First Dutch VPN, GOOSE VPN, offers online privacy and protects against Internet crime

Young Rotterdam entrepreneur develops Dutch VPN with 1 million investment funds.

Rotterdam, February 15, 2017 – Start-up GOOSE VPN is the first Dutch VPN. The company offers the everyday, non-technical Internet user online privacy, protection against hackers and abuse of data. The app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The Rotterdam start-up was founded by the 26 year old Internet entrepreneur Joeri van de Watering. The investment of 1 million euros for the development of the VPN comes from a Dutch investment company.

Use a VPN and prevent online abuse

It is becoming more and more prevalent for data of consumers to be abused online. Van de Watering: “Both the media and the government speak of the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to surf the web safely. In my search for VPNs, I could however not find any Dutch provider and as an entrepreneur, I like to do business with providers from the Netherlands. In addition, most foreign VPNs are targeted to the advanced Internet user with technical knowledge. The software is often difficult to install and there is little to no available customer service. This gave me the idea to develop a simple, user-friendly VPN for the everyday Internet user.

Protect your privacy with a VPN

Many people also choose a VPN service for privacy reasons. “When you visit a website, your IP is stored and a  profile is created based on your behavior. If you use a VPN such as GOOSE, that does not store any log data, you can prevent this. Think of downloading content, for instance. In the Netherlands, downloading and streaming of protected material is illegal. The movie industry is working hard on distributing fines to private users who download illegally, just like in Germany and Denmark. If you use a good VPN, no one can trace the downloaded material back to you (also read: Anonymous downloading with a VPN).  A VPN also ensures that you can lift geographical blocks, watch your favorite Dutch programs when you’re on a holiday and to be able to login to any public WiFi network safely without it being possible for others to watch along, hack and steal your data,” says Van de Watering.

Subscription costs of GOOSE VPN

A subscription with GOOSE VPN is free the first month. Afterwards it will be € 2.99 per month for 50 GB of bandwidth. According to Van de Watering this is more than enough for the average Internet user. There is also a family subscription option with unlimited bandwidth for € 6.99. Click here to look at the prices & packages of GOOSE VPN. GOOSE VPN currently offers 22 (now 50+) geographical locations. There are updates to improve and further expand the VPN on an almost weekly basis.

About Joeri van de Watering (CEO GOOSE VPN)

Joeri van de Watering (1990) is a born entrepreneur. When he was 19, he registered his first company, online marketing agency Dutch Blue, with the Chamber of Commerce. This company has now grown into two branches, in Rotterdam and Katwijk, and has a team of 12 permanent employees. In the mean time, Van de Watering is involved with various companies where he leaves his mark, among which GOOSE VPN, of which he is the founder.

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