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Stuttering movies, endless downloads or being cut off the internet. These are some of the major annoyances among internet users. Nowadays, it is no longer possible to work without a stable internet connection and if it is to be done, the internet must be fast aswel. Over the years, the Internet has undergone some developments. Before talking about the term “internet”, agencies (Hospitals or Universities) were interconnected. We could only speak of the internet in the 1990s, when the World Wide Web (www) was introduced. Since then, innovations are following up more and more rapid. However, an important question rests us; What is the fastest VPN service?

The measurable features

What requirements should a VPN provider meet to deliver his/her product without any problems and eventually to become the best? Measurements are made on the basis of an equal situation. The situation regarding the product of the different suppliers is described as following: The factors that can affect the speeds are monitored and controlled as much as possible. Next, each provider connects to the individual provider’s server. First the connection will be made with Dutch servers, after that they will try to connect to a server outside of the Netherlands. Three factors will be considered:

  1. Latency: latency can be defined as the delay between the server and the user of the connection. The unit in which latency is measured are milliseconds (MS). For example, if there is a latency of 80ms, it means that after giving an assignment, the assignment will be executed 80 milliseconds later.
  2. Download speed: The download speed is mainly for retrieving files. These files are downloaded from a server. The unit measured at the download speed is Megabit per second (Mbps). The higher the download speed, the less time it takes to get a server’s file.
  3. Upload speed: The upload speed is based on sending a file. The files can be sent to another Internet user, another server or an online server (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.). Also the upload speed is measured in megabit per second (Mbps).The higher the upload speed, the faster your vacation photos will be posted on Facebook.

The above factors are the most important with regard to the connection. In addition to the connection speed, the safety and accessibility of the connections also weigh a lot in making the choice. After all the results of these tests have been completed, an assessment will be made based on all measured factors. Each factor is weighted relativly to importance.

Who is the fastest VPN provider

Worldwide there are an unbelievable amount of VPN providers.We are focusing primarily on VPN providers who sell their products and services in the Netherlands. The following VPN providers are best attributed:

  1. Goose VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. PureVPN

1. GooseVPN
“Very user-friendly and easy to operate. An excellent VPN suitable for young and old. “

GooseVPN is characterized by the ease of use. Through a simple application interface, no unnecessary options and easy connection of the device to the server, GooseVPN is accessible to young and old users. In addition to accessibility within the application, GooseVPN is also suitable for multiple operating systems. GooseVPN is for use on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android.
The first month for free is given as a guarantee to check if the product is what you are looking for. If this is the exact product what you are looking for, there is a nice discount waiting for you at the time of purchase.

Server: Amsterdam
Protocol: OpenVPN
• Download speed: 40.82 Mbps
• Upload: 49.98 Mbps
• Ping: 5 ms

Server: New York (US)
Protocol: OpenVPN
• Download speed: 17.66 Mbps
• Upload: 11.18 Mbps
• Ping: 104 ms

2. ExpressVPN
“Best premium all-round VPN. Perfect for anonymous and safe browsing, streaming and download. “

A wide range of servers, complete anonymity during download and easy access to the international offer of streaming sites like Netflix is where ExpressVPN stands for. The application is supported by Android, iPhone, Windows and OS x. Problems with the VPN connection? customer service is ready for you to help.
When completing a 3 year subscription, you will receive the first 3 months as a gift. ExpressVPN also used a money-back guarantee.

Server: Amsterdam
Protocol: OpenVPN
• Download speed: 36.79 Mbps
• Upload: 41.20 Mbps
• Ping: 9 ms

Server: England
Protocol: Open VPN
• Download speed: 45.01 Mbps
• Upload: 36.38 Mbps
• Ping: 18ms

3. NordVPN
“The strongest security options that a VPN can offer, with dual data encryption technology.”

Privacy and internet security is what NordVPN can provide you. Through the global
server collection, advanced encryption and competitive prices, NordVPN tries to provide you a complete package. If you value privacy, NordVPN is the provider for you. When acquiring a NordVPN connection, you will be able to connect up to 6 devices on one account. NordVPN supports Windows, Android, Mac and iPhone users. A
money-back guarantee is applied when you are dissatisfied with the products or services.

Server: Amsterdam Region
Protocol: UDP
• Download speed: 11.78 Mbps
• Upload: 17.53 Mbps
• Ping: 21 ms

Server: Wilmington, Delaware (USA)
Protocol: UDP
• Download speed: 22.89 Mbps
• Upload: 11.70 Mbps
• Ping: 162 ms


4. PureVPN
“Good VPN with the ability to get a dedicated IP address”

Good, beneficial and reliable are the terms that match PureVPN. Present in 141 different countries, with a total of 500 servers combined with ease of use, PureVPN states it’s product. P2P servers are supported for streaming and download, while remaining anonymous.
There is a firewall capability, a dedicated IP address and a software router feature. PureVPN is supported by Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. 24-hour customer service available and you can connect 5 devices to 1 account.

Server: Amsterdam Region
Protocol: PPTP (UDP gave an error)
• Download speed: 13.27 Mbps
• Upload: 17.65 Mbps
• Ping: 9 ms

Server: New York (US)
Protocol: PPTP
• Download speed: 28.77 Mbps
• Upload: 26.59 Mbps
• Ping: 98 ms


From a selection of hundreds of VPN connection providers, we have just discussed the top four. Each provider is running out of another area. However, only one can be the fastest VPN service. After all providers have considered and after weighing all the factors, Goose VPN comes out of the test. Due to the high up and download speeds, both in the Netherlands and abroad, due to low Latency and the free trial, Goose VPN will be the most suitable for you. Do NOT wait any longer and start browsing safely!

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