to break through China’s security walls. So you can even see what’s happening in the world there. This may not be the first reason you might want to use a VPN service, but that doesn’t make it any less distinctive. Other services sometimes suffer from digital walls being erected.

StrongVPN logo review
StrongVPN review (2021)

Our score:

6.6 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.83 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 6/10
  • Reliability - 6/10
  • Customer service - 6/10

StrongVPN tor and multishop connections

StrongVPN sticks to the more simple and average VPN connections. It may be understandable that the Tor connections are not offered. After all, it is true in many cases that this is seen as a bit too much of a good thing and that it does make you very slow. However, it is a pity that there is no Double VPN. This is a very good way to ensure extra safety because you work over two different connections and you are always protected, even if one drops out or is not in order. Fortunately, StrongVPN makes up for this with some other security features.

StrongVPN review apparaten

What exactly is the legislation doing?

A point that is regularly discussed by users and experts, for example, is the point of establishment. This is not so favorable for StrongVPN. It is true that it has its home base in the United States. Of course, this is not the first country that you think of when it comes to your privacy and protecting your data. So this means that company policies and country laws can sometimes clash. This is, however, a point of concern. StrongVPN is also working to get the best out of it.

StrongVPN and your privacy

You use VPN services because you prefer to shield your activities on the internet. It is of course true that the VPN provider you work with may have insight into what you do. That is actually not the intention. That is why you prefer to look for a party that cannot watch what you are doing. It is not the intention to see who you are and what you do. This is not what StrongVPN is after. This is therefore clearly explained in the policy it pursues.

StrongVPN unofficially has no retention obligation

It is of the utmost importance for some VPN service providers not to keep anything. They then choose to sit in countries where legislation allows the immediate removal of everything that happens. Thus, information can never be transferred. That is different for StrongVPN. They are in the United States. There are the necessary laws and regulations in force. This does not directly mean that it is one large storage shed of personal data that can be linked to you. However, it does mean that the fact that it does not store anything is not entirely consistent with reality. It is important to know this about StrongVPN.

StrongVPN probably retains certain data

It is difficult to indicate exactly what StrongVPN does and does not keep. It is not that there is a whole battery of personal information to be found anywhere, but that certain logs are kept because this is controlled by the US government, that is clear, according to the experts. It is therefore also important to keep a close eye on the fact that there is always a certain amount of knowledge that can be shared with the US government, which can then pass it on to allies with which it has a treaty. This is not immediately very attractive of course.

StrongVPN review mobiel

The owner of StrongVPN

StrongVPN’s service is now owned by J2. This is a company that previously also got other VPN providers. It is also the manager of all kinds of other internet services. This is because the management company has recently pursued a rather aggressive takeover strategy in order to get a finger in the pie of all kinds of companies and services.

StrongVPN’s appearance and ease of use

Using Strong VPN is actually the company’s Achilles heel. The Windows app works properly, but it is actually very limited. You should be able to count on some more options and services when you have to pay these amounts. There have also been some complaints about the support surrounding the iOS app. This means that there is actually still quite a lot of room for improvement at this provider. On the other hand, the fact that specially prepared routers are offered is very easy. Even if you could do this yourself on your own router. This way you can also easily protect your network.

Split tunneling

With split tunneling you can determine which apps run via the VPN and which you prefer to use without a VPN. It is then important that the provider has this option in the package. Gamers in particular would like to have this to guarantee the speed of the games. In that respect it is also a pity that it does not apply to StrongVPN. They have not included this option in their subscriptions and let everything run via the VPN, or leave nothing via VPN.

DNS leak test tool results

The status of the protection of your IP address and your DNS information is also an important matter. It is always smart to see how the provider emerges from the test. The so-called DNS leak test tool provides a definite answer. It is good to see that StrongVPN is doing well in this area. No information is leaked. Moreover, with the larger subscriptions you can also get separate DNS features. This way you can easily change your DNS. That is so attractive.

Speed ​​and performance of StrongVPN

It is known that you lose some speed when you start using a VPN. That the decline is so great, however, is a problem at StrongVPN. It is true that one server does a lot better than the other in the network of this provider. So this does play a role. Nevertheless, you often lose quite a bit of your internet speed, while you actually prefer not to of course.

StrongVPN support

StrongVPN actually supports all operating systems. So whether you work with Android or iOS, or you use Linux or Ubuntu, this does not matter. Just as Chrome, Firefox and various forms of Windows just go well with StrongVPN. It has been said before that the quality of the support can differ considerably. It is a pity that Windows and iOS have some cures every now and then. Precisely because these systems are used so much.

StrongVPN conclusion

Strong VPN certainly has some strengths, as the company name also suggests. Yet it is also true that the company has the necessary downsides and therefore still has a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, it does not detract from the fact that it provides an easy-to-understand app. If you really want to be well protected and want to go online safely, it is probably better to choose a service other than StrongVPN.

Strong VPN prijzen pakketten

Update StrongVPN review January 2021

When you read this review of Strong VPN, you have an overview of everything that applies to this VPN service. When you want to use VPN, it is always important in the first place that you choose a service that suits what you intend to do with it. By reading this review you will know what Strong VPN is all about.

What can you expect from StrongVPN?

Strong VPN is a veteran of the market. This also means that StrongVPN must have the necessary things in order. When it comes to the number of servers and connections, it is indeed the case that this VPN provider can compete with the better companies on the market. However, there are things that are not in order. More modern applications such as accessing torrents and Netflix do not work as well as with other providers. The fact that digital walls cannot be broken makes it less useful. It is not entirely clear with this provider how it is with logs. Yet it is also not the case that Strong VPN is completely useless in use. Enough is possible.

Strong VPN specifications

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Rates from € 5.83 per month
  • More than 650 servers
  • Servers in more than 20 different countries
  • Possibly logs
  • No netflix and torrents
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, SSTP, IKEv2, PPTP
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

StrongVPN review – User friendliness

Ease of use in the case of Strong VPN is mainly found in the area of ​​installing and configuring the apps and software. It’s good to know that Strong VPN has gone to great lengths to make this very easy. In addition, you can also use the FAQ and the helpdesk to ensure that you get all the information you need to ensure that everything works properly. When it comes to paying, you can do that in many ways. So that makes it just as easy. So there is every reason to get started with that.

StrongVPN review – Reliability and security

The reliability and security of Strong VPN are two features that can sometimes be difficult to assess. For example, it is not entirely clear from the policy whether logs are kept. If it is kept up to date, it is therefore not clear which information is stored and which is not. The fact that good protocols and other protective measures are used makes up for that. That does not alter the fact that as a user you never have the clarity that you would really like. That way you can have some concerns.

StrongVPN logo review
StrongVPN review (2021)

Our score:

6.6 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.83 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 8/10
  • Price - 6/10
  • Reliability - 6/10
  • Customer service - 6/10

StrongVPN review – Speed

It is clear that there is always some difference in the speed of a connection without a VPN and one with a VPN. In addition, Strong VPN also makes a difference where the connection can be found. For example, the connections that are nearby, in the Netherlands, are very fast. However, if you work with a server in America or China, for example, the speed will drop considerably.

Conclusion Strong VPN review

Although Strong VPN does have a lot to offer, the two main reasons for use are not in order. Netflix and torrents are not good to use. In addition, safety is not completely in order, or at least unclear. However, the speed and possibilities of use are attractive.

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Is StrongVPN the best choice? ✔️

If you look at history, you could say that StrongVPN is a very good choice. It was one of the pioneering VPN companies. When nobody thought about this, decades ago, StrongVPN’s parent company started developing the services. However, that used to be. Nowadays it is all different. It is true that the world of VPN services has developed considerably and that this provider has actually stopped a bit. As a result, nowadays it is the case that there are enough things that are not in order or that they do not meet the modern wishes and requirements in terms of VPN use. In that respect, you cannot say that StrongVPN is the best choice. It is important to take a look at what the company does and does not offer. So you can ultimately make the right choice if you are looking.

How do I download StrongVPN? 🧾

1. Of course you first go to the website of the provider, where you can take out a subscription.
2. Now you can find the downloads of the various apps and software packages on the website.
3. Choose the app you want to use, for example the one for Windows. Click on Download.
4. Your download will now simply expire. Then it will go to your downloads folder after which you can take care of the installation.
5. Now that you have installed everything you can use StrongVPN.

What are the benefits of StrongVPN? ➕

The advantage that StrongVPN can bring in many users is the fact that it is very simple to understand. This applies to all surfaces. Everything is very clear and clear on the website of the service. The apps and software you use are also very easy. The advantage is also that you can get very clear guides in which everything is explained step by step. So you can get everything in order quickly. If this is not quite successful, you can also get specially configured routers. This is an advantage that virtually no competitor can offer. In that respect it does offer the necessary possibilities. Another advantage is that StongVPN is relatively good at breaking the censorship in China. This is still the most difficult task for most companies. That is why it is so attractive to get started with this. Although it is difficult to test how well it works.

What are the disadvantages of StrongVPN? 🙃

Privacy and security are not exactly in order at StrongVPN. For example, we work with static IP addresses. This is of course now obsolete. In addition, trackers can also be found on the website. So you can not say that you are in a private atmosphere and you do not have to worry about people watching you. There are probably a lot of them. In addition, it is also important to look at other disadvantages associated with this provider. Consider, for example, the fact that the servers do not come out of the speed tests very well and you therefore lose a lot of speed if you go online via this route. It is also a pity that the prices are relatively high. This actually makes it even more expensive. So there are quite a few negatives to the services that StrongVPN has to offer. There are many competitors who do a lot better in all kinds of areas.

Is StrongVPN fast? ⏩

A disadvantage of StrongVPN is that the system starts to become a bit outdated. You can see that for example from the speeds of the servers. Of course it is always the case that you always lose some speed when you go online via a VPN. Moreover, it is also the case that the connection always slows down a bit when the server is further away. If you go through Germany, you are faster than if you go through the United States or Canada. In the case of StrongVPN, however, it is quite a bit worse. You then have to deal with a provider that is in all cases considerably slower than when you work without a VPN. Of course you don’t put that much subscription money down for that. In terms of speed, it is true that all competitors in the VPN market do better than this provider and so you better look a little further. It is better to look at other points when it comes to Strong.

Is StrongVPN safe? 👮

Security is a difficult issue at StrongVPN. That is why it is important to look from the right side first. The company states it does not keep logs of users. In that respect, you can simply go online and do whatever you want, without being tapped on your fingers. However, there is a downside. This is because this provider is located in the United States. The chance that the company is therefore also completely no logs is doubtful. In the United States, the government has a lot of power and users can often be followed. It is also the case that there are several trackers under the website. That actually says enough. It is therefore doubtful whether you can really state a safe service. Security is not directly the point at which you choose this provider. For that, other providers are simply doing much better in this area.

Is StrongVPN expensive? 💸

If you ask yourself whether a VPN service provider is expensive, you also have to ask the context in which you place this. If you purchase the services, you can take out various subscriptions. In the case of StrongVPN, there are two. You can take out a one-month subscription. This is not expensive, because the price is € 10, – just below the industry average. The other subscription is for a year. You then pay between 5 and 6 euros per month. This is an expensive deal, because the competition is always a few euros cheaper. As a result, it is actually already the case that StrongVPN is indeed expensive. Add to that that the quality is not so high in some areas. Then it is completely disappointing. It is not the most ideal choice, even if you go for one month.

Does StrongVPN have a free option? 🆓

StrongVPN only has two packages. One package is the one in which you can use the VPN services for € 10 a month. The other package is the one in which you immediately take out a 12-month subscription. It’s good to know that you can only choose from those two plans. So you don’t have to look for the free version. Other competitors often offer a package with fewer options that you can use for free. This can be very attractive when you use the VPN for a specific purpose. In that case it is also better to choose those competitors, because StrongVPN has nothing comparable. It is also not clear whether there is a money back option. In that case you could test for another month for free because you can cancel afterwards and get your money back. Whether this is really the case is not entirely clear. So don’t count on that.

Does StrongVPN work with Netflix? 📺

Fortunately, StrongVPN also has some strengths that it lives up to. For example, it is very good at unblocking Netflix. If you have a Dutch subscription, you can only see the Dutch content of the streaming service. This is different than, for example, that of Netflix USA. The real enthusiast also wants to see the American films and series that are offered. If you can work with the use of a server in America to suggest that you are within the national borders, this becomes a lot easier. It’s good to know that StrongVPN offers the servers that can handle this. So you can just watch the American content of Netflix from your Dutch living room whenever you want. You will discover that there are plenty of things to see that you would normally never be able to reach in the Netherlands.

Does StrongVPN work with HBO? 📱

Because StrongVPN’s servers are designed to make it easy to bypass the walls that streaming services erect, you can also watch HBO from the Netherlands. This primarily concerns the content of HBO Go. You can easily access that and you can see everything they have to offer in America. You may be aware that HBO also has a number of other packages. Think for example of HBO Now. It is therefore also good to look at what is possible with that. You should also be able to view this. That also makes it so attractive. You can therefore see all kinds of exclusive films and series that are not available anywhere in the Netherlands. This also makes it a lot more fun to watch television. You don’t have to go back to the things you’ve seen for a long time. You can finally really see things you can’t see anywhere else. StrongVPN is a very suitable VPN provider for that.

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