HideMyAss logo review
HideMyAss review (2021)

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4.4 / 10
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Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.99 per month

  • Speed - 5/10
  • Usability - 5/10
  • Price - 4/10
  • Reliability - 5/10
  • Customer service - 3/10

HideMyAss review (2021)

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HideMyAss may have a somewhat funny name, but it does offer a very serious service. It is an important player in the field of VPN service. Individuals can use this to go online safely and anonymously with their smart devices and devices. It is good to see that the provider also offers the necessary apps for the different operating systems. Using a VPN helps you set up a tunnel between your device and the server. Data passes through that tunnel. The tunnel is set up with encryption, so no one can access it. Not even the other users of the server. It is good to see what HideMyAss has to offer in terms of VPN.

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Main functions of HideMyAss

HideMyAss is a real VPN provider. It also takes it very seriously, because it mainly focuses on the basic functions of this service. This means that you can expect the most in the area of safety. This ensures that the things that are important to keep out the malicious outsiders are all offered. Your own internet provider and government are also kept away from the information that you disseminate when you go online.

Main benefits of Hide My Ass

  • Many locations available
  • Back to basic
  • Provide targeting IP addresses
  • Speed is well organized
  • Ease of use is very great
  • Good customer service

Some disadvantages of Hide My Ass

  • Privacy could be better
  • Not good DNS services

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Presence of HideMyAss servers

If you take out a subscription with Hide My Ass, you can count on a nice extensive network of good VPN servers to work with. In addition, the well-known rule of thumb that you get better results when the server is closer to you. That is why it is important to know that HideMyAss can be found in more than 180 countries. This can be called special, because even the really big players in this market cannot compete with that. Often the number of countries is limited to a few dozen, not to almost 200. The good thing is that this means that servers are also located in several places in Africa and also in less accessible areas in Asia and Latin America. This also gives you more options as a user.

Availability of HMA servers

The fact that people work in so many countries is interesting in itself. On the other hand, it does not immediately say everything. It is of course also important that there are enough servers to work with. This number nowadays touches the 900 servers. That’s not a big deal when you look at the really large providers such as CyberGhost and NordVPN, but it is at the bottom of what is the average in this industry today. So it is going in the right direction with HideMyAss when it comes to accessibility. This means that overload is less common.

What makes HideMyAss different?

Actually, it has been said before. However, it is important to emphasize once again that HMA goes back to basics and wants to offer you safety online. That it does this, among other things, through such a huge collection of IP addresses from various countries in the world, is certainly a good thing. In addition, it is also progressing further with optimizing all other safety options out there.

HideMyAss logo review
HideMyAss review (2021)

Our score:

4.4 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.99 per month

  • Speed - 5/10
  • Usability - 5/10
  • Price - 4/10
  • Reliability - 5/10
  • Customer service - 3/10

HMA tor and multishop connections

HideMyAss sticks to the more common protocols used for a VPN connection. This means that there are no specific extra options with special connections that make certain operations extra safe. This is a disadvantage, because it also means that you are not immediately extra safe when you want to download, for example. This goes against the company’s policies. This can also be called striking. There are other features that are more than worthwhile. So it is also good to check everything carefully before you start.

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What exactly about privacy?

There is a striking issue to discuss when it comes to how HideMyAss interprets its own policies. The company is located in England and therefore also has to deal with certain laws and regulations from that country. For example, it has already happened that data was passed on to the government for download behavior. It was even stated that Hide My Ass actively participated in raising awareness of the case. Of course, this is nothing like the goal of providing users with security and privacy in their online behavior. So this is also something that has been hanging around this provider since then and which has actually done no good to the reputation.

HideMyAss and your privacy

Apart from the above, a policy has of course also been formulated. You can read how it works in this place. Officially HideMyAss declares that it does everything it can to give you the space to do what you want. That’s why it also has so many servers and so many IP addresses available. However, it is also the case that the company is simply based in England and therefore has to keep certain logs, because this is simply laid down by law. So this is an important difference in nuance.

HideMyAss has a retention obligation

Unfortunately, HideMyAss does have a logging policy. There is data that is kept for a certain period of time. Some data up to three months. Other data maybe even longer. That is not entirely clear. This mainly concerns data that is considered illegal by English law. They can then be handed over to the authorities. Some experts have even stated that HideMyAss does this in an active way. That means that you become a target for the government when you work with this provider of VPN services. Whether that is what you want is of course doubtful.

HideMyAss stores certain data for several months

Some of the data is just plainly known to remain in the HideMyAss archive for up to several months. This concerns, for example, your own IP address, your username and your surfing behavior. These are the things you are trying to shield by using the services of a VPN provider. So in that respect it offers the opposite of what you would want. However, it is stated that the data is kept based on where the server is located. If you choose a safe server in a safe country, you will have fewer problems. Although nowhere is this described in the policy of the company itself.

The owner of HideMyAss

HideMyAss has not been operating independently for a while. It started there once, but nowadays it is owned by a larger parent company. This is the Czech Avast Software. This is a publicly traded company. This also explains why it is a bit easier to give openness. Otherwise, this may cause problems with regard to the market value and all the securities that result from it.

Appearance and ease of use of Hide My Ass

Hide My Ass is in many ways a modern service. That is then again interesting to this provider. When you work with the known major operating systems, you will notice how easy this is. It is true that the installation is more or less natural and intuitive. So you don’t waste a lot of time on that. However, the interesting only starts after use. Indeed, there is a lot of automation in this software. That also makes it easier for you as a user to quickly find the right server. Moreover, HideMyAss offers so-called load balancing. This way it helps you to find the quietest servers so that you never have to deal with overload.

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Split tunneling

Split tunneling is a method that is used to let you as a user determine more how you use your VPN tunnel. For example, do you have apps that you would like to use at full speed? Then you can keep it outside the VPN. The major players in the market already offer this. However, this is not yet the case for a somewhat smaller party such as HideMyAss. You always walk via VPN.

DNS leak test tool results

Although HideMyAss actually has few extras to offer in terms of DNS, at least one thing is well taken care of. It indicates that it protects you from leaks. You can also work with a DNS leak test tool on the service’s website. The test that was done with the own tool has shown that this claim is in any case in order. Indeed, the information regarding DNS and your IP address remains nicely protected.

Speed ​​and performance of HideMyAss

Of course your speed also decreases when you use a VPN. However, this differs per provider. In the case of HideMyAss, that’s not a very big problem. Although that depends very much on the server you use. The feature of load balancing does help, because it can prevent overload in a good way. This means that Hide My Ass does slightly better than most providers.

HideMyAss support

HideMyAss supports the major operating systems and is also usable with most browsers. This makes it equally easy for everyone to arrange things properly. It is important to also emphasize that it is also possible to use the HideMyAss services with various routers. In most cases, it is therefore no problem to ensure that your entire network, including all your smart devices, is protected with this service.

Conclusion HideMyAss

Hide My Ass has a nice promise. In practice, some things can actually be disappointing. For example, the company seems to be focused on offering complete security and privacy. That is what is stated in the policy. In reality, however, this has turned out to be quite different. That also makes it difficult to determine whether you should trust this provider or not and whether it is a good choice for your situation. However, it also offers the necessary attractive features.

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Update HideMyAss review January 2021

Take a look at this review from HideMyAss to find out everything that matters when it comes to this VPN provider. If you need to use a VPN yourself, you want to be sure that the provider connects to it. That means you can use the VPN your way. That information about Hide My Ass can be found here.

What can you expect from HideMyAss?

HideMyAss has long been active in the VPN market. That also has a clear result. When you look at the servers and their distribution, you will discover that this is the VPN service with the largest coverage around the world. Even the toppers with more servers cannot match the way this service has spread all over the world. It is a great advantage that you can also bypass the walls of censorship and protection and, for example, you can watch international Netflix content. It is striking that you can not use torrents with HideMyAss. This is usually different with the other VPN services on the market.

HideMyAss specifications

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Rates from € 4.99 per month
  • More than 900 servers
  • Servers in more than 180 different countries
  • Limited Logs
  • Netflix, no torrents
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Protocols: OpenVPN
  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux

HideMyAss review – User friendliness

Working with HideMyAss, once you get started. In the run-up to it, however, there are some bottlenecks to look out for. For example, not everything is always clear and you will have to call in customer service every now and then. This can sometimes take a while. So this can sometimes be a problem. A plus is that you do not need a lot of knowledge to ensure that you can get everything in order. So you don’t have to be a real specialist with a lot of technical knowledge. That, in turn, benefits the user-friendliness.

HideMyAss review – Reliability and safety

When it comes to security, HideMyAss will always continue to suffer from the past. In essence, everything is well organized, with good encryption and with the OpenVPN protocol. On the other hand, of course, the agency has worked with the FBI in the past. That is not something that makes you very happy as a user of a VPN service. Before you realize it, you are the target of the services yourself. Without really doing anything wrong. In that respect, it is therefore always a question of what to expect from the provider. Therefore, pay close attention yourself.

HideMyAss logo review
HideMyAss review (2021)

Our score:

4.4 / 10
Posted: 02-01-2021

Price from $5.99 per month

  • Speed - 5/10
  • Usability - 5/10
  • Price - 4/10
  • Reliability - 5/10
  • Customer service - 3/10

HideMyAss review – Speed

The speed of HideMyAss is fine in most cases. Remember that the servers are all over the world. In the case of HideMyAss, that is literally the case. There is, of course, the necessary difference between one server and another due to those distances. It is important to adjust to this if, for example, you are looking for a connection in America or South Africa. That makes a difference with the Netherlands.

Conclusion HideMyAss review

HideMyAss is a provider with two faces. There is a great deal of good use. However, as a user you always have to be on your guard. That has to do with the past of this provider. In that respect it is also good to ensure that everything is just to your liking.

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Is Hidemyass the best choice? ✔️

Hidemyass cannot be seen as the best VPN choice. There are simply too many providers who score better in many areas than this provider. That concerns all kinds of things. For example, the offer is incomplete. In addition, the question is whether it is as safe as it should be with a VPN provider. In that respect, it is easy to understand that many users choose other options. That does not mean that there are no possibilities at all. It is especially important to know what you can and cannot do with it. When you know that, you can better determine for yourself whether it is perhaps the best choice. In that respect, it is also good to highlight all the different sides of Hidemyass. Based on the outcome, you can estimate exactly what you need and whether this is what you are looking for as a user of a VPN.

How do I download Hidemyass? 🧾

1. Hidemyass asks you to first create an account on the website, as you should do with other VPN services.
2. You can then log in there and visit the download page
3. On that page you can find different apps for different operating systems.
4. Choose the app you want to use and download it. You can find it on your desktop or in your Downloads folder.
5. Now go through the installation process and get started with Hidemyass.

What are the benefits of Hidemyass? ➕

The disadvantages of Hidemyass are often emphasized. That is why it is good to first look at the benefits it has to offer. For example, it is a provider that has many server locations available. So you can end up in all corners of the world whenever you want. It is also good to see that there are many different IP addresses to use. This guarantees that it is quite possible to get started in a private way. After all, it becomes difficult for third parties to link you specifically to a specific IP address. A third advantage is that it is easy to use Hidemyass. Moreover, you can get very good help with that if there is something that does not work. In that respect it is certainly also the case that this provider has something to offer to the users. However, there are also significant negatives.

What are the disadvantages of Hidemyass? 🙃

The drawbacks of Hidemyass are, of course, obvious to anyone who knows the world of VPN. When it comes to privacy and security, this provider dangles at the bottom. It is simply that things are just not so well done with these things. There are plenty of ways in which both the VPN service and third parties can find out who you are and what you do. Of course, that is specifically not what you want when you start using a VPN. However, this is not even the only problem. There is also hardly any protection when it comes to DNS. This means that you can just leak information. This is the last thing you want. For that reason alone, Hidemyass is not what they are looking for for most users. It has also become clear a few times that the so-called no-logs policy of this provider is simply violated. So information is kept about what you do when you go online.

Is Hidemyass fast? ⏩

It is difficult to give a conclusive answer to the speed of Hidemyass. That’s because the many servers around the world just differ too much from each other. That means that one server is doing much better than the other. In the first place, it is of course also important that you have a fast internet connection and computer. On the basis of this you can already have more certainty that you can also work quickly with Hidemyass. When it comes to the servers of the provider itself, it is of course true that the servers that are nearby always offer better connections than the servers that are further away. This is also the result you get when you run a speed test on the different servers. It is striking that one server in, for example, the United States also performs better than the other. Connecting to the ideal servers is therefore very important in this case.

Is Hidemyass safe? 👮

Obviously, Hidemyass is not safe. There are simply too many problems with this provider for that. In the first place, it can be pointed out that logs are kept. This is of course immediately a sign that you are not safe. Those who are a little smart and handy can link the activities and connections to the users. In that respect, it is therefore not a good idea to work with Hidemyass. Moreover, this is not the only safety issue that occurs. Hidemyass also works together with the authorities. So you can be sure that they will use the logs against you when necessary. Also, the software and hardware used is not of the highest level. Leaks are thus regularly discovered. So you just leak information about yourself. This is easy to absorb by all kinds of parties. Exactly what you do not want if you use a VPN.

Is Hidemyass expensive? 💸

Hidemyass is slightly more expensive than many competitors, but it is not the most expensive provider operating in the VPN market. The subscriptions are available for a month, a year or two years. In all cases you can make unlimited use of the possibilities for a reasonable monthly price. The costs come down to 5.99 per month if you subscribe for two years, up to a maximum of 11.99 per month if you would close a new deal every month. Apart from these three options, there are no other subscription types. The content of the subscriptions is therefore always the same. It is not the case that you get more features with a longer or with a more expensive subscription. It is interesting to regularly check what Hidemyass has to offer. It happens regularly that a discount is given on one of the subscriptions. You can take advantage of that.

Does Hidemyass have a free option? 🆓

Hidemyass only offers paid plans. You could find the prices for this in the previous question. Although there are sometimes discount promotions where, for example, you are offered 1 or 2 months free use of the subscription. This means that after those two months free, you also have to use the service with your annual subscription for ten months. Or sometimes even longer, when it comes to a two-year subscription. In all cases it is true that you have to pay. You can, however, apply a smart trick for a short free period. In that case you choose to use the 30-day money-back option. Then you have the service for free for a month, but after that you no longer have a VPN. It can be a good way to use a VPN service for a short period of time when you need it. However, it is not a real free option.

Does Hidemyass work with Netflix? 📺

Hidemyass works limited with Netflix. It is true that there is an ongoing battle between the streaming service and the VPN provider. This is partly because Netflix USA tries to ban all users who use this service. It does that based on the IP addresses of Hidemyass. That is also the reason why it sometimes works and sometimes does not work. The VPN provider has many different IP addresses and Netflix USA does not yet know them all. In that respect, there are still opportunities to just see the content of Netflix USA. However, every time you go online, the question is whether you have the opportunity to watch Netflix. In that respect, you cannot say that it works well, but it is also not the case that you do not have any options at all to view the content when you start using this VPN.

Does Hidemyass work with HBO? 📱

Hidemyass is also involved in a battle with HBO about whether or not they can watch the content. HBO also tries to block the many IP addresses it uses to ensure that you cannot access platforms such as HBO Go and HBO Now when you are not physically present in the United States. However, it sometimes works out to get in. This is actually comparable to how this works with Netflix. For example, it is good to know that many of the addresses are not yet known to HBO. Then you can just enjoy the latest episodes of your favorite shows. On the other hand, you may also fail to connect because you are using a known IP address. Also for streaming with HBO it applies that it does not always work optimally, but that there are the necessary options.

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