Downloaders and streamers will be persecuted starting from 2017


Who hasn’t illegally downloaded or streamed a movie or series? No harm done, since you can easily get away with it and fines are only given out to Internet users who are doing this on a large scale, right? Unfortunately, this beautiful (perhaps illegally downloaded?) tale is coming to end, now Stiching Brein has announced to start giving out fines to anyone who is downloading illegally. The fines can go up to 150 euros.

How will the checks be done?

Movie companies want to fight illegal downloading by sending warnings and settlement proposals to every Internet user who is guilty of illegally downloading their movies. Starting from early 2017, they will begin mapping out the IP addresses of the Internet users who are downloading illegally, in order to proceed by giving out a warning. Upon repeated violations, fines of up to 150 euros per movie will follow.

How do I avoid getting caught for downloading movies?

Internet users who are downloading illegally will be traced by their IP address. This is basically the identity card of the online Internet user. Those who would still like to be able to download or stream a little movie every now and then would be best advised to hide their IP addresses. This can be done with a VPN, in other words a Virtual Private Network. Such a network basically acts as an encrypted Internet connection with which you can securely surf the Internet.

What are the advantages of a VPN?

Making use of a Virtual Private Network allows you to make use of public Internet connections in a secure manner. This way, the data that you send online can not be read by possible hackers who are out to get your personal info. Another advantage of a Virtual Private Network is that you are connecting to an intermediate station, making sure your own IP address is not visible. This way you can for example establish an Internet connection that is localized in another country to avoid geo restrictions. This is especially convenient when you want to view content that is blocked in your own country. Think of the American offer of Netflix, for example. In case of illegal downloading, you have the advantage that you are surfing the Internet anonymously and no one can track down your identity.

So, you can keep a peace of mind as you continue to download movies – no need to expect any penalties or fines.

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Kees van Vliet

Kees van Vliet

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