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IronSocket review (2021)

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6.2 / 10
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Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $4.16 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 6/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 6/10
  • Customer service - 5/10

IronSocket review (2021)

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IronSocket takes a slightly different approach to the way VPN is handled. It is a service that mainly works with special features to make the connection you make as attractive as possible. It is also the case that we look at how prices and services can be kept as attractive as possible. This makes it even more interesting for the users to choose this option. That also makes it a VPN option for all kinds of target audiences. A good reason to want to know more about this.

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Main functions of Ironsocket

Ironsocket is mainly focused on offering endless flexibility. For example, there is no limit to the maximum number of connections. That is a good thing, because that way you can really go in any direction. Of course, things like security and privacy are not forgotten. This means that all sides of the VPN service are well boarded by this provider. This is essential for many people.

Main benefits of Ironsocket

  • Great for torrents
  • Advanced systems
  • No logs kept
  • Focused on anonymity
  • Switch between options

Some disadvantages of Ironsocket

  • Speed is sometimes a problem
  • Limited number of servers and places

Presence of Ironsocket servers

One point where Iron Socket is still improving is the presence of servers. The network is currently still growing. It now has just over 60 servers available. This gives you all the necessary options. However, if it is to become as attractive as the large and medium-sized companies in this industry, it is important that the amount of servers goes into the hundreds. This will also benefit coverage.

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Availability of Ironsocket servers

The availability of the Ironsocket servers coincides with the presence of these servers. Although servers can be found in more and more countries, the development has yet to continue. There are currently just over 40 countries covered. This will improve in the near future as the network expands. This will also benefit use and speed.

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What makes Ironsocket different?

Ironsocket distinguishes itself by focusing mainly on offering special features. It is always nice to be able to use special options. Region switching is a good example of this. This makes it possible to easily view regional content from different areas. This is an important reason why many people use VPN. This is an example of the many possibilities it has to offer to the customers.

Ironsocket logo review
IronSocket review (2021)

Our score:

6.2 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $4.16 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 6/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 6/10
  • Customer service - 5/10

OpenVPN from Ironsocket

It is striking that Ironsocket chooses to only offer an OpenVPN connection. When it comes to the level of safety, this is of course no problem. When using an OpenVPN, you are just as protected by the connection as when using a dedicated dedicated VPN. However, it is true that an OpenVPN cannot meet your needs as standard. What this means is that every time you use VPN at Ironsocket you have to reset everything. This is a pity, because this does not directly benefit the ease of use. It is even the case that you have to do this again if you use a different server within a session.

Ironsocket and your privacy

When it comes to privacy, Ironsocket is fine. It is nice to see that there is a lot of attention for encryption, for example. It is true that the degree of encryption depends on the type of subscription you choose. The more extensive your package, the higher the level of encryption that is offered. Pay attention to what this means even more. The highest level of encryption also means the most loss of speed in your connection. It is therefore important to find the middle ground. Even then you are very well protected.

Ironsocket has no retention obligation

Ironsocket has no retention obligation. That’s because it has its home base in Hong Kong. You can see this as an advantage, because it is of course for many the basis of a good VPN when no logs are kept. Or at least not be kept. For example, there is also nothing to share with third parties. That’s what most people are about. It is important to see this in the right light. It is not the case that everything is completely anonymous. There is also a downside to the way ironsocket works. You have to pay close attention to that.

Ironsocket keeps some logs

A pity about Ironsocket is that it does keep the necessary data. It’s not like it has activity logs from all its users. It does keep a close eye on some things. It does have an explanation for this itself. It says it can improve the service of the service that way. That is of course also a nice thought. On the other hand, it is also true that the company is slightly more vulnerable as a result. It is not always clear which things are known and where they are stored. It is also not known how long it will be stored.

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The owner of Ironsocket

Ironsocket is a private company of a group that has been engaged in security and privacy on the internet for a long time. It was once known as a group behind In the industry this was also referred to as HMN. Years later, HMN was transformed into what it is today, namely Iron Socket. However, the services are still focused on the same thing. Nothing has ever changed in that. In addition, it still works independently of large companies and other third parties. That is a good thing.

Ironsocket’s appearance and ease of use

Ironsocket’s appearance and ease of use are perhaps the weak point of this VPN. What would be the case? It is a very good service especially for advanced users. This does not have to be a problem. If this is also the form of use that you strive for, then that is of course ideal. However, if you are looking for a VPN service that can help you with your everyday use, Ironsocket is just a little less interesting. It is not the case that the software is not usable, but you do need the necessary knowledge to use everything properly. It could have been a bit simpler when you look at it. Especially the installation is a long process with many steps. This is not the most ideal thing you want as a simple user of the services. So keep this in mind when you search.

Proxy and Smart DNS

Instead of VPN, Ironsocket uses a lot of proxy and smart DNS to make connections. This will help you get past shielded content and still stream, even if you’re in a completely different part of the world. This is very attractive because you can always access everything. There is also a flaw. It is also true that you are therefore less well protected than with other VPN services with this type of action.

DNS leak test tool results

The DNS leak test tool results for Ironsocket are not as good as for other providers. This is due to the way it establishes the connections. In this way it is also the case that there is always a danger that there is a DNS leak. So others could watch you when you are active online. While this is also something you tried to avoid by using the VPN. This is of course a pity.

Iron socket speed and performance

There are some drawbacks to report about Ironsocket. However, there is also a great advantage. When it comes to the performance and speed of this service, very few competitors can compete with it. That is especially nice when you go streaming or want to play games online. In that respect, it is actually attractive to work with this service.

Iron socket support

Regardless of which operating system you use, working with Ironsocket is always possible. So you can get started just as easily on iOS or Mac as on Windows, Android or Linux. All these things can be seen as advantages. It gives you the opportunity to equip all your devices with it. This certainly also applies because there are an infinite number of connections to make with this system.

Conclusion Ironsocket

Ironsocket is actually not comparable to the other VPN services. This is due to the completely different approach that this service has. Therefore, it would not be fair to say that it is completely inappropriate. It depends very much on the type of use you envision. Does this fit well with what Iron Socket has to offer? Then it can be one of the best options to work with as a consumer.

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Update IronSocket review January 2021

If you read this review of IronSocket, you can immediately find out what this VPN has to offer. When you have specific goals with a VPN, you naturally also want to have a specific provider to work with. Then you can really make good use of it. The knowledge of IronSocket that you gain here helps you with that.

What can you expect from Iron Socket?

IronSocket is a VPN service that focuses mainly on the technical side of things. That means that you can do special things with the VPN service. However, it is also the case that you have to have the right knowledge to get that done. That does not mean that you are not alone, because you are also helped by the support of this VPN service. That is why it is simply possible to get started with it in the way you have in mind. Whether that is about circumventing censorship, or about using it to build more safety yourself. IronSocket can therefore also serve you in all ways with the service that it offers in the field of VPN.

IronSocket specifications

  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Rates from € 4.16 per month
  • More than 50 servers
  • Servers in over 40 different countries
  • Limited logs
  • No Netflix, but torrents
  • Infinite number of simultaneous connections
  • Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec, PPTP
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

IronSocket review – User friendliness

Ease of use is a point that many VPN service providers focus on. IronSocket, however, sees it differently. Above all, it wants to offer a good technical service. That means that you are better off if you have the necessary knowledge. That way you can set it optimally and you can ensure that you can really enjoy all the benefits of working with VPN. That you may not have this technical knowledge yourself is a limited problem. As an alternative, it is ensured that you can call in a good helpdesk to assist you.

Iron Socket review – Reliability and safety

The safety and reliability are good once you know what you are doing. That is the flip side of the technical side of IronSocket. Because of this it is true that you are only really well secured when all these things are taken care of. In addition, there is of course the disadvantage that logs are kept in certain areas. This is also a matter worthy of attention. If you really want to be safe, then you would prefer that you remain completely anonymous and that nothing can be traced back to you. That is not really the case in this case.

Ironsocket logo review
IronSocket review (2021)

Our score:

6.2 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $4.16 per month

  • Speed - 7/10
  • Usability - 6/10
  • Price - 7/10
  • Reliability - 6/10
  • Customer service - 5/10

Iron Socket review – Speed

As a user, you have nothing to complain about the speed of IronSocket. Because torrents are important for this VPN service, your download speed in particular is of a good level with all servers. That way you don’t have any problems with that. The other forms of speed, for normal internet use, can be called just fine in almost all servers.

Conclusion IronSocket review

If IronSocket were not primarily for tech savvy users, it would be a service that could establish itself at the top of the market. However, the fact that it takes some help to take care of everything well makes it a bit less. So it is certainly good to make sure you have the right help when you work with IronSocket.

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Is IronSocket the best choice? ✔️

Ironsocket is one of the best choices when it comes to VPN services. That this is not yet known to everyone, as it applies to NordVPN and SurfShark, for example, is due to the way this VPN is set up. It has a lot to offer, but it is important to have some technical knowledge. This is the only way to get it working properly. That does not mean that you do not get many good things in return. It is a very comprehensive service, which is also very affordable. In that respect, there is therefore also much possible. Of course there are also negatives, but who knows how to handle this well, it can take a lot of advantage. This also makes it important to read everything related to Ironsocket in order to get a complete picture of the business. The answers to all questions can come in handy.

How do I download IronSocket? 🧾

1. Go to the Ironsocket webpage to create an account there so you can get started.
2. Log in with your account and search for the downloads.
3. You can now download the OpenVPN installer. With that you can install the app.
4. Now you can open the installer and ensure that the software or app ends up on your computer or device.
5. You can now work with Ironsocket.

What are the benefits of IronSocket? ➕

The advantages of IronSocket are mainly to be found in the field of protection it offers. It is a VPN with many good protocols. In addition, the package has expanded considerably. The app contains many features that allow you to set everything to your liking. This not only makes it a well-protected environment for yourself. You also ensure that you have access to all kinds of places online that are protected with blockades. In that respect, IronSocket often offers just a little more than many other VPN services. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you are not bound by a maximum number of connections with this provider. You can set up as many connections as you wish. It offers something that no one else can actually offer. These are all good reasons to choose this provider. Provided you have the correct knowledge of the technology as a user of it.

What are the disadvantages of IronSocket? 🙃

The most obvious drawback of Iron Socket is that you cannot just use it. Consumers are expected to have some knowledge. This is a pity, because it also makes it a little less easy to use than the apps and software of the many competitors that are on the market. Connecting is also a somewhat cumbersome process that you have to repeat every time. This makes it a bit annoying. Even if you want to change servers during a session, it is necessary to go through this process again to connect. Because not everything is clear and well-organized, it is actually too difficult for many users to use. It is even more unfortunate that there is no Dutch aid and support. So you can not get extra clarity through that way. As a result, many features of the VPN remain unused.

Is IronSocket fast? ⏩

Iron Socket is not directly the fastest VPN provider. That is not exactly the point at which this service tries to sell itself. There are services that offer faster connections. However, that does not make IronSocket slow either. The loss in speed compared to an internet connection without a VPN is not that big at all. So you can simply stay online and keep downloading and uploading, without having to spend more time and effort. It is true that there may be a difference in speed between the servers. This is not only because one server is further away than the other. It also has to do with the difference in the servers themselves. It is therefore important to discover which servers are suitable for you to use. It is also advisable to check the results of the speed tests when working with this provider.

Is IronSocket safe? 👮

The interesting thing about Iron Socket is that you can make it as safe as you want. You can find various options in the settings. The default is strong. This actually means that nothing can happen to you. You are assured of a high degree of very strong encryption. However, this means that the speed of your connection also decreases a bit more. So this can be a disadvantage. It is better to choose light. The encryption is then slightly lighter, but the speed is higher. The protocols used are of the highest level. This also means that you do not have to worry about outdated software and techniques. This is also supported by the many options you have to keep your information and data safe. Also important to mention is that no logs of your activities are kept online. So you don’t have to worry about someone knocking on your door quickly because you’ve done something wrong.

Is IronSocket expensive? 💸

No, IronSocket is anything but expensive. If you look at the subscriptions it offers, you will notice that the prices are kept nice and low. First of all, the monthly subscription is very attractive. This is a few euros below the market average. The six-month subscription is also nice and cheap. The annual subscription is slightly closer to the average, but is therefore not expensive. It can certainly still be attractive to opt for the somewhat longer subscriptions. Moreover, you are of course not only looking at the prices. It is also important to realize that you get good quality in return. Even if it is not always easy for everyone to understand. The fact that the price and quality are so favorable in relation to each other makes it so attractive. This makes Iron Socket an attractive choice for many users.

Does IronSocket have a free option? 🆓

It is not possible to use a stripped version of Iron Socket that you can install for free. You only have the option to go for the three different paid subscription types. This means that you actually always have to reserve an amount to use the VPN service. It is possible to use the service for a very short period of time, but you will have to do this with a detour. There is a 7-day money back guarantee. This means that after the first week you can get out of your subscription and get your money back. It is a way to make short use of VPN, if necessary. Remember that after that you will also completely lose your VPN service. So this is not the same as a free version. At best, it’s a way of doing one or two things online that you can’t do without a VPN without paying.

Does IronSocket work with Netflix? 📺

This is one of the major problems that Iron Socket has been dealing with for some time. The servers in the United States are not sufficient to bypass the blockade of Netflix USA. This means that with IronSocket you cannot access the content of this streaming service. It works in some other countries, so it’s not that you don’t have access to other types of Netflix at all than just the Dutch version of the streaming service. However, most users will be concerned with the American content. It is therefore also a pity that this is not yet possible. It has been stated for some time that people are working on it. However, to date this has been unsuccessful. However, that does not mean that this cannot change in the future. You may soon suddenly be able to watch Netflix USA. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on this in the near future.

Does IronSocket work with HBO? 📱

The good news is that IronSocket has been working with HBO Go for years. This is one of the different streaming platforms of HBO. The majority of the content of this service can also be found on Go, including all the well-known and high-profile series it makes. It is therefore very important that you can access this with the help of the Iron Socket servers. This has been possible since 2015 and to this day it still works properly. In the meantime, HBO has of course also launched new services. It is therefore also important to keep an eye on how this VPN provider deals with this. The new HBO services also contain new things, so of course you want to see them. Chances are that this will become as easy as possible in the relatively short term as watching HBO Go from the Netherlands. It is therefore always a good option to choose IronSocket when you want to bypass the blockages.

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