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Posted: 12-01-2017

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Hide Me VPN

Hide.me, based in Malaysia but of German origin, is a free service that is constantly gaining popularity. The service focusses on the privacy aspect. It is known that Hide.me saves no logs, so your anonymity and privacy are guaranteed. Their user-friendliness is also remarkable. Hide.me is also ideal for downloading torrents as well as P2P.


Hide.me has already been made available in almost thirty locations. In certain busy locations there are more servers so that everyone can use this service. A good development, but not the very best option if you really want to use many locations. In that regard, there are countless services that offer (many) more locations. However, the user friendliness of Hide.me is undeniable.



The software is suitable for the popular online platforms like Windows, iOS, Mac Os X and, of course, Android. A comprehensive manual tells the user how to configure Hide.me on the Windows Phone operating system. Hide.me itself does not own physical hardware. However, several measures have been taken to ensure customer safety. Choosing the providers is also done with extreme care. Hide.me wants to make sure that safety standards are met, otherwise they will not work with a provider.


With Hide.me it’s very easy to choose the country you want to connect with and then you can connect with just one press of the button. Hide.me stands for simple. For easy to use. Important options, for example, are easily adjusted. Options like the protocols and protection to be followed are also easy to enable. And while users sometimes complain that the “open connection” option is not set by default, this option is also child-friendly with the Openvpn Client. Searching for options is also not difficult, the home screen complies with the previous description: simple, simple and easy.


The Android user who works with Hide.me also praises its simplicity. The app is only available through the well/known Playstore (or Hide.me VPN website) and now choosing the country is a simple task again. Hide.me uses the IKEV2 protocol on Android. This means the security and the anonymity you expect, is also guaranteed. The Android app is especially clear, completely offset by other providers, who are often characterized by their complexity. The same applies to the iPad and the iPhone. It´s child´s play!. A note has to be made regarding the use of the IKEV1 with the IPSec protocol. This protocol is usually regarded as somewhat less secure, although users know that it can still be considered safe and secure. The software for Mac OS X has a more basic look, even if it offers the same options you have with Windows.



Besides the simplicity and user-friendliness, Hide.me, as i’m told, offers immense privacy and anonymity. That goal is achieved by, so they say, not logging anything. Although it is never 100 percent sure whether this is actually true, in any event, there is no complaint on the internet about possibly collecting user data. What is also the case for Hide.me in this context is the country of establishment. Indeed, in Malaysia, there is no pressure from the government to store data from users, as there can be in other countries. For example, Hide.me is legally difficult to prosecute, because it is outside Europe and the United States. Hide.me deserves the benefit of the doubt, and users can assume that no logs are kept and so everything can be done in full anonymity. The privacy seems to be a hundred percent sure, as well as safe browsing and anonymous web sessions. With other services this is can be different. Although never proven, it is assumed that other providers pass certain activities on to lawyers, for example. Logs can simply be linked to users. At Hide.me, as stated, this is not the case. The reason sounds plausible: if you don’t have logs, you can’t hand them over. In addition, a shared cluster has been set up with independent, public nodes where no customer data is stored. This and their location makes Hide.me very safe. A way to block file-sharing traffic the provider doesn’t have. Then it should track the activities of the customers and this is against the principles of anonymity and guaranteed privacy. Just as there are no tools available to prevent abuse. Traffic can’t be blocked.



Technically, there is hardly anything to notice here. There are enough different protocols offered and supported. AES 256 is often used to encrypt and that protocol is also known as being reliable. For Windows and Mac OS X users, the DNS leakage protection also applies. If you turn it on, you are confident that the DNS server will be using Hide.me and not the server of your ISP. In the latter case there is a chance that sensitive information will be leaked. In addition, for the clients using MAC and Windows, a kill switch is optional. If users enable that feature, the connection will be discontinued immediately if the connection is interrupted for any reason. Thus, encrypted information can not be transmitted in any way. And that’s a reassuring thought. On the other operating systems, this feature is not available.



Safe and easy to use. But what about speed? Speed is a very important aspect of service, but users’ opinions differ quite a bit regarding the speed that can be achieved. If one user says it works fine and fast, speed tests on the web often give a completely different image and give Hide.me a less than favorable review. And if speed was a prime goal, as stated, then this aspect is ripe for improvement. With VPN you can also download torrents, something that is being monitored worldwide. And it will be getting more and more difficult. Via Hide.me you can not be monitored and that also explains the popularity of downloading via such connections. Hide.me also allows users to use P2P services through a large number of servers. This condition also makes Hide.me an attractive service. Practically, with regard to the use of P2P, the Hide.me software clearly indicates which servers are and which servers are not allowed.

Hide.me therefore seems to be a more than excellent service, which at first glance is hard to notice. If there is any criticism, it is usually on the speed and the price. Compared to other services, Hide.me is definitely not cheap. Moreover, sometimes there are complains about the limited choice in packages they offer. Those who want to be as cheap as possible can choose for the lightest package, namely at only five dollars a month, when ordering for the term of at least one year. The most expensive package costs around eleven dollars a month. There is also a free package available and the money-back guarantee lasts for two weeks.


Anyone with questions or problems can easily contact their customer service. There is no default contact form. Not too bad, because you usually have to wait a long time for something that even remotely looks like an answer. Hide.me works with a live chat which works better. There is also an account on Twitter, although a large group of users say it makes no sense to ask your questions there. Reason: You will not get an answer. So chatting is the only way and an excellent one to get in touch and get the answer to any questions.

Good or bad?

In conclusion, it’s hard to tell if Hide.me is good or bad. Or something in between. It is up to the user, the wishes and the reason for use in particular. Generally speaking, the lack of logging and their user-friendliness is very much in favor of this service, just like the ease of installation. However, there are some doubts to be had, as each provider has something to look out for and there are always points for improvement. The server is decent but not very big. The service is quite limited and opinions regarding the speed are varied. The truth will also be somewhere in the middle here. Compared to similar services, the paid packages are considered to be quite expensive, although Hide.me also offers a free option as mentioned earlier. The free option that the service offers is a great tool to get to know Hide.me.

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