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Posted: 17-05-2020

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IPVanish VPN is one of the best VPN services in America, and targets the critical user who has a little more left for a good connection. Speed, excellent software and, above all, stability are the features of this VPN service.

Why IPVanish VPN

IPVanish can connect to up to 5 devices at a time, and that is generally enough for people who want to use a VPN connection. But the VPN service still has a number of other surprises, and a clear overview is important.

The IPVanish VPN servers

With over 700 world-wide servers in 60 countries, IPVanish is one of the largest providers. There is a server in every continent that IPVanish can use, so that an optimal speed can be achieved at those places. This allows blocked content to be viewed in many countries, and that is, of course, the purpose of a VPN service.

The servers are available in popular locations like major cities in the US and UK, to keep the speed up to date. In addition, IPVanish uses a so-called tier 1 network, which means that the connection occurs directly, and not through a redirecting server.

IPVanish with Windows

IPVanish has developed a program that makes it very easy to use the service. This software can only be downloaded from the website and the installation does not require much knowledge and insight. When you open the software, you simply enter your login information, after which the clear interface of IPVanish becomes visible.


IPVanish devices

The IPVanish VPN dashboard, clear and interactive

The dashboard allows users to quickly select a server, which also states the country. Thanks to a special button, you can connect to the fastest available server, which automatically selects the program. In addition, an interactive world map is integrated into the program, where you can simply click on the country you want to connect with.

Select the server with IPVanish VPN

The IPVanish VPN protocols are supported from Windows X, enabling you to easily connect through the network manager of the system. This way you quickly find all the important information needed on the website, including login information, the various servers, and so on.

There is also a simplified view available for both Mac and Windows computers. This means that fewer settings and options are visible. Only the basic options are clearly displayed, making a connection even simpler.

The security and privacy of IPVanish

IPVanish adopts a no-log approach, and that adds to the security of the software. You never know who might see personal data and wants to exploit, especially for those who regularly download and upload sure this is an advantage of a VPN provider. The no-log policy consists in that when the connection to the server is lost, the user data is not retrievable even IPVanish.

The user can pay with Bitcoin, and is just an e-mail required at registration. This means that the service can still be used anonymous. Of course, other payment methods are possible such as PayPal and MasterCard.


IPVanish VPN software displays

The protocols IPVanish use

Each VPN service uses certain protocols, and with IPVanish VPN they are the most well-known:

  1. PPTP, 128-bit
  2. L2TP, 256-bit
  3. OpenVPN, 256-bit

L2TP and OpenVPN are the most efficient protocols for users. In addition, IPVanish uses shared IPs, which makes it impossible to link a server’s traffic to any logs. But since IPVanish does not track this, the likelihood of such a log is almost impossible.

Automatically reconnecting and killswitch with IPVanish

IPVanish has another option in Windows that automatically connects the user to a server when the computer is booted. The other versions of IPVanish do not have this option. However, the software always has an automatic reconnect function, which will always make a connection again if it falls. In that way, the user remains secure.

The IPVanish’s killswitch option again ensures that, if a VPN connection is lost, the entire Internet traffic will be dropped. If such a function would not be present, then Internet traffic will continue via the internet provider. IPVanish guarantees ultimate security when using its servers.

IPVanish VPN Conditions

DNS leak protection at IPVanish

The IPVanish client software prevents DNS leakage. In other words, only the DNS server of the program itself can be used. If there is no security against such leakage, the user is at risk of the computer notifying their own DNS provider of which sites are visited.

IP changes at IPVanish

As with some other VPN services, you have the option of using the IPVanish system to use another IP address for as many minutes as possible. As a result, the outside world always sees another address, making anonymous browsing and download even safer.

IPVanish VPN server locations

The speed of the IPVanish servers

Equally important with one VPN service as the number of servers and connectivity is the speed of these connections. When using IPVanish in Amsterdam, the following speeds were detected:

  1. Download at 61 megabytes per second
  2. Upload at 4 Mbps
  3. Ping: 19 ms

High speeds for a VPN service. The low ping, as well as the high download and upload speeds, make IPVanish an ideal service for both online gaming and download.

The cost of IPVanish

As with other VPN services, IPVanish VPN generally offers one package. But depending on the term you choose, you pay more or less. For example, a monthly subscription costs $10 a month, while you only pay $6.49 (€6.06) per month if you take an annual subscription. The prices are slightly higher than most VPN denominations, but this is well-covered by the excellent connection speed and wide range of servers.

IPVanish VPN prices

Conclusion: IPVanish as full VPN service

IPVanish is undoubtedly a strong, reliable VPN service, which thanks to its top tier network can guarantee an excellent speed. Regarding the settings of the software is somewhat complicated than most other VPNs, the system is still user-friendly.

The zero-log policy ensures optimal security and protection of user data, making it easy for the servers to download, stream and play. The price of IPVanish is slightly higher, which is greatly welcomed by the excellent quality and reliability that the software offers. GoodVPNservice.com is the website for more information and comparison between different VPN services.

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Kees van Vliet

Kees van Vliet

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  1. Impressed

    IPVanish has been great so far. I particularly liked that we can pay with bitcoins. There’s a tiny bit of difference in speed, but you’ll barely feel it. I did, however, ask someone’s help to get it set up the first time (many people have written about the setting up difficulty for beginners). These past few days we read everywhere that they actually DO keep logs – towards which I don’t know if I’m angered or just “meh.” Because it was not a deciding factor for me to choose IPVanish, but I understand that it is for a lot of people. I think I’ll stick to IPVanish, though.

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