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Avira phontom

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Avira Phantom VPN: full protection with good rates

Avira is a fairly new provider on the VPN market. With the service Avira Phantom VPN, Avira wants to help anonymize and protect their data. Many users use the security system because of the enormous ease of use and insightful interface.

But what is this VPN service really about? Are privacy and security well in order? Does the VPN service have a reliable encryption? Are the rates for a VPN package reasonable? In this review you will get an answer to all of these questions.


What is Avira Phantom VPN?

Avira is a well-known name in the field of online protection and security. It is a German antivirus company with the incredibly successful antivirus program AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic. However, Avira not only provides protection against viruses, but they have recently broadened their product portfolio with the protection and security of your online privacy. Also called Avira Phantom VPN.

Avira’s step to expand to a VPN product was not that big. The security suite is consistent with what they already offer. Only the VPN service goes one step further. As a user, you can use anonymous internet access, your data will be protected and you will be able to stream on all kinds of websites. With a VPN network, you are not traceable.

Advantages of Avira’s VPN-service

  • User-friendly and simple interface
  • Features kill switch option
  • Beneficial package with unlimited device usage
  • Subscription can be canceled every month

Disadvantages of Avira’s VPN-service

  • Unreliable logging policy
  • Not much choice of protocols
  • Poorly accessible customer service
  • Data collection for sharing with third parties


The interface

Avira Phantom VPN service has a simple and easy to use interface. With only a few clicks, you’ve been through everything. This has both an advantage and a disadvantage. It means that you can quickly adjust all of your features, such as choosing a server, adjusting the protocols, and further options. The disadvantage of this is that you have little choice. If you want a VPN service with more options and features then you should look on.


Privacy of Avira’s VPN-services

Avira offers an easy-to-use VPN service. Therefore, this product is ideal for home users. Its easy-to-use interface and ease of use make this a popular VPN service among many ordinary citizens. But what about the privacy and security of this VPN provider?

Data collection

It’s good to know in which country your VPN service is based. It makes a difference whether your service is located in the United States or is located in, for example, Romania. In America in recent years, several lawyers have achieved success in enforcing the identities of users of all kinds of download sites. Your privacy is at risk with a US VPN provider, as a case law may apply.

If you live in the United States or in Canada, you are under the laws of America, even though Avira is based in Germany. As a result, Avira is a much less attractive VPN provider in the United States or in Canada than in other countries. If you do not live in the United States or in Canada, Avira is based in Germany.
Just don’t cheer just yet. Indeed, it is good that this VPN service is based in Germany, but there are a few strings attached. In recent years, Germany has implemented far-reaching laws and regulations regarding internet security and the privacy of telephones. This, of course, brings risks to the anonymity of VPN users. By contrast, German authorities have only 10 weeks to request the data. In America, it’s possible for 12 months. That is a very big difference.


Sharing of data with third parties

Avira requests permission to share data with third parties. In addition, the VPN provider immediately tells you that the data is used for advertising purposes. The goal is to offer you relevant advertising. It sounds great, but it is not. The fact that a VPN service poses this question raises doubts about anonymity and security of your data. You must be able to trust a VPN service and that does not really seem the case with Avira.


Avira claims to have a good and secure encryption. A good strong point of Avira. It’s a pity that you do not have the option to select the encryption. Avira’s VPN service makes use of various softwares by default. They use OpenVPN, L2TP and IPsec.

OpenVPN is used for Windows and Android by default. OpenVPN is known as a very strong and professional encryption. This is unfortunately not true for L2TP and IPsec. L2TP and IPsec are default encryptions. Often OpenVPN doesn’t work well on Mac and iOS. As a result, VPN users are required to use L2TP and IPsec. This makes Avira’s VPN service a lot less appealing to Mac users and the people who have use iOS.

Logging policy

The logging policy is the most important in assessing VPN services. The logging policy determines the extent to which logs on the users are kept. The rule of thumb is: the less, the better. VPN users prefer a no-logging policy, which means no data is saved at all.

Avira does not follow the websites you visit, but if you carefully read the terms of the Terms and Conditions, they do many other things. In the Terms and Conditions, the VPN Provider tells you that your personal data from the different devices is combined. This personal information includes your identification number, your IP address, your location, your language, and your IMEI. In addition, Avira knows everything about your device itself; the brand, the model, how long the battery life is, your phone number, your SIM card and your memory card.


Kill Switch option

Avira does have several big drawbacks, but with the kill switch option, the VPN provider is back on track. The kill switch option makes your data more secure. It works as follows. If your VPN connection is lost, your data will no longer be protected and shielded. With a kill switch, your Internet is turned off when your VPN connection is lost. This way you will never be unsafe on the internet.

Costs of Avira’s VPN-service

Avira offers a free VPN service, but there are also a variety of packages that you can choose from. It’s nice that your subscription can be canceled monthly. Once you have subscribed for a year, you can cancel it at any time. The packages offer unlimited use. Avira offers the following packages:

  • Package of €7,95 per month (multiple devices)
  • Package of €4,95 per month (only mobile)
  • Package of €59,95 per year (multiple devices)

What’s special to Avira’s VPN services is the mobile-specific package. Few other VPN providers offer such an exclusive package. Such a VPN service is a cost-effective choice for mobile users who only want a VPN connection for their smartphone.

The prices of packages for 1 device are slightly higher than with the average VPN provider. This does not apply to the $12.99 per month package. This amount allows you to control a VPN connection for an unlimited number of devices. The cost of this package is not much higher than many other premium VPN packages.


Customer service of Avira’s VPN-service

Avira’s VPN services customer service is not highly recommended. Avira does not have a full time live chat. For the free VPN users, this is not necessarily a big problem, but for the people who pay for the services it can be a big negative. To get Avira’s help you need to send them an email. It may take up to 2 days to get your answer. It may take a while before you are actually helped. It would be better if Avira has a live chat so that you can quickly get help with any problems.

Conclusion about Avira Phantom

The only question left to answer is: ‘Is it smart to choose for Avira?’. The answer is fully up to you. The article gives you enough substance to think about. The interface is simple and user-friendly. You don’t need to be a techie to connect to this VPN connection. In addition, you have free packages that you can cancel every month. However, keep in mind that their logging policy is not waterproof, they do not offer you a lot of choice in protocols and the customer service is not well in order.

Do you really care about your online security and privacy? Then you are better off choosing for another VPN provider. GOOSE VPN is a great Dutch provider of VPN packages. The VPN services are logging free and you can make use of the Dutch customer service which is easy to reach. Try it out for up to a month now, for free!

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