The dangers of public WIFI, a Walhalla for hackers

Public wifi and VPN

Simple WIFI hacking, look it op on Google and you will be surprised about how much information can be found. Some articles warn you about how easy it is for hackers to break into a public WIFI network. Other articles explain how you could do that. If you think that it is not that big of a deal and that hacking a public WIFI network is only done by a computer nerd then you are being scammed. An investigation showed that even a 7 years old girl had access to your mobile phone or laptop within eleven minutes. So be warned! When you use a public wifi the chance is big that the hackers could access your data. In this article we will explain to what treats you are exposed to and how you can be better protected while surfing the internet.

Internet everywhere, it seemed so nice.

Public WIFI, it seemed so nice, free connection everywhere with the internet. In the train, in the cafe or restaurant, almost everywhere there is a WIFI network available. These public networks however are not well protected. That means that everything you do on the internet can be seen by other people. There is no such thing as privacy. When you are in the train, checking the news of the day, there is not a real danger, or it has to do with the fact that people can see what kind of news you are reading. As long as you limit yourself to encrypted websites, potential outsiders can’t do much with your data. You recognise these websites at the little lock and the fact that the domain name starts with https instead of http.

Half of all the websites is unsafe

Research showed that about half of all the websites is encrypted. However there are lots of websites on the internet that are not encrypted. The biggest part of healthcare websites in the Netherlands is still not encrypted. Other people can read with you and your privacy is at risk. If you have to log in to these unsafe websites you are at risk that other people can use your password and username (often your email address). Maybe you are someone who uses the same password a lot. An evil-minded person can use this password to access your Facebook, email PayPal etc. So use different passwords and renew these regularly.

Openbaar wifi en VPN1

The danger of a fake network

Mobile phones are often set up to make contact automatically with a WIFI network. Criminals make use of this. They create a fake network like WIFI in the Train or WIFI Starbucks. When your phone makes a connection automatically with such a fake network, the criminals have access to your data, even though your phone is still sitting unused in your bag.

Turn off the function to make a connection automatically

However this does not mean you are fully safe. Because these networks often have exactly the same name as a known WIFI network, that means you sometimes make connection with a bad network even though you are not aware of this. You are surfing in the train or in the cafe, in the meantime hackers get all your data with nasty consequents as a result.

With GOOSE VPN you are really protected

The recommendations above make the use of a public WIFI safer. But you are only secured from full privacy and safe internet when you use a VPN connection. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, a virtual network makes sure that your internet traffic is encrypted. That means that is impossible for a hacker to read your data. GOOSE VPN is the Dutch VPN provider. The service is easy accessible and very easy in use. In a few steps you will have VPN installed on your computer or mobile phone. You now don’t need to worry anymore, because as long as your VPN is on you are protected. Do you want to use public WIFI safely?

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