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By making use of Torrents, you can download all kinds of documents through the Internet. Think of movies and series, as well as music and books. Many people watch their movies and series by downloading Torrents, listen to their favorite music by downloading the songs and read books on their e-reader by downloading these books through the Internet, but this is in fact illegal in the Netherlands. What exactly the rules for downloading files through the Internet are exactly, and how you can circumvent these rules, is explained in this article.

Downloading: just as illegal as uploading in the Netherlands

Until the year 2014 it was only illegal in the Netherlands to put movies, series, music albums and books on the Internet, in other words, if you were uploading files. Many think that this is still the case, but in fact you are now also punishable when you take documents from the Internet by means of Torrents. If you are downloading, you can get punished for this.

Maybe you are not keeping this in mind, but the risk of punishment for downloading movies, series, music and books is fairly big. Stichting Brein, the firm that is occupied with protecting copyrights in the Netherlands, has already been active at giving out fines. At this moment, this is only for Internet users who are uploading, but in the very short term this will apply to downloaders.

Want to avoid a fine? Use a VPN service

Do you want to avoid getting a fine from Stichting Brein because you downloaded a movie, watched your favorite series by means of a download or put a book on your e-reader by downloading it with torrents? Then we recommend you to make use of a VPN service.

A Virtual Private Network is a secured network that you use to Internet. The network not only ensures that your data is protected against hackers and other cyber criminals, but your IP address will also remain protected. When your IP address is protected, it simply means that Stiching Brein can not track you. This firm traces up and downloaders by means of their IP address, with which they can find out exactly who you are. If you use a VPN, the firm can no longer find you and thus not fine you.

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